What is a Type 2 VW camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is a Type 2 VW camper?”. We will discuss the specifications and reputation of these camper vans. We will also talk about the interior, driving, and engine features. In addition, we will discuss the awning options and talk about the first model of the Volkswagen camper van.

What is a Type 2 VW camper?

The Type 2 Volkswagen camper was introduced back in 1949. The camper van was one of Volkswagen’s successful models as they were connected to the Hippie culture movement in the 1960s. The Volkswagen camper was the first of its kind to have a spacious and comfortable vehicle to transport people even for long-distance trips.

The type 2 model was large and it have plenty of living space for many people. Volkswagen introduced customized options later on for their interiors and exteriors. The Type 2 camper van was also known as the Transporter, Microbus, or Kombi. The shape was the highlight of this model and Volkswagen was one of the first to have this unique shape.

VW camper van type 2 specifications and reputation

  • The Volkswagen camper van had some of the best features during its time. The specifications of these models were spacious enough in terms of height, length, and width.
  • The overall height was 6’4” and the width of the type 2 model was 5’8”. 
  • The length was at a solid 14.5” and the wheelbase was 94.5”. 
  • When it comes to weight, the VW type 2 weighs 2,310 pounds.
  • Volkswagen’s early models used the Beetle’s 1,600 cc engine with a four-cylinder air-cooled unit. 
  • Over the years, Volkswagen continued to modify its features and they introduced the twin carburetor with the 1.7 flat four pancake engine. 
  • Volkswagen also introduced the 68 bhp and 1,800 cc unit as an option.

Keeping up with the competition

There were several models and colors introduced later on and Volkswagen continued to introduce new variations by adding some of the best features. The company kept up with its competitors by upgrading its newer models and it still managed to sustain itself in the market as one of the best sellers.

At one point, the VW type two camper was one of the top competitors for the Ford Econoline and the Dodge A100. Known as the bus in the US and the camper in the UK, this model was soon recognized worldwide. The shape of this model was the most unique aspect and Volkswagen managed to put in the best in terms of space.

From Cornwall to California, owning one of these vans back then was a glorious moment. Many people found this more of a need rather than a want. Volkswagen introduced an impressive combination of colors over time and ramped up its production after a huge success. This van has also appeared in several films over the years.

VW type 2 features

Type 2 was the second generation of the campervan and there were several changes when compared to type 1. The windows were the most notable change as type 2 had three large windows instead of five small windows. Volkswagen introduced the double skin to have bigger windows. The other notable differences are on the front.

Engine type

The type 2 camper van has a full glass in the front, unlike the previous one which was split. Due to the full glass, it was also referend to as the bay window camper van. The VW camper van has an engine at the rear that is air-cooled. These engines have no water or a radiator and they have air vents at the side on the exterior of the camper.

The engine is called a box engine since the pistons move in a V motion inwards. Above the engine, at the rear, there is a shelf to store all the kitchen items. Remember that the steering wheel changes according to the US and UK models. The type 2 model comes with heater controls and emergency hazard lights.  

The hand brake is located at the front and it functions differently. You will need to put it out twist it and push it in again. The front storage box has just enough space to store a few documents or gloves. The windows open and close manually and there is a cigarette lighter in the front as well. Apart from those, there is nothing exceptional at the front.

Interior Features

  • The interior features of the camper consist of a big seat in the shape of an L. 
  • There were no seatbelts back then and these seats could be converted into a bed. 
  • There was also a small plugin fridge where you can store some food to keep them cold.
  • At the rear, this camper has a kitchen table that can be set up and the awning is also placed at the back.
  • The roof is raised well on the inside and there is an option to extend the roof further. 
  • There is a small hammock that is perfect for children. 
  • The bed can be opened out and it is just perfect for two people. 
  • The VW camper van type 2 had improved features for the interiors and the space is much better than the previous version.

Driving features

The steering is heavy and it’s not like any of the modern cars. The visibility for this vehicle is pretty good with the huge glass and the mirrors are placed well just like any other camper model from the 70s. When it comes to speed, this might be an issue since you cannot go more than 50 to 60 miles per hour. However, the point of this camper van is to take people around.

Awning options

  • Since this camper van has a side entrance, fixing an awning is easy. You can make use of a camper tent or any RV awning tent for more space on the outside. These tents can be purchased online and they will take less than an hour to install any of these tents. 
  • The van is perfectly built for two people and an awning tent will be a good option if more than two are traveling on the road.
  • The biggest drawback is that these campers are now old and getting some spare parts might be a bit challenging. Yet, there are several other issues if you own this VW camper van today. 
  • Many RV parks follow the 10-year rule in the United States and getting your camper into those parks is going to be a tough challenge. In most parks, camper vans that are more than 10 years are not allowed for various reasons. 
  • Just like most of the other campers, these models need to be maintained at any cost. To prevent leaks and other mechanical problems regular maintenance is required. However, there have not been any major complaints about these beautiful campers.  

Volkswagen camper van type 1

The VW Type 1 camper was a successful model but several features that are available in the type 2 model are not present in type 1. The controls are slightly different and a few other specifications vary. However, the rest of the features are mostly the same and both these Volkswagen camper vans have been a huge success.

Owning one of these camper vans are present is a great chance. Not many people have these camper vans. These are considered one of the best vintage motorhomes of all time. Purchasing one is not easy so be sure to maintain your camper van if you have one. The Volkswagen camper van type 2 is a rare model and will continue to be unique.


In this blog post, we answered the question: “What is a Type 2 VW camper?” We have discussed the specifications and reputation of these camper vans. We have also talked about the interior, driving, and engine features. In addition, we have discussed the awning options and talked about the first model of the Volkswagen camper van.



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