What is a Shed Camper?

In this post, we will answer the question: “What is a Shed Camper?” We shall also be discussing the main advantages of using a camper for your lifestyle. In addition, we will be showing you how to safely store your RV when you are not using it. We will also touch upon a few extra tips.

What is a Shed Camper?

Shed campers are ideal places to live when you are on the road. These were popularized in the 1930s when the American teardrop model was marketed by Popular Mechanics with plans for building them. These campers could accommodate two adults in one room and were typically light, weighing less than 450kg.

This lightweight design made them a perfect choice for long road trips and small cars. Today, you can find sheddies all over the country, and there are several magazines dedicated to them. Not only are they easy to move, but they can be delivered on flatbeds or tow trucks. Some shed delivery companies use crawler machines to get them to your property.

Advantages of using a camper

Campers are not only great for those who are living on a fixed budget but can be super useful for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to go out often. Campers are easy to maintain and there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the main advantages of using a camper have been discussed below.

They are versatile

  • Campers are compact and yet so versatile. Most shed campers come equipped with everything for two people to live comfortably. They can even be moved around pretty easily and therefore require very little maintenance.

They come with various budgets

  • While campers are affordable, there is a large assortment of these in the market that customers can choose from based on their needs and their requirements. 
  • There is a camper for every type of budget and every type of wallet. The more expensive ones come with many amenities that customers can enjoy even while being outdoors.

They are customizable

Campers indeed offer very limited space. However, most of these campers come with enough space to make modifications and customizations based on the requirements of the person. For example, partitions can be easily made, kitchenettes can be created, shelves can be hung up on the walls and many more modifications can be made to turn the camper into simple heaven.

They are easily mobile

This is one of the best aspects of using a camper. You can move it to any place and set up camp. While mobility is seen as a major advantage, many people also find it hard as they may lose their sweet spot if they are going elsewhere to explore. Still, the mobility advantage is one of the best-selling points of campers.

Budget campers are available

  • If you feel that a brand new camper is well out of your price range, you can easily opt for a used one. There is pretty much no difference and you can easily upcycle old campers to be your new camping home. 
  • Due to the easy modifications available, old campers can be turned into new ones within no time at all.

They can be self-powered

  • Another incredible customization that can be added to a camper is solar panels on the rooftop. This is pretty cool as it can save you a lot of money that goes into powering your vehicle. 
  • By using solar panels, you will be certainly doing your bit to save the environment as well as the fuel is renewable.

They can serve minimalists well

Minimalism is one of the biggest benefits of campers, especially for those who love to keep it light. If you are trying out minimalism by cutting all the unnecessary things out of your life, you are going to love campers. These small spaces encourage you to take only what you need and only those things that give you the utmost happiness.

How to store your RV safely?

RV or recreational vehicles are of course not in use all the time. If you have an RV that you only bring out during certain times of the year, you need to give utmost importance while storing this bit of machinery. Keeping your RV idle or storing it in the wrong manner can cause damage. Here are some points to remember while storing your RV.

Go for an indoor facility

  • If you are looking for the most secure RV storage option, consider an indoor or covered facility. Indoor or covered RV storage can provide better protection from dangerous elements outside.  
  • While winter weather can be harsh on RVs, storing them indoors in a covered facility can help keep them safe. Additionally, RV storage allows you to check on your RV anytime you want. You can maintain your RV and take better care of it.

Protect your RV with a cover

  • While outdoor RV storage can be cheaper, you should choose one that offers a high-quality cover for your RV. This way, you will know your RV is safe and protected from rough climatic conditions. You will not have to worry about finding a spot to park it while you are away.

Use your massive garage

  • If you have a large garage, be sure to make use of it. You will be reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. In addition, you will be reducing the environmental impact by not utilizing your outdoor space. 
  • On the other hand, smaller garages might not have enough space to park your RV. If you have enough land, consider building a garage to suit your RV.

Tips while storing your RV

If you are planning to store your RV in an indoor or outdoor facility, you might want to keep the following points in mind.

  • Indoor or climate-controlled indoor RV storage is the best option for the best protection. This type of RV storage is the most secure.
  • The largest indoor and climate-controlled storage facilities will also cost the most, so it’s important to know the size of your RV before you make your decision.
  • Whether indoor or outdoor, your RV is required to be safe at the end of the day. The only difference is where you choose to store your RV.

Finding an RV storage facility

  • Finding an RV storage facility is not always easy, but thanks to several innovative ways, you can easily find one that is near your destination. Using an app can simplify the process and even allow you to book a spot without even leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Depending on the size of your RV, there are many options available to choose from. The key is to find one that suits your budget and your lifestyle. Remember that you should consider the conditions you want your RV to be in before you sign a lease.
  • If you have an RV that is too large to fit into your garage, consider an indoor or covered storage facility. A 40-foot RV storage unit will fit a majority of Class-A campers, large travel trailers, and most fifth-wheel campers.
  • Extra-large RVs require a minimum ceiling height of fifteen feet. In either case, you will need to check with the storage company to make sure their facilities have the space you need.
  • Whether you are looking for covered or uncovered RV storage, make sure to compare the features available. Covered facilities provide shade and protection. They can also be less expensive than uncovered options.

Some covered RV storage facilities are designed to accommodate most RV and trailer sizes. These are generally cheaper than uncovered options and have security features such as video surveillance and high-quality fences. Most covered RV storage facilities also provide a keypad entry system.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is a shed camper? We have also discussed the main advantages of using a camper for your lifestyle. In addition, we have shown you how you can safely store your RV when you are not using it and touched upon a few extra tips to consider.





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