What is a Phantom tracker used for?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is a Phantom tracker used for?” We will talk about the Phantom tracker features and also discuss the benefits of using the Phantom tracker device. At the end of this post, you will get to know everything about the Phantom tracker device and application.

What is a Phantom tracker used for?

A Phantom tracker is a special tracking system that is used for tracking caravans. It can also be used to track motorhomes, campervans, cars, and other vehicles. Phantom tracker provides some of the best services with complete GPS tracking and security systems. Phantom tracker helps you track your vehicle in real-time if they get stolen.

This GPS tracking system provides accurate live tracking ability and can help you recover your vehicle if stolen. A Phantom tracking system is a tiny unit that is fitted into your vehicle with ease. This unit is fixed in a perfect and concealed location in your vehicle. The Phantom tracker will constantly transmit information and keep you updated on the location of your vehicle.

Phantom tracker features

The Phantom tracker has some of the top-class features to give you the best tracking solutions. These features are built for tracking motorhomes and all types of vehicles. Phantom tracker has specific needs for each client. Here are some of the top features of the Phantom tracker.

Excellent caravan tracking

  • The Phantom tracker is known for its excellent caravan tracking features. This device is one of the best tracking devices that are available on the market.
  • It has a Thatcham-approved GPS tracker that is backed by a 24/7 operating center.
  • This caravan tracking has alarm integration and movement detection.
  • The online application helps you to monitor your vehicle’s exact real-time location.

Powered with Sentinel

  • These tracking systems are combined with the Thatcham-approved iTrack tracker. It is also powered with sentinel to bring out the best user experience.
  • These sentinel systems are alarms combined with tracking systems for the highest level of security. It is also perfect for multiple configurations.
  • It has an Ultrasonic for the cab area with a wireless switch and PIR sensor.
  • The My Phantom application allows you to check your alarm status and monitor the vehicle’s location.
  • You also get to arm or disarm your alarm remotely from where ever you are.
  • Some of the top features provide roaming SIM, tow alerts, power cut alerts, low power alerts, tracking, ADR, and Immobilization.
  • The tracking devices are equipped with a roaming SIM card for you to talk to the control center whenever necessary. You can also switch from one network to another if the signal is stronger and ensure better communication.
  • The motion sensors with the sentinel technology enable the tracking device to detect when the vehicle is being towed. This has been a major development with the Phantom tracker.
  • The good news is that the power cut alerts are sent to the control center if the tracker is disconnected from the vehicle battery.
  • Additionally, the low power alerts will also help you keep on top of your battery level. The tracker will send you a text and a push notification to your mobile to keep you informed if your vehicle is receiving low power. 
  • The ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) is one of the top features that come with this tracker. These ultimate tracking systems help in identifying drivers. Note that you will need to keep your driver’s tags separate from your keys to avoid unnecessary alerts.
  • The immobilization feature is incredible and this system stops the vehicle from being started if the driver does not have a driver identification tag.
  • This provides ultimate security and it also has a valet mode feature. The valet mode feature enables you to allow someone else to drive your vehicle when required.
  • You can also disable the immobilization through the Phantom application. The application is user-friendly and it has all the required features for easy control.

High tracking feature

  • The Phantom tracker has high tracking features with the iTrack 20 BD technology. This helps you to protect your vehicle from smart key hacking.
  • You also get to see the location and the battery status through the My Phantom application.

Long-lasting battery

  • The device is connected to your vehicle’s battery but it consumes less power and yet delivers ultimate performance.
  • One of the other advantages is that these units have backup batteries. If these units disconnect from the main battery, the additional battery kicks in and acts as a backup. Hence, there is no chance for thieves to get away even if they cut the power to the main battery.

Benefits of Phantom tracker

No doubt, the Phantom tracker has several benefits and it also arrives in a reasonable price range. Here are some of the best benefits of the Phantom tracker.

High-quality security and safety

  • The Phantom tracker provides high-quality and security to all vehicle owners.  The Phantom tracker has been around for more than a decade and it is one of those top-recognized brands. The Phantom tracker is one of the best tracking devices for protecting your vehicles with ultimate security and safety.

Wide range of security options

  • The Phantom tracker has a wide range of security options and they can be used on most vehicles. Although it was designed for caravans, the Phantom tracker can be used on all types of motorhomes, boats, automotive security, motorbike tracking, and fleet management. 
  • These systems also have high-end marine solutions for boat tracking and monitoring of various devices.
  • For motorbike tracking, Phantom tracking delivers the best waterproof tracking systems. These specialized tiny tracking devices can be hidden conveniently on your motorbike.

24-hour assistance

  • One of the major benefits is that Phantom tracking has 24-hour assistance. Their 24-hour call center is always ready to help customers who use the Phantom tracking device.
  • All tracking systems are linked directly to the 24-hour call center and these systems monitor the signals and track vehicles that are stolen.

Advanced technology

  • The Phantom tracking system has advanced technology that is used to track your vehicles. It has a pro 3 device to provide real-time tracking.
  • If your vehicle is disturbed, the pro 3 device detects unauthorized movement, and the signals are sent to the control center.
  • The Pro 3 tracking device gives you the best solution against theft.
  • With the help of this latest technology, the control center will be able to send you information within three minutes.
  • This latest technology allows experts to liaise with the authorities and assist them in recovering your vehicle swiftly.
  • The tracking options include geo-fencing and integrated software systems. All this information can be viewed through a web-based portal.
  • The My Phantom application provides instant access to important information about your vehicle. You will also get updates on mileage, battery status, and other important data like current location, etc.

OBD protection

  • OBD protection is one of the major benefits that come with the Phantom tracker. This will help prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle by using a new key. 
  • Programming a new key with the OBD port is easy and many thieves have been successfully using these techniques. However, the OBD protection prevents them from attempting such situations.

Connected via satellites

  • The Phantom tracking system is connected via satellites to give you the most accurate information about your vehicle’s whereabouts.
  • With the help of these connections, the Phantom tracking device can provide your vehicle’s location with an accuracy of eight feet.

Nationwide fitting

  • The good news is that you get Nationwide fitting with the Phantom tracker. This is to make sure that your device is working and connected in the right manner.
  • There is an established nationwide network of accredited installers. You can get the Phantom tracker fixed at all locations across the UK.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is a Phantom tracker used for?” We have talked about the Phantom tracker features and also discussed the benefits of using the Phantom tracker device. Drop us a comment below and let us know if you have the Phantom tracking device for your vehicle.



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