What is a P0132 in a dodge caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the question “What is a P0132 in a Dodge Caravan?” We will discuss the P0132 symptoms in a Dodge Caravan and list its causes. We will also talk about diagnosing the issue with a few alternative options. In addition, we will describe the purpose and importance of oxygen sensors in the Dodge Caravan.

What is a P0132 in a dodge caravan?

The P0132 is an OBDII code that is common and is found in several vehicles. The Dodge Caravan is no different in this case since it has the P0132 code. This code is essential for a couple of purposes. Most vehicles do have this code and it is important to know the reason and the functions. There are only a few reasons for this code.

The P0132 code is triggered when

  • The air-fuel sensor remains in a rich biased mode for a long duration.
  • The voltage on the sensor stays over the threshold for 20 seconds or more.
  • When the caravan has less O2 sensor voltage at B1S1.

P0132 symptoms in a Dodge Caravan 

Those are the main reasons for the P0132 code to get triggered. This code will also get triggered when the engine is required to be serviced. There are a few other symptoms that can trigger the code, but the most important are the ones mentioned above. Here are some of the other P0132 symptoms for a Dodge Caravan.

  • Poor miles per gallon.
  • Service light on.
  • Smelly exhaust.
  • Rough running engine.

This particular code is not for extreme conditions in most cases. There is nothing to worry about it since there are very less chances of any breakdown. However, it is best to get this fixed as soon as possible to avoid any confusion in the future. In some cases, the code can trigger when there is a pop air-fuel mixture that passes through the catalytic converter.

Causes of the P0132 for a Dodge Caravan 

There are a few causes for this to take place and most of them are not too serious. You can also fix the P0132 code on your own, but make sure to take the vehicle to a mechanic to find out the actual issue behind the trigger. Here are some of the common issues that cause the P0132 code to trigger in a Dodge Caravan.

Terminal damage 

This might be crucial, but it will not break down your vehicle. The oxygen sensor is connected to the terminal by a plug and this plug can get damaged after some time. Just be sure that there is a voltage that passes through the plug. You can try to fix this on your own, but it’s not recommended to do so unless you know what you are doing.

Bad oxygen sensor 

This is a common cause when the oxygen sensor is bad. In most cases, the O2 sensor will be the sole reason that the P0132 is triggering the service engine soon light. When this occurs, you will need to check the wiring harness. There is no reason to replace it right away but just be sure that the wiring and all the connections are in the right place.

Wiring and harness issues 

  • The wiring and harness issues are common things. These are prone to damage since they are connected to the front and rear oxygen sensors. 
  • The O2 sensors are placed under the chassis in the Dodge Caravan and they are susceptible to damage from debris on the road. They are also prone to a lot of heat. Thus, resulting in a malfunction.
  • Even after replacing the O2 sensor, some people have still found the P0132 triggering off. In that case, you might have replaced the wrong O2 sensor if the replacement is not done in the right manner. 
  • These issues are more common and are known to occur only when you are out on the road or camping after a few days.

Diagnosing the issue

  • It is possible to diagnose the issue on your own with the help of a multi-meter. By using the multi-meter, you will be able to determine if the voltage is coming through from the oxygen sensor. 
  • The multimeter can help you to understand if the problem is coming through the O2 sensor on if there are any issues with the wiring harness.
  • Not everyone carries a multi-meter along through their journey. In that case, there is nothing wrong with borrowing one or making a quick purchase. 
  • If you do not have access to a multi-meter, be sure to check the wiring between the fuse box and the oxygen sensor. 
  • In some cases, this will only be a wiring issue. That said, there is no need to purchase a new O2 sensor.

Alternative options 

Another alternative option instead of using a multi-meter is using a voltage test light. This can help to determine if the oxygen sensor is receiving any voltage or not. A voltage test light is pretty cheap and it can be purchased from Walmart for around $5. If you have nothing to determine the issue, try shaking the wiring a little and see if the light comes on.

If you find the light coming on after shaking the wires, then you know that there is a short circuit that is causing the P0132 trouble code. Wiring issues are common in most situations and this has always been an issue for many people who own a Dodge Caravan. Although this is not a major concern, it is best to take your vehicle to an experienced professional.

Understanding the purpose of oxygen sensors 

It is important to know a few facts and functions of your vehicle, especially when it comes to things like oxygen sensors. Understanding the purpose and the functions of an oxygen sensor will help you determine any issues faster. The sole purpose of oxygen sensors is to check the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust of the vehicle.

The oxygen sensor checks the unburned oxygen in the vehicle’s stream as exists the engine. These are usually located within the vehicle’s exhaust system. The O2 sensors must be above 600 F to function. These sensors have an internal heater. Both upstream and downstream oxygen sensors have an internal heater that is used for this purpose.

Decreased fuel efficiency 

The most important component is the oxygen sensors. These sensors have an important role when it comes to fuel injection. If the fuel consumption starts to increase then there are chances of the P0132 code triggering. You might notice a change in your vehicle since it will consume more fuel than what it used to normally. Be sure to get your vehicle checked in this condition.

Rough running engine 

A rough-running engine is one of the most common symptoms of the P0132 code. This is also one of the most noticeable symptoms. This happens when the engine of the vehicle is not running properly like before. Rough idling can also be one of the reasons and an engine that is not smooth can also trigger the P0132 code.

  • It is perfectly normal to try and diagnose the issue. However, contacting a mechanic is the best way out. It can also be a tough task to find out the reason behind this issue. 
  • Do not try to experiment or make any changes. An automotive specialist can help you fix this issue in no time and you can soon be back on the road again.
  • Always carry the owner’s manual along with you on your journey. In case you are trying to identify the problem on your own, the owner’s manual will help you in the process. 
  • In most situations, the P0132 code is not a serious issue, but be sure not to neglect it at the same time and be sure to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.


In this blog post, we have answered the question “What is a P0132 in a Dodge Caravan?” We have discussed the P0132 symptoms in a Dodge Caravan and listed its causes. We have also talked about diagnosing the issue with a few alternative options. In addition, we have described the purpose and importance of oxygen sensors in the Dodge Caravan.



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