What happens to RVs that don’t sell?

In this article, we will answer the following question: What happens to RVs that don’t sell? We will also discuss how to sell an RV that seems impossible to get rid of!

What happens to RVs that don’t sell?

There are some options for RVs that are not sold:

  • The dealer can then send them to another market where certain models are in high demand. For example, a dealership in a town may need Class B RVs that the city doesn’t sell and make a deal.
  • They can also be auctioned, but this is not the best idea because it implies that the model in question is already discounted and must be given even cheaper. Another option is for agencies to keep them to lend them when their clients bring theirs to service.
  • They tend to lower their prices at the end of the year. When an agency RV fails to be sold in the first months of acquisition, they are usually offered at a “better” price at the end of the year, because the arrival of the new model is approaching, which will devalue the car that failed to sell in its year, but it is unlikely that they will fall by more than 30%, as they make you believe on social networks.
  • They are used for rent or leasing. If after that period, the RV cannot be sold, a very profitable option for the agencies is to use them for rent or leasing, which consists of putting the vehicle in the hands of people who cannot buy it or it is simply not their objective, in exchange of a lower income from an RV loan.

The advantage for the agency is that they are the legal owners of the vehicle and the repair costs are borne by the client, as well as receiving the rental payment, although the client will decide whether to buy or renew the contract for another zero kilometre vehicle.

The agencies will be able to grant the certificate of pre-owned or used to the RV, so they can sell it, and in this way obtain a double profit, one for rent in leasing scheme and the second when selling it.

  • Use them as a test drive. Although it is to a lesser extent, agencies often list these RVs as the vehicle for a test drive. Although we remember that most of the agencies request the car on request, in some countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, agencies must acquire land to store unsold cars.

Although this does not mean that they necessarily finish them off, as ads usually appear on social networks, a practice that may be about scams, for this reason, it is recommended that you buy or rent directly at the agency, or failing that, at least check if the online store is certified.

  • The last option is to lower the price and sell them. Keep in mind that manufacturers want to get rid of old models, so they will never be in competition with new ones.

Motorhome dealers are franchises. This means that they buy their products very cheaply from a supplier to make a profit. So once they have bought the vehicles, they are theirs. They cannot return the merchandise at the end of the year, they must sell everything to earn money.

Which RV brands are sold the most?

The following are the RVs that have the best resale value:

  1. Jayco
  2. Airstream
  3. Grand Design
  4. Knaus
  5. Sun roller
  6. Weinsberg
  7. Adria
  8. Challenger
  9. Hobby

The reason why these models are among the best selling RVs is the superior quality, the popularity of the company, the quality of the materials, the number of recalls and overall maintenance costs.

What to do if I cannot sell my RV?

If you cannot sell your RV our advice is to follow the tips below in order to make sure that you did your best to put your motorhome on the market. If you do not know how to sell your RV, no worries, you’ll be an expert by the end of this article. 

There are several reasons to sell your motorhome: it is old and you want a newer model, it is not the perfect structure for you or your family, you need more space or maybe you have had enough of travelling (we hope that is not the case).

Without further delay let’s go to the tips to sell your RV:

  1.  Think as if you were buying your RV. Before anything else, remember when you bought your motorhome for the first time, the doubts you had and what you were most interested in knowing. If you put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, it will be much easier for you to understand what they are looking for and how to sell your motorhome.
  1. Clean and check your RV. Do not forget to give a good cleaning and review to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Inside, check the condition of electrical appliances, windows, skylights, fuses, tanks, etc., so you know what works well and what does not. And on the outside, take advantage and look at the level of the oil, tires, lights, paint and everything that you see is important.
  1.  Set a fair price. What do you need to know to give your motorhome a price? First, look for ads for other motorhomes similar to yours so that you have an idea of ​​the market price. And, with the information from the previous step, evaluate if your vehicle is worth more or less than what you have seen.

 If you have more extras and, if it is in better condition, you can ask for a little more than the market value. Define a negotiation margin or a fixed price but try to keep it fair for both parties or you may not receive as many proposals as you expect.

  1. Photos are very important. Currently, most buyers first look online to buy their new motorhome and the photos are the first contact they have with your motorhome.

Find a place with enough light and quiet so that you can photograph inside and outside without objects or people coming out that could take your attention away from the vehicle.

Any current mobile phone can take photos of acceptable quality, so it avoids blurry photos. Take lots of photos and then choose the ones you think are the best. Make sure you show all the corners of your motorhome including the garage if it has and all the extra accessories.

  1. Write all the details and extras. Do not forget to write all the information that you see necessary. For example, what types of batteries do you have and what capacity? Do you have solar panels? Do you have air conditioning or maybe a TurboVent? Do you have an awning, bike rack or extra trunk on the roof?
  1. Negotiate with buyers. After publishing your ad online, you will begin to receive proposals from buyers by email or phone. Try to answer as quickly as possible and stay professional. Many may ask you questions that you have already explained in the ad but you have to have a little patience and understand that buying a motorhome is always a difficult decision.

To show your motorhome to potential buyers, always choose a public place and during the day or one that is illuminated. Make sure that you do not let the buyer try the motorhome without you also being inside and do not deliver any document without completing the business completely.

There are usually no problems but prevention is always the best solution.

  1.  Sell your RV. We come to the final part, you have already found the buyer for your motorhome and you have to finish the business. And now?

First of all, the seller or the buyer must print a contract for the sale of vehicles between individuals (you can download a free model here). And secondly, both parties have to sign it.

The seller has to keep the original contract and a copy of the buyer’s ID or residence card. And, the buyer with a copy of the contract and also a copy of the residence card.

The bottom line

We hope that by now you are an expert on selling RVs, but if you still don’t find the right seller, you can always repurpose your motorhome! Check our articles on how to get rid of an old motorhome or how to relook a caravan for more inspiration. 

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions to improve this article, please let us know!


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