What can I use to clean my caravan windows?

In this article, we will explain: What can I use to clean my caravan windows? We will tell you how to clean your caravan windows by yourself using simple products that anyone has at home. 

What can I use to clean my caravan windows?

To clean the windows of the caravan well we have to have several items. In itself, the window cleaner is not essential, paradoxical as it may seem. We have to get a container, it can be a small bowl. Then you must get:

  • white vinegar
  • neutral soap or dishwasher
  • a soft scouring pad
  • and two clothes, one to collect the excess water and another to finish drying.

Next, you have to prepare the mixture to start the cleaning. To do this, we fill the container with warm or lukewarm water. This is very important because the effectiveness of our company depends to a great extent on it. In these cases, cold water does not offer the same results.

Once we have the water, add an abundant stream of vinegar and soap. The mixture is ready, now we just have to apply it on the surface. We take the soft scouring pad, an essential quality as this way we avoid scratching the windows, and we wet it in the prepared solution, drain it and apply it first through the frames and the doorknob if there is one. Then we go through the glass, always cleaning from top to bottom to remove all the dirt well.

Then we dry well with the first cloth, the one designed to collect the excess water, and then we use the other to remove stains and absorb all the remains. Finally, we will have to repeat the whole process on the outside. 

This is usually always a bit dirtier so you can use some additional tricks to get it to fit better. One of them is to remove dust and contamination particles with a chamois. And if not, you can take the recommendations that we indicate below.

Some tips to clean the caravan windows better

There are also several tricks that can hone this process. We can create our own window cleaner, for example. To do this, we have to get an empty spray can and add a part of vinegar to four of the water. This preparation can be applied once we have cleaned with soap and water and dried the windows the first time. In fact, the glass cleaner helps us repel dust.

If we want to remove more dirt, it is advisable to add some ammonia to the water. In addition, to achieve greater brightness in the windows, we can use newspaper, we make a ball and we remove the remains of water.

Another possibility is to use a stain remover. Sometimes the windows have embedded stains that are difficult to remove, but with this product that we use for clothing stains, we can achieve good results. 

We take a spray bottle that has water and we add a few drops of this product. You have to rub a little, and then pass the sponge again, but to remove the trace of the detergent. Later we dry well with a dry cloth and we will have completed the task.

Note: In the event that we have to clean the mirror we can use the same tricks, but to make them fit better we can pour a little alcohol on a cloth moistened with water. We only have to make a previous pass. Then we clean like windows and we will see how it gives off a special shine.

Experts recommend that we better clean the interior windows on cloudy days because the sun’s rays do not prevent us from seeing the possible stains well. It is true that this poses a risk because it may rain on us, but it is the best way to avoid reflections and the result is better. We can also do it first thing in the morning when the sun has not yet risen completely or late in the afternoon, but when there is still light.

How do you clean caravan fly screens?

Cleaning caravan fly screens is easier than you may think. You will just need a few things: 

  • two old towels
  • tow empty sprays bottles
  • white vinegar 
  • a brush or a soft sponge.

And here’s how to clean caravan fly screens step by step: 

  1. Fill one of the two spray bottles halfway with water. 
  2. Top-up with white vinegar. 
  3. Remove the fly screen from the window. 
  4. Gently vacuum each side of the screen. Or wipe both sides with a microfiber cloth. 
  5. Lay the mosquito net flat on a towel. 
  6. Spray the white vinegar liberally. 
  7. Gently scrub with the brush or sponge. 
  8. Turn the window over and repeat the operation. 
  9. Fill the second spray with water. 
  10.  Spray the screen with water on both sides. 
  11. Gently wipe with a soft towel. 
  12. Reinstall your screen on the window, even if it is still a little damp. 

And there you have it, you cleaned your caravan fly screen easily! If there is any dirt left, you can repeat this cleaning several times. If the fly screens are very dirty, add biodegradable washing up liquid in the first spray bottle to increase the effectiveness of the product.

Still, cleaning caravan fly screens do not require the use of specific products. Liquid soap or detergent is more than enough to rid the canvas of its impurities. However, you must detach the veil from its frame before placing it in a container containing soapy water. 

Then, let the solution act and penetrate between the stitches of the net before lightly rubbing the canvas. Care is required, as too sudden a movement risks damaging the mosquito net, especially if it has already had its day.

When cleaning is complete, rinse the screen with clean water. This removes the rest of the soap on the mosquito net which may give off bad odours or leave unsightly stains on a clear veil. Finally, dry the veil in the shade to prevent it from drying out too quickly or being attacked by the sun’s rays and the rest of the cleaning product. The mixture may crack the mesh of the net.

The bottom line

The cleaning of the caravan windows should be as regular as possible, whether they are in a private home or in an office or business premises. It must be taken into account that these are in continuous contact with the outside, so if we want them to be well, we must carry out a thorough cleaning with a certain frequency. This will also make our work easier and the cleaning operations will be more and more effective.

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FAQ on What can I use to clean my caravan windows?

How do you clean caravan window seals?

You can clean caravan window seals with soapy water and a soft brush. Remember to rinse the windows well and leave them open to dry thoroughly and quickly.

How do you remove the front of a caravan window?

To remove the front of a caravan window you must:

  1. Remove the screw covers on the window jambs.
  2. Remove the screws.
  3. Remove the frame.
  4. Remove the silicone gaskets.
  5. Remove the glass block.

How to wash a window screen?

Cleaning a window screen does not require specific products. Liquid soap or detergent is more than enough to rid the canvas of its impurities. However, you must detach the veil from its frame before placing it in a container containing soapy water.

How to clean a fixed fly screen without dismantling it?

Vacuuming is one of the easiest methods of cleaning screens without removing them from your window. Just use a hose attachment to suck gently. The combination of essential oils and baking soda makes a powerful cleaner and removes dust.



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