What are the transmission problems in a 2005 Dodge Caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the transmission problems in a 2005 Dodge Caravan?” We will describe the common and most experienced transmission problems in the 2005 Dodge Caravan. We will also talk about a few important tips to maintain the 2005 Dodge Caravan transmission.

What are the transmission problems in a 2005 Dodge Caravan?

The transmission problems in the 2005 Dodge Caravan are

  • Reverse transmission problem
  • Transmission failure after 10,000 miles
  • Planetary gear system failure
  • Slipping transmission
  • Broken gear in the transmission
  • Transmission leaks 
  • Solenoid problems 
  • Shaking and grinding problems 
  • Burning smell 
  • Torque converter problems 
  • Shifting delays 

Reverse transmission problem  

The 2005 Dodge Caravan was known for various transmission issues. This particular model received various complaints due to its transmission. One of the most common issues was reverse transmission. In many cases, the reverse transmission felt neutral and it took a few minutes to get back to normal.

While this might seem to be a small issue, it turns out to be a disaster when you are in a hurry or stuck in traffic. Many people have complained that they needed to wait for a while for the reverse transmission to start working again. Hence, this was annoying when you have a pile of traffic ahead and when you are trying to park your vehicle in a particular spot.

Transmission failure

The overall transmission failure was pretty common in the 2005 Dodge Caravan. It was noted that vehicles that crossed 10,000 miles faced a major transmission issue. This is because the transmission of the 2005 Dodge Caravan was simply worn out. The transmission failure has been one of the biggest disadvantages of the 2005 Dodge Caravan.

Planetary gear system failure

  • The planetary gear system failure has been one major problem due to the faulty design. 
  • The gearbox failure has been another disaster for the 2005 Dodge Caravan. 
  • There have been issues like worn gear teeth and bent gear teeth in this model. The planetary gear system failure was nothing new in the 2005 Dodge Caravan.

Slipping transmission

  • A slipping transmission might be common for old vehicles at some point in time. For the 2005 Dodge Caravan, this was pretty common even in new vehicles. 
  • There have been such issues, especially when the vehicle’s engine revs. The power produced by the engine fails to get to the wheels thus creating a loud noise and preventing the vehicle from moving.
  • In many cases, there have been complaints where the transmission falls to neutral in between gears. 
  • The 2005 Dodge Caravan slipping transmission problem makes the vehicle jerk and it can even spoil the gearbox in the long run. However, this was not a major issue and it could be solved by applying some fluid.

Broken gear in the transmission

  • The broken gear in the transmission was the other problem with this model. Several vehicles from the 2005 Dodge Caravan has been diagnosed with broken gear in the transmission.
  • Another major issue was trying to find out which was the broken gear. This particular issue was heavy on the pocket and several complaints were registered.

Transmission leaks

Transmission leaks are more common than we know and they can lead to some series of internal transmission damage. This is common and it happens due to a leaking pan gasket, driveshaft seal, or axle. It also leads to low fluid, overheating, and other complications that can cost you extra money and time.

Solenoid problems

  • Solenoid problems occurred often with the 2005 Dodge Caravan. The solenoid is what controls the gears while upshifting and downshifting. 
  • If your solenoid is damaged, it can cause severe pressure problems and shifting problems. Some of the most common problems were experiencing the inability to upshift or downshift a gear.

Shaking and grinding problems

When it comes to an automatic transmission, your vehicle is designed to move to the next gear on its own. Hence, there might be issues with shaking or grinding. If that’s the case, your vehicle will need immediate attention. Shaking and grinding occur if there is any damage from the planetary gear system.

Burning smell

Not many people notice that the burning smell can also come from the transmission. This is because of the hot leaking transmission fluid. The only way to prevent this is to check the level of fluids often and make sure that they are changed from time to time. Low fluid levels can cause damage to the transmission fast.

Torque converter problems

While there have not been many complaints about this particular issue, the torque converter is still important since it transfers torque from the engine to the transmission. It also drives the fluid pump in order to make the transmission function. If there is an issue with the torque converter, the transmission can get overheated and shuddering sensations.  

Shifting delays

  • Shifting delays were another problem along with slipping or flaring shifts. Some issues were due to clogged transmission filters, dirty fluid, and transmission cooler issues. 
  • The 2005 Dodge Caravan transmission had a hard time shifting into the next gears. The weird sliding sounds and burned smell were pretty frequent.
  • The Dodge Caravan had traditional transmissions with sensors installed in them. These sensors were used to control the vehicle’s gear shifts by enabling them to shift accordingly.
  • Some of the other issues with this model are the unwanted noise when the vehicle is in neutral. The common issues were loose internal parts and worn bearings.

The transmission problem in the 2005 Dodge Caravan turned out to be a big issue for several owners. There have been several complaints recorded and most people were not satisfied with this particular model. Dodge worked on this issue and resolved the problem in their models that were manufactured later on.

Tips to maintain the 2005 Dodge Caravan transmission

If you need to keep the transmission of your Dodge Caravan in good shape, make sure to follow these few tips.

  • Change the transmission filters
  • Change the transmission fluid
  • Change the coolant
  • Change the oil

Change the transmission filters

Changing the transmission filters is often recommended, especially with the 2005 Dodge Caravan.  A new filter will help your vehicle to operate efficiently. The filter is what keeps the dirt and debris out ad this should be replaced every 30,000 miles or before. This is one way to prolong the life of the transmission and the vehicle.

Change the transmission fluid

Changing the transmission fluid is equally important just like the transmission filter. The transmission fluid is sealed in your vehicle and it must be changed every 120,000 miles. Most people recommend changing the transmission fluid every 60,000 miles. By constantly changing the transmission fluid, your Dodge Caravan will run effectively.

Change the coolant

Changing the engine coolant also has an effect on the transmission. The hose for the engine coolant can get worn out soon and it is always good to have the coolant replaced once you have touched 90,000 miles. The fluids in your vehicle are pretty important and it all contributes to the transmission and the overall performance of the vehicle itself.

Change the oil

It is a common practice to change the engine oil of the vehicle every once in a while. The engine oil has to be changed once you have crossed several miles with your vehicle. This needs to be done more frequently with the Dodge Caravan since there are already transmission problems with the vehicle.

The Dodge Caravan is a famous and excellent vehicle, but the 2005 model had several common transmission issues. Not many people were happy with this, but not all experienced transmission problems. Those were some of the common problems in the transmission of the 2005 Dodge Caravan.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the transmission problems in a 2005 Dodge Caravan?” We have described the common and most experienced transmission problems in the 2005 Dodge Caravan. We have also talked about a few important tips to maintain the 2005 Dodge Caravan.



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