What are the top RV YouTube channels?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the top RV YouTube channels?” We will describe the top RV YouTube channels along with their uniqueness and their specialty. We will also talk about the types of videos that are uploaded on these YouTube channels.   

What are the top RV YouTube channels?

The top RV YouTube channels are.

  • RV Lifestyle
  • RV Miles
  • Getaway Couple
  • Keep Your Daydream
  • Today is Someday
  • RV Geeks
  • Less Junk, More Journey
  • Zeppelin Travels
  • Cheap RV Living
  • RV Street.

RV Lifestyle

  • There are plenty of RV YouTube channels, but only a few of these stand out from the others. RV Lifestyle is one of those top RV YouTube channels that has been around for more than a decade. 
  • RV Lifestyle is about a couple who travels around in their Class B motorhome that is more of a campervan. The RV Lifestyle is all about traveling and camping in exciting locations. 
  • This YouTube channel is run by Mike and Jennifer, who were long-time journalists. The RV Lifestyle is one of the best channels to get valuable boondocking and remote camping tips. You also learn about RV National Parks, wilderness areas, and State Forests. The RV Lifestyle YouTube channel is one of the best channels to follow.

RV Miles

  • RV Miles has millions of views on YouTube and is created by full-time RV enthusiasts Jason and Abby Epperson. RV Miles covers a wide range of topics on full-time RVing. 
  • You get to view some of the best reviews on RV gear, road trip planning, the pros and cons of RV living, and more. RV Miles is the perfect YouTube channel for those who are interested in living full-time in an RV.
  • RV Miles talks about new products and the essentials needed while traveling. RV Miles is one of the top YouTube channels for reviews. You also learn about new campsites and get the best tips for full-time RV living. From towing gear to fifth wheels and the latest RV inventions, RV Miles will surely have you covered.

Getaway Couple

  • Most RVers know the Getaway Couple RV YouTube channel. This channel is run by full-time RV enthusiasts Jason and Rae. The Getaway Couple is all about full-time RV living. With hundreds of videos on lessons learned, RV tips, and tricks, this channel gives you the best information for living on the road.
  • Jason and Rae travel with their dog Carmen in a Grand Design fifth wheel. These RV experts talk about their travels and the best places to visit in the US. Jason and Rae share all their experience on the road with valuable camping information. The Getaway Couple has more than 70 thousand subscribers and counting.

Keep Your Daydream

  • Keep Your Daydream is one of the top RV YouTube channels with nearly 500 thousand subscribers. Keep Your Daydream is all about Marc and Trisha living their perfect dream. 
  • Keep Your Daydream is all about sharing production tips and the ups and downs of living in an RV. You get the best tips on tackling tough situations while traveling and camping.
  • Keep Your Daydream is an entertaining and informative RV YouTube channel that has inspired thousands of RVers. This channel covers a wide range of topics, and plenty of information is available. You get tips and reviews of campsites and more.

Today is Someday

  • Formerly known as You, Me & the RV, Today is Someday is run by Navy veterans Phil and Stacy. This channel has been around for a long time. Phil and Stacy are known for their little sarcasm on the road, but they also bring out the positives of living in an RV full-time. Phil and Stacy travel to excellent locations and bring out the best videos.
  • There are plenty of videos on maintenance and repairs. You can also find additional information on their website. From organizing RV gear to the common mistakes to avoid, this YouTube channel has plenty of information. You also get tips on full-time RV living and reducing costs while traveling on the road.

RV Geeks

  • RV Geeks are one of the best RV experts who have been full-time RVers since 2003. RV Geeks is one of the top RV YouTube channels that has been around for more than a decade. Peter Knize and John Sullivan run this channel. The channels cover various topics but are well-known for their “How To” and “DIY” tutorials.
  • You also get videos on repairs, hacks, system upgrades, etc. Peter and John are recognized individuals as they appear as hosts on the Discovery Channel. They also have content on iTunes, Amazon, Fun Roads RV, and Google Play. RV Geeks is one of the top YouTube channels to follow if you are an RV enthusiast.

Less Junk, More Journey

  • For people who love to keep it simple while traveling, Less Junk, More Journey is the best YouTube channel to follow. This channel is all about downsizing and living full-time in an RV. The channel is about a family living in their motorhome and traveling the country. It’s all about keeping it small and hassle-free.
  • Less Junk, More Journey releases a new video every Sunday, and plenty of topics cover destinations, route planning, and more. This channel is about a couple traveling and camping with their two children. Less Junk, More Journey is about showing why living a life with less junk is worth it.

Zeppelin Travels

  • Zeppelin Travels is a team of RV enthusiasts who travel across the country in a variety of Zeppelin RVs. There are two full-time RV enthusiasts, Brad and Alex, and the Founder of Zeppelin Travels, Chris. 
  • This channel also has information about traveling and living in a “Skoolie” full-time. There are plenty of remodeling videos, adventures, and travel stories.
  • A wide range of topics is covered, including off-grid winter camping. You get enough tips, tricks, and hacks useful for winter camping.

Cheap RV Living

  • Cheap RV Living is a unique YouTube channel that has some of the best information for RV living. This channel promotes nomadic tribalism in a van, car, or RV. This channel provides enough tips on cheap RV living. There is information on downsizing and minimalistic RV living.
  • One of the major advantages of this channel is living on a tiny budget. You also get information on working on the road as a Nomad. This is one of the top YouTube channels that provide incredible information on cheap RV living.

RV Street

  • RV Street brings you the best tips and tricks on understanding RVs and how to maintain them. There are many videos of repairs, DIY projects, maintenance tips, and more. RV Street is one of the best “How To” and DIY RV channels rapidly growing. You will find detailed information on interesting videos on this channel.
  • RV Street is run by Martin and Joanie, who are well-experienced RVers. Martin has a mechanical background, and this couple is ready to tackle any RV issues they face while traveling and camping.

Those were some of the top RV YouTube channels. These channels provide valuable and unique information that is open to beginners and experts. These channels are consistent in uploading videos, and they continue to grow. These channels are bound to provide information and help you learn all the camping essentials.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the top RV YouTube channels?” We have described the top RV YouTube channels, their uniqueness, and their specialty. We have also discussed the types of videos uploaded on these YouTube channels.  

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