What are the specifications of the 1986 Viking pop-up camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the specifications of the 1986 Viking pop-up camper?” We will describe the specifications and features and talk about a few tips to choose the right camper. Additionally, we will describe the features of two successful Viking pop-up camper models.

What are the specifications of the 1986 Viking pop-up camper?

The specifications and features of the 1986 Viking pop-up camper are listed below:

  • Fiberglass roof
  • Laminated walls
  • One-piece floor
  • Electric brakes
  • Aluminum rims for radial tires
  • Two safety chains and an E-Z crank jack
  • Laminated countertops
  • Ceiling vent with an electric fan.
  • Cabinets with hardwood doors
  • 12-volt commercial truck battery
  • 300 WATT inverter

Those were some of the key features and specs for the Viking pop-up camper. The 1986 Viking pop-up camper was an affordable and highly functional motorhome. It comes with a new foam mattress and it also has two-tone paint and is outfitted with four 5000-pound car tie-downs. Other features include a custom-built steel horse and turn and marker lights.

Easy installation features 

These campers are extremely easy to set up and unload. Since most of them are lightweight, the installation process is easy and fast. Some models even feature showers and toilets inside. If you plan on living in your pop-up camper for extended periods, the Viking pop-up campers are one of the best options.

Refrigerator and furnace specs

The Viking pop-up campers have several options to choose from, including a 1.9-cubic-foot Dometic refrigerator, a 20,000-BTU furnace, and a retractable awning. Its E-Z crank jack makes assembly quick and easy. Other features include a heated mattress, a four-speaker Sony stereo system, and privacy flaps for each sleeping area.

Stabilized jacks and leveling blocks

  • The Viking pop-up camper is a great example of the simplicity of the pop-up camping lifestyle. 
  • Aside from its easy to setup design, this camper has many other features you will find useful. It comes equipped with two stabilizer jacks and leveling blocks, making it easier to level and prevent tipping. These campers usually come with two stabilizers built into the rear.

They are easy to carry

The Viking popup campers are easier to carry, making them a better choice for those who want to camp out in the middle of nowhere. They are easy to transport and can be parked in the bed of a truck, so there is no need to worry about parking and storage. Pop-up campers are light and easy to transport, and they can fit on most trucks.

They have enough storage space

  • 1986 Viking pop-up camper has many benefits, including plenty of storage space and a fully-equipped kitchen.
  • It has been a popular choice among fishermen, hunters, and small families, and it offers the essential amenities of a home.
  • Its interior is well-equipped with storage compartments and drawers and comes with two queen-size beds.
  • It also has a slide-out to accommodate up to four people.

They are lightweight

For those looking for lightweight pop-up campers, Viking campers have a wide variety of options available. These campers can easily be adapted to fit a truck bed or mid-size Toyota Tacoma. For a full-sized truck, the topper is around 450 to 500 pounds. Its patent-pending design also allows it to slide out in seconds.

Optional features

  • The 1986 Viking pop-up camper comes with many standard features, as well as optional accessories.
  • Optional features include a 1.9-cubic-foot Dometic refrigerator, 20,000 BTU furnace, retractable awning, spare tire, water heater, electric flush toilet, gas grill, and power lift.
  • Some campers even come with a heated mattress and privacy flaps in each sleeping area.

Tips to choose the right camper

  • Before choosing a camper, consider the vehicle you will be using to tow it. Most pop-up campers can be pulled by any car, but your vehicle’s towing capacity might be limited. 
  • Be sure to check your vehicle’s manual for specific information, or ask your dealer. Remember that weight limits vary depending on the model you choose.
  • Another important consideration is the weight of the pop-up camper. Some pop-up campers weigh significantly more than others. Make sure the camper you purchase can carry the amount of weight you are willing to tow.
  • You must know how much the tongue of the camper weighs. To figure out this, look in your manual and refer to the towing limit. The tongue weight includes the weight of the camper, passengers, water, fuel, and anything else that is inside.
  • When choosing the type of pop-up camper you want to buy, you need to keep in mind that different features weigh different amounts. Certain features, like a glass shower door, will add to the weight. Other options, like plumbing and indoor bathrooms, can add more weight.
  • Prioritize these features and decide which ones you need the least. For example, if you want a camper with the lowest possible weight, skip the bathroom features.
  • A pop-up camper can be easily towed by a standard car, it is best to use a high-powered vehicle for the job. It is important to know that larger pop-up campers can be heavy and require additional precautions. Additionally, the weight of a pop-up camper is usually less than a travel trailer or a fifth wheel.

Pop-up campers contain fewer amenities, which means they are lighter than fifth-wheels and travel trailers. Viking campers have been around for a long time and they have continued to deliver their best over the years. Below are some of the other notable campers with their unique features. These are well-known Viking pop-up campers.

2016 Viking 16FB features

Below are the key features of the 2016 Viking 16FB pop-up camper

  • The 2016 Viking 16FB pop-up travel trailer comes with a full bathroom, a queen bed in the front, and overhead cabinetry for storage. The bathroom has overhead cabinets and an overhead sink. This model includes a shower/tub combo, a toilet, and a medicine cabinet.
  • The exterior is covered with a ten-foot patio awning. The interior is spacious with overhead cabinetry, an overhead storage area, and ample closet space.
  • The interior of the 16FB pop-up camper is spacious and comfortable. It features two 60-inch Gaucho sofas, an overhead storage cabinet, a bathroom sink, and a toilet.
  • This model is perfect for families or couples who want a little more space. There is also plenty of storage space and a kitchen with a two-burner stove and pantry. It also has a television countertop.

2019 Viking 1760QS features

Below are the features of the 2019 Viking 1760QS pop-up camper 

  • The 2019 Viking 1760QS has some of the best features including a comfortable floorplan to choose from. This pop-up camper has enough space for three people to sleep comfortably. It arrives with a 20,000 BTU furnace and it has a freshwater capacity of 16 gallons.
  • The camper is 7 feet wide and 12.3 –feet long. The hitch weight is 203 pounds while the gross weight is 2,942 pounds. The dry weight of the camper is 1,577 pounds and is also a decent cargo weight of 1,365 pounds.
  • The three-way Dometic refrigerator and two cooktop burners are perfect for the compact kitchen. There is enough seating space and a queen-size bunk that can be extended in the camper. One of the other added advantages is the exterior awning.
  • The 2019 Viking 1760 QS was a successful model as it also came equipped with some of the best features. This camper also has linoleum flooring and it is easy to maintain. It is compact and lightweight and there is enough space for carrying extra baggage.

The 1986 Viking pop-up camper was one of the best during its time and it turned out to be famous. Several other campers were introduced over the years with the latest features and specifications. The manufacturer continued to develop innovative models but it all started with the success of the 1986 Viking pop-up camper.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the specifications of the 1986 Viking pop-up camper?” We have described the specifications and features and talked about a few tips to choose the right camper. Additionally, we have described the features of two successful Viking pop-up camper models.



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