What are the Planet Fitness overnight parking rules?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the Planet Fitness overnight parking rules?” We will also discuss a few tips for overnight parking at Planet Fitness. Additionally, we will describe some of the alternative overnight parking spots that RVs and motorhome enthusiasts can use.

What are the Planet Fitness overnight parking rules?

The Planet Fitness overnight parking rules are.

  • Parking is allowed for members and guests only while using the club.
  • You can only park in designated parking bays.
  • Parking in the disabled parking zone is strictly prohibited if you are not entitled.
  • Do not park in a non-parking zone.
  • You must only park within the allocated parking space.
  • If your vehicle is not parked properly, it may be clamped, and a fee can be applied for its release.
  • Planet Fitness does not accept responsibility for any vehicle loss, theft, or damage. Your property is your responsibility, including the valuables left inside them.
  • There are no particular rules for overnight parking, but there have been instances where people park their vehicles overnight and get away with it.
  • Parking overnight at Planet Fitness is a risk without permission.
  • Parking an RV or motorhome overnight and using the premises like a campsite is strictly prohibited.

Planet Fitness is usually located in strip malls and large retail centers. While Planet Fitness might not have a particular parking lot policy, the locations or centers are sure to have policies against using their parking lots. Parking overnight can be a violation of the local zoning law. Most of the retail lots prohibit overnight parking due to this particular reason.

Tips for overnight parking at Planet Fitness

  • It is worth noting that most Planet Fitness locations are open 24/7. Due to this reason, many people tend to park their vehicles at these locations. However, it is not advised to sleep inside a parking vehicle. Each center has its own parking rules and regulations, and you can expect the occasional safety check by an officer or patrol.
  • The only way around, or probably the best tip, is simply to ask the store manager’s permission. You can contact the manager at Planet Fitness and ask them for permission to park your car or vehicle overnight. This can be easier if you are a club member.
  • Another tip is to get in touch with the center manager or the person in charge of the location where Planet Fitness is located.
  • Planet Fitness has Black Card Membership allows members to use any Planet Fitness location worldwide. In the US alone, there are more than 2,000 locations, and members can access hot showers everywhere.
  • The Black Card Membership includes gym use, a place to park, and unlimited hot showers. Hence, you can easily use this opportunity and ask for overnight parking permission. In short, there are no particular overnight parking rules for Planet Fitness, but it is always better to get permission first just to be safe.

Alternative overnight parking spots

If you find it hard to get an overnight parking spot at Planet Fitness or any other place; here are some alternative overnight parking spots to consider.  

Cabela’s Bass Pro Shops

  • Most people know Cabela’s Bass Pro Shops and their parking facilities. This hunting and sporting goods store is one of the best options for overnight parking. While no particular policy openly states overnight parking, it has been well-known that Cabela’s Bass Pro Shops are flexible with their overnight parking rules.
  • The good news is they have huge parking spots perfect for RVs and large motorhomes. These are also less crowded areas and plenty of stores across the US. However, they are more popular in the Midwest and the East Coast.

Sam’s Club

  • Walmart might own Sam’s Club but is open to overnight parking. The parking lots are huge and clean, and plenty of locations across the country. There are more than 600 locations across 45 states, and they are easy to find.


  • Costco is a well-known outlet across the states and they are also well-known for their overnight parking flexibility. Costco is huge, and there are plenty of locations across the country. However, it is advised to avoid parking at the entrances and exits of these stores. Always look for areas that are not too crowded.

Pilot Flying J & Love’s

  • Pilot Flying J & Love’s is the first gas station and truck stop you look for on the highway. These stations are specifically designed for truck drivers to park their vehicles. Not only do they offer free parking spots, but they also have restrooms, showers, gas, and food. There is no need to double-check for overnight parking.
  • You can easily park a regular-sized rig, one of those safe places to park your vehicle. Pilot Flying J & Love’s are easy to spot as many travel centers are along main highways and freeways.

Camping World

  • Camping World is one of the best places that allow RVs and vans to park overnight easily. Camping World is one of the best places to park, but it’s always advised to double-check with the local manager for availability.
  • These locations are safe, clean, spacious, and not too crowded. There are close to 200 locations across 42 states. Camping World is perfect for RVs and all types of motorhomes.

Cracker Barrel

  • Cracker Barrel is a huge chain of restaurants that have always allowed RVs and motorhomes to park overnight. Their parking lot is spacious, and they are well known for their excellent breakfast. 
  • Cracker Barrel usually closes their locations at 10:00 PM and does not reopen until 7:00. They allow RVers to use their parking lot between those hours.

Anytime Fitness and 24-hour Fitness

  • Similar to Planet Fitness is Anytime Fitness and 24-hour Fitness. These chains do not have any particular overnight parking policy. There are plenty of locations used by RV enthusiasts and motorhome enthusiasts since they are open 24 hours a day.
  • Parking at these locations overnight is possible, especially because they are open 24/7. However, sleeping in your vehicle might not be a good option. It also depends on the local laws on overnight parking. The best option is to ask for permission or drive away when asked to leave.

Home Depot

  • Home Depot has been yet again known for its overnight parking flexibility. There is no particular parking policy, which is entirely left to the store manager. You can call the store manager and ask if parking your RV or motorhome at Home Depot is possible.

Those were some of the best alternative overnight parking spots that are open for RVs, motorhomes, cars, etc. While these spots are known for their overnight parking policy, the best approach will be to get permission before simply parking your vehicle. Parking for a single night might not be an issue, but parking for days together without permission is not recommended.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the Planet Fitness overnight parking rules?” We have also discussed a few overnight parking tips at Planet Fitness. Additionally, we have described some of the alternative overnight parking spots that RVs and motorhome enthusiasts can use.



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