What are the old Class C motorhomes with a bathtub?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the old Class C motorhomes with a bathtub?” We will talk about the Class C motorhomes with bathtubs and touch upon the additional bathroom features and specifications. Additionally, we will discuss the recent Class C RVs that arrive with bathtubs.  

What are the old Class C motorhomes with a bathtub?

The old Class C motorhomes with a bathtub are.

  • Coachmen Leprechaun
  • Four Winds Majestic
  • Gulf Stream Conquest
  • Renegade 3400 CM
  • Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 26BE
  • Fleetwood Tioga
  • Thor Motor Coach Chateau
  • Winnebago Minnie Winnie
  • Jayco Greyhawk

Coachmen Leprechaun

  • Class C motorhomes are smaller than Class A models, and finding a bathtub in these motorhomes is not common. Several latest Class C motorhome models have a bathtub but are still difficult to find. However, some old Class C motorhomes had specific floorplans with a designated bathtubs.
  • The Coachmen Leprechaun is one of those old Class C motorhomes with a bathtub. This Class C motorhome had several floorplans, and only some were included with a bathtub. The other features were the power bath vent with a single bowl lavatory sink. It also had a skylight over the shower and a plastic curved shower door.

Four Winds Majestic

  • The Four Winds Majestic Class C motorhome has around 15 floorplans; some were believed to have bathtubs. These were more specific in the older models. 
  • The Four Winds Majestic was also known for their dual-entry bath. Thor manufactures these Class C motorhomes, with new variants every year.
  • Despite the continuation of the Four Winds Majestic, there are no bathtubs in the latest models. However, there are customizable options for RV enthusiasts to request a bathtub. The other bathroom features, like the shower and toilet, are comfortable with this amazing motorhome.

Gulf Stream Conquest

  • The Gulf Stream Conquest is one of the old Class C motorhomes that had close to 15 floorplans. These motorhomes were a class apart for the other models, and the bathtub was one of their unique features in some floorplans. Not all floorplans had a bathtub, but all models were equipped with a fully-functional bathroom, a shower, and a toilet.
  • This Class C motorhome had various options, like a power bath vent, sky dome in the shower, and a glass shower door.

Renegade 3400 CM

  • The 2008 Renegade 3400 CM was one of the best Class C motorhomes with bathtubs. This particular motorhome had a modest-sized bathtub along with several other bathroom features. It has a fully-equipped bathroom with a macerator toilet, sink, and bathtub.
  • The Renegade 3400 CM was a special Class RV with a solid towing capacity of up to 30,000 pounds. This motorhome was fairly large for a Class C model, and it was slightly expensive compared to similar models.

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 26BE

  • Thor has manufactured some of the best Class C motorhomes over the years, and this particular model was famous for its bathtub. The Four Winds 26BE was a 2008 model with an overall length of 27 feet and three inches.
  • This model was built on a Ford chassis, and it had a solid horsepower of 305 and torque of 420 pounds. The towing capacity for Four Winds is 5,000 pounds. This motorhome had a shallow bathtub with small holding tanks. The good news is that it also had a shower with a 33-gallon freshwater tank.

Fleetwood Tioga

  • The Fleetwood Tioga was one of these exclusive Class C motorhomes with multiple floorplans with a bathtub facility. The Tioga Ranger was a well-known model with 57 floorplans. Some of the other models, like the Tioga Montara and Tioga SL, had close to 20 floorplans.
  • Fleetwood RVs have been successful in the past, and the Tioga turned out to be a huge success. However, the manufacturer stopped the production of the Tioga series.

Thor Motor Coach Chateau

  • The Thor Motor Coach Chateau was another excellent Class C motorhome with multiple features and specifications. One of their unique features was having a bathtub. Once again, this feature was only available in limited floorplans.
  • The other features, like the shower area, was pretty spacious in most of the floorplans. The toilet, sink, and bathroom interiors were excellent. The Chateau had several combinations and was customizable on request.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie

  • The Winnebago Minnie Winnie Class C motorhome is still manufactured and sold. Getting a bathtub in the latest model is not easy, but it can be accommodated on request. The older models and selected floorplans were known to have bathtubs.
  • The latest models arrive with excellent features like the skylight, showerhead, and sliding shower door. The Winnebago Minnie Winnie is a compact Class C motorhome with excellent features and specifications.

Jayco Greyhawk

  • Jayco is one of the Class C RV manufacturers and there is no doubt that the older models had some floorplans that came with a bathtub. Jayco continues manufacturing the Greyhawk, but finding a bathtub in the latest model is difficult.

Those were some of the old Class C motorhomes that had a bathtub facility. It is important to note that the specifications and floorplans on particular models have changed over the years. Some models vary by the year of manufacture, specific floorplans, configurations, etc. It is important to contact RV dealers to confirm such features.

Modern Class C RVs with bathtubs

Apart from the old Class C motorhomes with a bathtub, some modern models are specialized in this feature. With the latest technology and customizable features, these RVs are well-known for their excellent bathroom features.

Dynamax Ista 3 24FW

  • The Dynamax Ista 3 21FW took the market by storm when it was manufactured and produced first in 2017. This model was known for its bathtub feature. The only drawback is the cost since it is more expensive.
  • The Dynamax Ista was built to bring residential features for comfortable RV living. The bathtub was not the only best feature since this motorhome also had other features like entertainment, etc. The 15,000 BTU air conditioner and 20,000 BTU furnace were other added features.

Holiday Rambler Vesta 30F

  • The Holiday Rambler Vesta 30 F had a combination of both a bath and shower. This particular Class C motorhome came with some of the best features and an attractive price at the same time. It is spacious for a Class C motorhome with a sleeping capacity of up to eight people.
  • The fresh, grey, and black water tanks offered enough storage. Some notable features include a comfortable jackknife sofa, master bedroom, 40-inch LED television, king-sized bed, and more.

With customizable options from RV manufacturers, it is possible to opt for a Class C motorhome with a bathtub. Multiple RV manufacturers have customizable Class C motorhomes. Opting for a bathtub can be possible. Contact the RV manufacture if you need a bathtub in your Class C RV.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the old Class C motorhomes with a bathtub?” We discussed the Class C motorhomes with bathtubs and touched upon the additional bathroom features and specifications. Additionally, we have discussed the recent Class C RVs that arrive with bathtubs.  



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