What are the dually tire rotation steps?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the dually tire rotation steps?” We will describe the various rotation steps and talk about some important tips to consider when rotating dually tires. Additionally, we will discuss when you should rotate dually tires and touch upon their advantages and disadvantages.

What are the dually tire rotation steps?

The dual tire rotation steps are.

  • Park the vehicle on a flat surface
  • Jack up the vehicle 
  • Remove the lugs
  • Start the rotation
  • Fix the wheels at a new position

Park the vehicle on a flat surface

  • First, be sure to park your vehicle on a flat surface before beginning the dual tire rotation process. This is the most important step since your vehicle must be level.
  • It is good to park your vehicle on a concrete surface. Never park on an uneven surface and make sure that all the wheels are at the same height.
  • Place a piece of wood behind the back tire to prevent the vehicle from moving. You can place two pieces of wood or use a stone on each side of the back wheel. Be sure to do this before the next step.

Jack up the vehicle  

  • In the next step, you are required to jack up the vehicle. Make sure to jack up the front side of the vehicle first.
  • You will need to use a hydraulic jack for this purpose. Start from the middle of the front axle and place two stands under the axle.
  • Lower the axle at the front onto the stands that you have placed. Ensure that the front wheels are not on the ground when you complete this step.
  • The next step is to jack the rear of the vehicle. It’s always good to start with the front and then move on to the rear. Double-check if you have placed the pieces of wood behind the rear tires before jacking up the front.
  • Then, place the jack beneath the rear axle differential. Place the jack stand beneath the axle that is located in the wheel.
  • Carefully lower the truck’s rear on the jack stands. You might need some help to jack up the front and rear of the vehicle. Be sure to seek help from another person to get this step complete.

Remove the lugs

  • In the next step, you are required to remove the lugs of the vehicle. For this step, you will need to have an impact wrench to get a starter.
  • An impact wrench is also known as the lug wrench that is used to remove lugs from the wheels.
  • You will need to remove the six wheels from the hubs with the help of the impact of the lug wrench.
  • Once you have removed the wheels, be sure to remember the starting point of each tire. Make a note of it so that you do not forget. This is an important step to note the starting point of each tire.

Start the rotation

  • Next, you will need to get to the rotation process. Note that you will need to rotate the tires as per the manufacturer’s directions.
  • You can start with the front tire by taking it and turning it around. The front tire should be on the outside of the vehicle.
  • Make sure that the outside rear tire is rotated inward and the inner back tire must be angled up to the front. This is one of the easiest ways to rotate your dually tires if you are removing only one side of the vehicle for it to work.
  • You can also shift the tires when positioned at the outer rear. Be sure that the outer rear is set to the dual position inside on a uniform side.

Fix the wheels at a new position

  • In this step, you will need to fix every wheel at a new position. Make sure that the lugs are tightened in a crisscross pattern. You will require a torque wrench to tighten the lugs to the right amount of pressure.
  • Note that the lugs should not be overly tightened since it can result in their braking. It is also important not to keep the lugs loose since they can fall apart. You will need to find the right pressure if possible.
  • Be sure to lift the rear axle to lower the truck when you are doing these steps.
  • In the next step, remove the jack stand to lower the vehicle on the tires. Remove the rear first and then move to the front.
  • You can also apply some grease between the rear steel wheels to prevent them from sticking. This will also make it easier to remove the next time. In some cases, dually wheels are made of aluminum. 
  • It is recommended to remove the front wheel and put it at the back if it is made of aluminum. You might need to remove all wheels at once to get this process done.

Important tips to consider when rotating dually tires

Rotation dually tires might take some time, but you are sure to get the best out of this process. It is essential to get this done once in a while. The good news is that you can also check up on the other aspects when you start this process. Here are a few tips to consider while rotating dually tires.

  • Look up the brake rotors, ball joints, pads, tie rods, and all the other connections when you remove the wheel. This gives you a good chance to check up on all these other important parts.
  • Have a close look for any rust or corrosion and find out if you need to change any particular part that is worn out.
  • Inspect the rims on the sides and check for any dents or serious damage. Look for any rust on the rims and be sure to get it cleaned if there is any dust or debris.
  • If the tires have no specific direction, you can place the rims in the appropriate place.

When should you rotate tires on a dually?

  • It is important to know when to rotate tires on a dually. Remember that the inner tires can get worn out as well. Hence, it is required to rotate tires dually every 10,000 miles.
  • Make sure not to rotate them the same way each time. Rotating your dually tires also depends on how often you use them. Carrying heavy loads at all times will require more maintenance.
  • Consider the usage of your tires since it plays an important role. If you carry heavy loads often, you might want to get it done within 7,000 or 5,000 miles. Your tires will need to be rotated more often.

Advantages of dual tires

  • There are several advantages of dual tires and many people prefer to have dual tires, especially if you are towing a caravan or a trailer.
  • Dual tires are perfect for heavy-duty tasks and they are used mainly for non-steering axles. They also give you a better balance while driving.
  • Having two tires on both sides will give you more stability and it can also increase the fleet load capacity.
  • Another advantage is that you can easily maintain drivability even if you experience a flat tire.

Disadvantages of dual tires

  • No doubt there are a few disadvantages that come along with dual tires, but most of these issues are overlooked.
  • Dual tires are expensive and the fuel economy is worse when compared to non-dual tires.
  • The space between the tires has to be checked and maintained at all times. Flat dual tires can also cause damage to the other tires. These are a few disadvantages of dual tires but the advantages weigh are more.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the dually tire rotation steps?” We have described the various rotation steps and talked about some important tips to consider when rotating dually tires. Additionally, we have discussed when you should rotate dually tires and touched upon their advantages and disadvantages.