What are the different levels of Jayco travel trailers? (best 9)

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: What are the different levels of Jayco travel trailers? We will discuss the levels, models, quality and price of each type of Jayco travel trailer. 

What are the different levels of Jayco travel trailers?

The different levels of Jayco travel trailers range from ultra-lite to half-ton RVs that can accommodate couples to large families, which are what makes the Jayco travel trailers so popular.

Jayco manufacturers the following RV classes:

  • Travel Trailers.
  • Fifth Wheels.
  • Toy Haulers.
  • Class B Motorhomes.
  • Class C Motorhomes.
  • Class A Motorhomes.

What are the best in class Jayco travel trailers?

In the table below we review nine of the most popular Jayco travel trailers. 

Trailer ModelTrailer DimensionsMSRPCustomer Reviews
Jay Feather MicroSleeps up to 8Length 13′ 4″ – 23′ 2″Weight 1,585 – 4,660 lbs.$20,063Many customers unexpectedly mentioned that they lived in a Jay Feather Micro trailer full time and loved the experience.
These Jayco trailers are simple to tow, you can sleep comfortably and have enough room even for families. 
Jay FeatherSleeps up to 10Length 24′ 2″ – 36′ 11″Weight 4,625 – 7,295 lbs.$39,705These models include hybrid models with fold-down bunk beds for tents, living quarters, fold-down bed models, and even buses for couples.
For a bedroom model without a slide, check out the 28’9 ” long 23BHM. It has a folding bed inside the front and 50 x 76 bunk beds inside the back. This model also has a bathroom with a closet for white clothes and a corner shower, in this way as an optional outdoor kitchen.
White HawkSleeps up to 10Length 32′ 10″ – 38′ 0″Weight 6,765 – 8,145 lbs.$50,609Each kitchen in the White Hawk range has a range of three burners, a microwave and a stainless steel oven, thus serving as solid surface countertops and a deep plus refrigerator. 8 cubic feet with stainless steel liner also come standard.
This line also incorporates plenty of practical storage space, precious woodwork, and designer touches on fabrics and curtains.
Jay Flight SLX 7Sleeps up to 6Length 18′ 0″ – 21′ 10″Weight 2,645 – 3,460 lbs.$22,134This line has six-floor plans, of which only one is expandable. This is a great selection of caravans for those who are new to camp and with enough floor plan versatility to meet their camping needs.
Jay Flight SLX 8Sleeps up to 14Length 25′ 8″ – 36′ 4″Weight 4,235 – 7,760 lbs.$28,940The queen-size beds in these models come with a Simmons mattress and you can choose from 13 configurations.
These varied floor plans add four models without slides and a fourth model with a few slides, ideal for a family trailer. The 81-inch ceiling height also ensures a sense of interior space.
Jay FlightSleeps up to 14Length 28′ 10″ – 40′ 6″Weight 5,560 – 9,165 lbs.$39,164Jay Flight is the namesake of this best-selling line of travel trailers. There are also a dozen floor plans to choose from, three of which feature the option of a king bed inside the master suite.
Jay Flight also provides a choice of models with an open-window kitchen, patio door, table and chairs instead of a dining area and even bedroom models.
Jay Flight BungalowSleeps up to 8Length 40′ 4″ – 41′ 7″Weight 10,785 – 12,420 lbs.$71,160The oversized Jay Flight Bungalow models are designed to make you and your family feel like you’re on vacation or at home.
The bungalows have an atrium front wall and a sliding door into the living room that make your trailer look like a luxury condo.
Eagle HT Travel TrailersSleeps up to 10Length 34′ 11″ – 38′ 9″Weight 7,940 – 9,500 lbs.$53,441Eagle HT caravans are half-ton trailers that have been one of the oldest and most successful motorhome brands on the market for over 25 years.
It’s a great option for full-time campers because the interior feels like home. The bathroom has a stone and glass backsplash, porcelain toilet and LED night light.
Eagle Travel TrailersSleeps up to 6Length 40′ 1″ – 40′ 1″Weight 10,600 – 10,885 lbs.$71,528These luxury travel trailers exist made of excellent quality materials, such as porcelain, stone, glass and wood.
You can also select a king-size bed with a Simmons Beautyrest mattress. With multiple slides in the bedroom and living room, these trailers are extremely large.

Are the Jayco travel trailers high quality?

If you’ve ever spent time at a trailer park or just seen trailers on the road, you may have seen a Jayco trailer. Jayco is a virtual reality brand of in all cases and in all cases, simply identifiable by its Bluebird logo.

Jayco trailers are known for their exceptional quality, huge range of configurations, and accessibility.  Whether you are actively considering purchasing a new travel trailer or simply planning a future investment, Jayco is a great company to consider.

Jayco caravans are characterized by uneven manufacturing processes. This integrates Magnum Truss and Magnum Truss XL6, Jayco Climate Shield roofing systems, solid foundations, and a major warranty that integrates a two and three-year limited structural warranty.

Key features of Jayco travel trailer:

  • Jayco’s Magnum Truss Roof System can support up to 4,500 pounds, 50% more than most caravan roofs. Part of the strength of the roof comes from using screws instead of clamps to hold the deck in place.
  • The Jayco Climate Shield protects your travel trailer from extreme weather conditions, whether it’s too hot or too cold. This provides protection for camping throughout the entire season, whether the temperature is 0 or 100.
  • Each Jayco product is built on a custom frame rather than using normal frames and stretching or manipulating that frame to fit a mobile home.
  • Jayco claims to have the leading warranty in the recreational vehicle business and the full warranty text can be found on their website. That way, customers know rightly what Jayco claims to care for, repair and restore before buying a trailer.
  • If a solid foundation, a roof, and a warranty are just the beginning for you, it’s also important to consider that Jayco is also adamant about durability. Jayco understands that the fascination of arcade products is the ability of families to spend time in the free wind, and the company strives to preserve this fun of nature by protecting the environment for generations.
  • Jayco’s EcoAdvantage means the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through smarter processing. This integrates working with suppliers to avoid waste and packaging.
  • Jayco uses only recycled water in its quality control tests, manufactures lightweight on-road products for better fuel economy, and standardizes its processes to reduce waste and energy consumption.
  • Jayco is also using an aggressive educational campaign to advise customers on how to save gas, employ conservation practices and adopt eco-friendly driving and travel practices.

Final thoughts

Jayco is a great company with a great reputation in the world of recreational vehicles. The quality of Jayco products is what makes them particularly reliable. The materials and technology used in the design of their products are of the highest quality.

Jayco offers two lines of light and compact trailers, the Jay Flight SLX 7 trailers and the Jay Feather Micro trailers, which are perfect for campers who want to venture into less accessible areas or where towing capacity is limited.

Finally, if you are looking for the luxury usually reserved for fifth-wheel trailers, Jayco trailers offer the Eagle HT and Eagle ranges which are equipped and built according to “Fifth Wheel” standards.

Which Jayco model would suit your needs? Let us know!

FAQ on What are the different levels of Jayco travel trailers?

Are Jayco caravans good?

According to many travel enthusiasts, Jayco caravans are indeed good motorhomes. The quality of Jayco products is what makes them particularly reliable. The materials and technology used in the design of their products are of the highest quality.

How long do Jayco trailers last?

On average, Jayco trailers last up to 25 years. Of course, the lifespan of your motorhome will depend on how you maintain it, in the first place.

How to choose the right travel trailer?

To choose the right travel trailer, it is also necessary to look at two important criteria: the authorized total vehicle weight (GVWR) and the authorized total weight. The GVWR indicates the actual maximum weight added that can reach your car and the trailer.