What are the best small RVs? (our top 5)

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: What are the best small RVs? We will review five of the smallest RVs on the market that really have impressed us with the amount of space and all the positive reviews!

What are the best small RVs?

After thorough research, these are the best small RVs in our opinion: 

  • Wingamm RVs
  • Laika Ecovip 305
  • Hymer Van 314
  • Burstner Travel Van T590G Edition 30
  • Adria Compact SP.

Let’s review each one of them. 

Best small RVs: Wingamm RVs

The Italian manufacturer is continuing its journey, remaining faithful for 40 years to the monocoque polyester structure of its motorhomes. Its Micros, the shortest model in its catalogue, is a true concentrate of know-how and will delight all lovers of “beautiful bodywork”. For a minimum price of $75,000.

The Micros is not content to be the shortest profile on the market. It adopts a known carrier but little used in cab chassis, the Volkswagen Transporter. And it is distinguished by the nature of its bodywork specific to all Wingamm – a polyester monocoque structure very similar to that of boats. Its design remains very fluid despite the fairly large overall height of the vehicle made necessary by the management of the drop-down bed.

And its level of finish is simply exceptional, as we will realize, in particular, when examining the absolutely undetectable carrier/cell bond. This structure has made it possible to design perfectly integrated safes, two of which, it should be noted, open at the touch of a discreet button.

The living area door is also made of the same material and therefore also benefits from the same high-end polyurethane insulation. This bodywork is obviously the strong point of this motorhome which will survive the years without the “patina” specific to traditional motorhomes.

On the road, one might suspect, the Micros is also distinguished by its alert behaviour and unparalleled handling. It is perfectly possible to enter the city and park in traditional parking spaces.

One regret, even if the overall width of the body is a good ten centimetres less than the average for motorhomes, its overshoot compared to that of the cabin would have justified slightly longer mirror arms.

On the other hand, it is a happy surprise in terms of handling. As the T6 is a “small” chassis with reduced tracks, one might expect some awkward body roll. However, this is well controlled and we do not suffer more from the effects of slapping when overtaking or crossing heavyweights. 

Life on board for the couple is quite satisfactory and the roominess is even surprising. The long longitudinal kitchen offers a very generous work surface and decent storage space, even if the overhead cupboards here show insufficient depth (15 and 24 cm).

It is above all a pity that the manufacturer persists in favouring a refrigerator integrated into the cabinet, which means low capacity.

Shifting it to the right end would probably allow you to choose a 100-litre model, without hindering getting off the bed. The lounge area benefits from an L-shaped bench seat, the density of the cushions of which we appreciated, while the table is set on a solid foot and offers a nice surface area. If the toilet area brings together the place is generously sized and you can isolate yourself when taking a shower thanks to a perimeter curtain.

Best small RVs: Laika Ecovip 305

The Ecovip 305 (5.99 m) from the Italian manufacturer Laika pulls the cover to itself with modular equipment that its competitors do not have: a transverse bed on the hold adjustable in height and an electric drop-down bed for optional sleeping.

Capacities authorized by its heights, the highest in our comparison: exterior 2.92 m and interior 2.10 m (1.95 m with drop-down bed).

The rear transverse bed is height adjustable thanks to an electric control which modulates the cargo bay height from 91 to 128 cm, to easily store bicycles or a small motorcycle with a load capacity of 250 kg. Two additional single beds are available as an option: the drop-down bed (191 x 100 cm) and an extra bed in the dinette (200 x 100/50 cm).

In addition to the 4 car registration seats and the 4 possible beds, the living room of the Ecovip 305 can accommodate up to 6 people with its L-shaped bench seat and side seat, around a 360 ° adjustable table.

Best small RVs: Hymer Van 314

Only 5.45 m is the length of this ultra-compact profile designed by the German Hymer. Shorter than a van, barely wider (2.22 m), everything is summed up in its name: Van 314. But no need to confuse the issue, it does have a cell with all the characteristics of a streamlined motorhome.

This small template has the particularity of being mounted on a lightweight Al-ko chassis with a short wheelbase (3.15 m), it is extremely manoeuvrable and easy to park. While this all-purpose profile is very comfortable on the roads, interior traffic is necessarily limited.

You will have to be content with compact equipment: 85 L refrigerator, 66 x 70 cm bathroom, kitchen unit (79 x 52.5 cm) with extension for a single work surface (24 x 30 cm).

Unlike a van, the Van 314 mini-profile benefits from Hymer manufacturing and insulation quality, with PAUL technology: foamed walls and roofs (35 mm), insulated bay frames.

Best small RVs: Burstner Travel Van T590G Edition 30

The German manufacturer Bürstner renews its special Edition 30 series (launched in 2016 to celebrate its 3 decades of existence) by integrating the new Travel Van T590G.

A profile with a sporty look, extremely manoeuvrable, offered at $54,990, and including a large number of standard equipment, with $3,350 of customer benefit announced.

The Travel Van is all Bürstner quality in a pocket-size (2.20 m wide): cosy atmosphere, leather and nubuck textiles, high-quality seats, lacquered furniture, very comfortable cold-cast foam mattress, soft close drawers, nothing is missing.

Storage space is optimized: linen room in the hall, wardrobe under the lift-up bed.

This model has several features: a 3rd standard dinette bed (165 x 80 cm), a retractable step to access the transverse bed.

There is also a clever flexible bathroom, with a pivoting wall that hides the sink and the toilet and reveals a sealed shower cubicle with no loss of floor space.

Best small RVs: Adria Compact SP

In the Adria Compact series, the profiles are gaining ground. The Compact SP is available in a Plus version as standard, starting at  $53,900.

It has an impressive width reduced to 2.12 m, very close to the 2.05 m of a van. Well equipped, it is one of the best value for money in our comparison.

The Adria Compact SP stands out from its competitors with a multitude of little tips: a backrest for the side bench against the wardrobe next to the entrance, a folding staircase to access the bed, a tilting basin, a stove with 3 burners aligned which frees up space on the worktop, cupboard doors with original concave shapes.


To sum up, the best small RVs are:

  • Wingamm Pickups
  • Laika Ecovip 305
  • Hymer Van 314
  • Burstner Travel Van T590G Edition 30
  • Adria Compact SP

All you have to do now is to make your choice! Let us know what you think of these five unique RVs and which one is your favourite.

FAQ on What are the best small RVs?

How many meters does a motorhome have?

The length of a vehicle such as a motorhome is usually between 5 and 7 meters, while the width is an average of 2.50 meters. For its part, the weight is about 2,600 kilograms on average when empty.

How tall is a caravan?

A caravan is usually between five and seven meters long, and width between 2.15 and 2.30 meters. Regarding its height, the oscillation is between 2.70 and 3.20 meters. The weight varies between 2,300 and 2,900 kilograms

How tall is a van?

The cargo compartment of a van has a height of up to 2,196 m with the roof raised, with a total height of 2,798 m. Wheelbase up to 7.391m with an extra-long 4.49m wheelbase. 1,311 m wide opening in the sliding door.

How much does a motorhome weigh? 

The maximum authorized weight in most motorhomes is 3,500 kg, thus allowing it to be driven with the “B” license. However, the weight margins are decreasing, causing many drivers to travel overweight, without even knowing it.


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