What are the best Skoolie layout plans?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best Skoolie layout plans?” We will describe the best Skoolie layout plans and their unique features and advantages. We will also discuss a few important tips for selecting the right Skoolie floor plan based on essential factors.

What are the best Skoolie layout plans?

The best Skoolie layout plans are described below.

  • Full kitchen short bus conversion
  • Tiny home bus layout
  • Open gallery layout
  • Two-bedroom family bus layout
  • Sleeper style layout
  • Double-decker layout
  • Closed backroom layout

Full kitchen short bus conversion layout

  • There are plenty of options when it comes to Skoolie layout plans. One of the most commonly used Skoolie layouts is the full kitchen short bus conversion. This is the go-to Skoolie layout for those building their Skoolie for the first time. 
  • The full kitchen short bus conversion is perfect for beginners since getting a starter is easy and fast. This plan includes a full kitchen, meaning all the essentials come inside the kitchen. 
  • The design is simple, but it is spacious at the same time. The plumbing and electric structure is also simple and easy to get in place. The full kitchen short bus conversion has enough storage options and provides enough comfort inside.

Tiny home bus layout

  • The tiny home bus layout is also one of the best Skoolie layout plans used for decades. This particular layout plan has an opposing bathroom and kitchen. 
  • This is one of the most extensive Skoolie floor plans. One of the major advantages of this layout plan is the provision of HVAN control and space for an entertainment room.
  • Tiny is an underestimated term used for this beautiful Skoolie layout plan. This plan has a full-size kitchen and a bathroom with all the required appliances. It is perfect for two people. The foldable table and additional bed option are one of the other benefits. The additional bed is located right across the entertainment center.

Open gallery layout

  • The open gallery layout design is simple but has a multifunctional separator. Most of the Skoolie owners opt for an open gallery design. This is a common design, and it is considered of the best Skoolie layout plans since the interior is constructed out of the existing spatial structure. This means there is no need to build walls and re-segment the space.
  • An open gallery layout plan for a Skoolie can be interesting since these are customizable. Note that you might need to customize the furniture to match the layout properly. 
  • The floorplan and the wardrobe door serve as a separator wall between the living and the sleeping quarters. Hence, you must make a couple of changes as you go.  

Two-bedroom family bus layout

  • The two-bedroom family bus layout is the ultimate layout plan for a family with children. This plan has two bedrooms, and it provides enough privacy. It also has a full-size bathroom and kitchen that is situated in a convenient location. 
  • Another major advantage of this Skoolie layout is that there is enough additional storage space under the bed.
  • The two-bedroom family bus layout has the toilet situated in between. The kitchen is located at the right spot with a convenient gas burner and sink. There are kitchen cabinets that are located nearby for easy access. The two-bedroom family bus layout is one of the best layouts for a family of two adults and two children.

Sleeper style layout

  • For those who want more space, the sleeper-style Skoolie layout is undoubtedly the best on the list. This sleeper-style Skoolie layout is specifically designed for large families and traveling groups. 
  • With sleeping space as the top priority, the sleeper-style layout has plenty of sleeping options, from bunk beds to fold-out beds, hammocks, and more.
  • Sleeper-style Skoolies are also known to have their bedrooms at the rear. Some of the layouts also have bedrooms at the center. Adding to the sleeping options are the fold-out couches that can be converted into beds. Some sleeper-style layouts also have convertible dinettes that can be used as layouts.

Double-decker layout

  • The double-decker layout is one of those versatile Skoolie layout plans. While it might sound big, these Skoolie layout plans are beginner-friendly. These are perfect for space and are more efficient for a large family. 
  • Double-decker Skoolie layout plans have lots of space to walk around. The double-decker layout plan is perfect for large families with multiple children.
  • The top floor is the main space that can be used as a sleeping area. All the sleeping area on the top floor is grouped. The kitchen, bathroom, and all the other essentials are at the bottom. Hence, the second floor is a bedroom with just an opening below. You will have easy access to the bottom and enough space on top to sleep comfortably.

Closed backroom layout

  • A closed backroom layout is also common, and these plans have various segmented sections. A closed backroom Skoolie layout separates one area of the vehicle from another. One of the major benefits of this layout is that it provides privacy. This is perfect for a family with kids or guests visiting them.
  • The bedroom is separate from the rest of the unit, giving you more space. It also frees up the rest of the space for cooking, and there is extra space for entertainment and storage. Sliding doors and curtains add to the benefits of this layout. The closed backroom Skoolie layout is one of the best options for those who want privacy.

Tips for selecting the right Skoolie layout

Selecting the right Skoolie floor plan depends on your requirements. However, some key factors need to be considered to determine the right Skoolie layout. Here are a few tips for selecting the right Skoolie layout.

Select the right bus size

  • The first and most important aspect is understanding what size bus is right for you. This depends on the number of members in your family and how often and where you travel. 
  • For example, some national parks allow motorhomes with a maximum length of just 27 feet. If you have a small family, a short four-window bus is one of the best options.

Decide on enclosed or open spaces

  • It is also important to choose if you want enclosed or open spaces. Some Skoolies have floorplans that are enclosed and dark. On the other hand, there are several Skoolies that have natural light, and they have plenty of open spaces. Determining the type of space is important.

Decide on the bathroom locations

  • It is also important to decide where you want to build the bathroom. This also depends on the drain lines and their location. You must consider where you plan on running the water lines. The bathroom locations have a lot to do when it comes to selecting the right floor plan.

Decide on the essentials

  • Make sure that the Skoolie floor plan that you choose has all the essentials covered. You will require a place to sleep, a bathroom, a place to prepare food, a place to eat, and plenty of storage for personal possessions.

Decide on what to exclude

  • It is also important to decide what you do not need. Make sure to consider what you should exclude from the floor plan. Make sure to add items that you will be using daily. Avoid adding unnecessary items that will consume space.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best Skoolie layout plans?” We have described the best Skoolie layout plans along with their unique features and advantages. We have also talked about a few important tips for selecting the right Skoolie floor plan based on a few essential factors.



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