What are the best RV camper and trailer tents?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best RV camper and trailer tents?” we will discuss the uses of an RV camper tent and talk about getting a matching RV camper tent for your vehicle. We will also list out the 10 best RV camper and trailer tents along with their unique features and amenities. 

What are the best RV camper and trailer tents?

The best RV camper and trailer tents are listed below: 

  • Darch extender
  • Darche Eclipse 180-degree awning
  • Aquila air awning
  • Gentle Tent GT 310
  • Outwell touring tent
  • Jamet Arizona
  • Thule RV awning tents
  • Oztent RX 4
  • Vango Air Caravan awning rapide
  • Outwell inflatable caravan awning tents

Darche extender 

  • The Darche extender is a four-season tent that can accommodate up to three people when it comes to sleeping. 
  • This tent has enough space for your camping gear and it comes with a 2.5-meter awning.
  • The zipper door has easy access to move in and out and this can be attached to your RV door as an extended space. 
  • The Darche extender is also waterproof and perfect for the outdoors.

Darche Eclipse 180-degree awning 

Having an awning along with a tent is one of the best options. It gives you more space and enough roof to keep your gear and sit outside. This is a unique RV awning tent that provides you with more than eight meters of shade. This awning is good enough to withstand any weather conditions. It comes with universal brackets and you can install them on both sides of the RV.

Aquila air awning 

  • The Aquila air awning is an inflatable awning that can be converted into a tent and pitched right outside your RV. 
  • It has space to accommodate two people and three is enough head height. 
  • There are multiple mesh pockets to keep your camping gear well organized. 
  • The Hydrodore SP fabric and the anti-weather system are one of the advantages.

Gentle Tent GT 310 

  • The Gentle Tent GT 310 is easy to set up with the inflammation method. 
  • This tent has enough space to even set up a table on the inside. The inflatable design and zipper doors and windows are perfect for camping on the outside. 
  • This is made of high-quality fabric and it is 100 percent waterproof. This is a perfect camper tent for an RV or trailer.

Outwell touring tent 

If you need that extra space from your RV or camper trailer, the Outwell touring tent has extra space and zipper doors with mesh windows. It has enough space for two people to sleep comfortably. This tent is made out of polyester and it has a 6000 mm Hydrostatic waterproof material for the outside. The inflatable design is easy to install.

Jamet Arizona 

  • This tent has enough space that can easily accommodate four to six people. 
  • The installation process is simple and it can be up in no time. 
  • It has a removable front panel and an arched door. 
  • The high-quality breathable material is suited for all weather conditions. There is also an option for extra space in the front of this tent.

Thule RV awning tents 

  • Made from rip-stop material, this tent has living space for up to two people. 
  • The advantage of this tent is the door on both sides. 
  • It is easy to access with both doors and it can be set up anywhere. 
  • There are multiple mesh pockets on the inside that is spacious enough to keep all your camping gear. 
  • The Thule RV awning tent has enough ventilation on the inside of this tent.

Oztent RX 4

This is a reliable shelter that provides enough room that can accommodate four to eight people with ease. It has a zipper door and meshes windows and it is easy to access with spacious doors. The Oztent RX 4 uses exclusive Modcan material and a combination of aluminum. It is 100 percent waterproof and it has extra features like the sky mesh.

Vango Air Caravan awning rapide 

  • The Vango Air Caravan awning rapide offers proper sleeping space for three people. 
  • It comes with multi-flex doors and it can be sipped fully closed or kept halfway open when necessary. 
  • The diamond-clear windows maximize the light and visibility. 
  • It has a larger diameter of beams that provide additional structure and stability to the awning.

Outwell inflatable Caravan awning tents 

  • The best one on the list is the Outwell inflatable caravan awning tents. These tents have a removable front and side to integrate the living space with the surrounding. 
  • The enormous space can keep you dry during rainy days and this can be set up within a short time. 
  • The PVC mud flaps are designed to provide more support to the tent.

RV camper tents are common for people who love their outdoor camping activities. These camper tents can be used as an extra room. Most of these tents are compatible with RVs and campers. These are also known as camper awnings that are built for RVs and trailers. An RV camper tent has several benefits and most people always carry one along on their trips.

There are several RV camper and trailer tents available on the market. RV camper tents are common for those who love camping outdoors and experiencing the wilderness. Many people prefer to use a tent that is attached to the RV to enhance their camping experience. These RV camper tents were created for this purpose.

For those who love to spend time and relax with nature, these camper tents are the best option. Camping in tents are a different experience, but RV camper tents are more comfortable. This combination gives you the comfort of an RV and also provides you the opportunity to camp outside.

Getting a matching RV camper tent 

Depending on your RV and the model, you can get a tent that will perfectly match your needs. Many tents are designed to fit your vehicle. You can always get a matching RV camper tent to suit your needs. These tents can be attached to the RV and it becomes a part of your living space. You can also get camper tents from your SUV if necessary.

Of course, the comfort level in a tent is not going to be the same as in an RV, but consider this only as an attachment. Some tents come with enough space to even accommodate up to four people. Camping with these tents along with your RV is an exciting experience, especially if you are interested in fishing or any other outdoor activities.

Advantages of camping in an RV 

When it comes to RV vs tent camping, it is always more comfortable to camp in an RV. Camping in an RV is also considered safe and there are proper motorhomes, unlike tents. On the other hand, camping in a tent is easier and cheaper. However, you might not be free to pitch a tent anywhere and camp as you please.

There are only a few things you can do in a tent and it is more of a temporary basis. An RV is more of a permanent basis and it is secure for long-term living. Camping in a tent along with an RV is an option but camping in a tent along for a long time is not recommended. RV camper tents can be purchased at a professional store or they can even be purchased online.

The list is huge and there are endless possibilities for RV tents and camper tents. Choosing the right tent is based on your preference and the type of RV that you have. Not all tents are suitable for everyone and are sure to purchase an RV camper tent only if you have the requirement for one. Here is a list of the 10 best RV camper and trailer tents.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best RV camper and trailer tents?” we have discussed the uses of an RV camper tent and talked about getting a matching RV camper tent for your vehicle. We have also listed out the 10 best RV camper and trailer tents along with their unique features and amenities. 



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