What are the best rooftop tents with sky view?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best rooftop tents with sky view?” We will list the best rooftop tents and describe their key features and specifications. We will also discuss a few tips to consider when purchasing a rooftop tent.

What are the best rooftop tents with sky view?

The best rooftop tents with sky view are listed below.

  • Big Sky rooftop tent
  • Tent box lite
  • Roof cabin navigator
  • iKamper X cover
  • Roof nest condor
  • Ox Overland Dakota

Big Sky rooftop tent

The Big Sky rooftop tent tops the list with some of the best features for a rooftop tent. The sky view from this tent is perfect for star gazing and provides extra light during the day. It has a solid fly for shoulder season and a spreader bar for heavy rains and snow. Additionally, it arrives with an annex room that can be attached to the bottom of the tent.

  • 600 D ripstop polyester oxford
  • 420 D rainfly ripstop
  • 75 mm high-density mattress
  • Weight diamond base with plastic insulation
  • Bungee cords
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Aluminum internal frame
  • 1 mm skirt around the base of the tent
  • Aluminum telescopic ladder
  • Gear bags

With incredible features, the Big Sky rooftop tent can accommodate up to four people with ease. The ladder is also located inside the annex room to keep you from getting wet when it rains. The sky view in the tent is protected with mesh to prevent leaves or insects from entering inside. One of the other advantages of the internal storage pockets is to keep your gadgets.

Tent Box lite

The Tent Box lite is one of those fast-moving rooftop tents that arrive with a sky view. The see-through windows are one of the best features of this tent. It also arrives with privacy curtains and is perfect for those who love star gazing. This tent is comfortable with a neat mattress. Here are some of the key features and specs listed below.

  • Sleeping capacity for two people
  • 6 cms thick mattress
  • Anti-condensation mat below
  • Internal height of 112 cms
  • 280 gsm ripstop canvas material
  • 2000 mm HH PU coating to prevent water
  • Weight around 110 pounds

The Tent Box is easy to set up and it can also be removed without any hassle. There are additional accessories that can be added to this tent if required. It is portable and one of the most popular rooftop tents that have a sky view. This tent is just right for two adults, although three people can sleep with a tight squeeze.

Roof cabin navigator

The Roof cabin navigator has two variations. The navigator and the navigator plus. The navigator is the smaller size while the navigator plus is bigger with a few extra features. These tents have been in the market for a while and they have quite a reputation. These are some of the key features and specs.

  • Fiberglass composite base plate
  • Ultra slim
  • Lightweight crossbars
  • 6 cm memory foam mattress
  • 280 g poly cotton fabric
  • Anti-tear
  • Waterproof coating

These tents are also UV and mold-resistant. The navigator is perfect for most cars and it weighs around 132 pounds. The navigator plus weighs a little more around 149 pounds. The dynamic load capacity for the navigator plus is 220 pounds. These tents are also pretty attractive and are a good fit for off-road camping.

iKamper X cover

iKamper is one of those top-selling rooftop tents and the iKamper X cover is one of the best for sky viewing. This tent has a soft-shell rooftop but it is fixed inside a hard shell case. The heavy-duty traps and space on the inside make this rooftop tent one of a kind. It is extremely spacious and compact at the same time.

  • Sleeping capacity up to three adults
  • 175 cms wide mattress
  • Two sky windows
  • Toggled privacy curtains
  • Top-quality poly cotton with PU coating

With the best dimensions, the iKamper can easily fit up to two adults and two kids or three adults. The weight of this tent is close to 120 pounds. It also has a smart design and is perfect for a small family. If you are looking to get away with your family for a weekend, this will be one of the best options to choose from.

Roof nest condor

The Roof nest condor has two variants, the condor, and the condor XL. These tents have a beautiful sky view and their biggest advantage is the space on the inside. These tents are compared with the iKamper and they also come at a reasonable price. These are hybrid rooftop tents that are built to last long. Below are some of the key features

  • Two sky windows
  • Condor XL – sleeping space for four adults
  • Fits on most cars including smaller sedans
  • Easy to pop-up
  • All-round weather protection
  • Perfect for outdoor camping

The sky windows in these tents can be opened and you will have enough space to stand up inside. One of the other advantages is the removable flysheets. It is also easy to remove and by just unclipping them and rolling them up. These tents are spacious enough for small families and weekend camping activities.

Ox Overland Dakota

The Ox Overland Dakota is compact and it can be fixed on most cars. It arrives with a ladder and it has a beautiful sky view with dual sky windows. The structure of these rooftop tents is amazing and they also come at an affordable price and interesting color combination. These are some of the features of the Ox Overland Dakota.

  • Aluminum base
  • 600 D ripstop poly cotton
  • Polyester flysheet
  • 7 cm thick mattress
  • Heavy duty SBS zips
  • Dual sky windows
  • Long enough to accommodate an annex

The features might be minimal with this model but it has enough space for two to three adults. The dimensions of this tent are 140 cms x 240 cms. When it comes to the headroom, there are 126 cms. Some of the other models of the Ox Overland Dakota have enough space to accommodate three to four people with a sleeping area of 183 cm.

The above-described rooftop tents have some of the best features and specifications and they also have a decent price range. Most of all, these rooftop tents arrive with the best sky views. These tents are comfortable and they also come with a decent sleeping mattress. There are enough storage options inside to store all your gadgets.

Tips to consider when purchasing a rooftop tent

There are several rooftop tents out there and most of them provide the specs and features. However, a few important things need to be considered before making a purchase.

Total weight of the tent

  • The total weight of the tent will arrive with the product specs, but it is essential to double-check and also consider the weight of the cargo.

Rack compatibility

  • The compatibility of the rack is also important since some rooftop tents arrive without a roof rack. Be sure to check if your rack has the capacity to handle a rooftop tent.

Static weight capacity

  • The rack and the roof of the vehicle must be able to support the number of people sleeping along with the weight of the tent. Ensure to check these few tips thoroughly before making a purchase.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best rooftop tents with sky view?” We have listed the best rooftop tents and described their key features and specifications. We have also discussed a few tips to consider when purchasing a rooftop tent. Leave us a comment below and let us know if there are other rooftop tents with a sky view.



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