What are the best portable Skoolie stoves?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best portable Skoolie stoves?” We will discuss the best portable Skoolie stoves and talk about their key features and specifications. We will also talk about the best portable electric stoves along with their feature sand specifications.

What are the best portable Skoolie stoves?

Some of the best portable Skoolie stoves are.

  • Coleman Classic propane stove
  • Dometic stoves
  • Camp Chef Explorer
  • Dickinson Marine Newport
  • Suburban
  • Iwatani butane stove
  • Gas One

Coleman Classic propane stove

  • When it comes to the best portable Skoolie stoves, there is no shortage of options. With multiple options available, only some brands have a reputed and recognized name. The Coleman Classic propane stove is one of those top brands.
  • The Coleman Classic propane stove is lightweight, affordable, and one of the most-popular portable stoves among Skookie enthusiasts. These stoves can function continuously for an hour with a single propane canister. The Coleman Class propane stove arrives with two adjustable burners.
  • One of the key features of the Coleman Classic is that it can be used as a grill and a stove simultaneously. The cooking power for this propane stove is up to 20,000 BTUs. It has a pressure regulator control technology to provide consistent performance.
  • Since this is a propane stove, it does not consume too much fuel, and it is one of the best portable options that can be used for a Skoolie.

Dometic stoves  

  • There are a couple of Dometic stove models, but the drop-in cooktop stainless steel is one of the best options. This 12-volt two-burner cooktop stove has alloy steel material with an electronic ignition for easy lighting.
  • Dometic stoves are pretty famous in the RV world. These stoves are lightweight, easy to handle, sturdy, safe to use. They can also be used for heavy cooking. At the same time, they are compact and slim with an elegant design.
  • The Dometic Origo 5100 Heat Pal is one of the other famous models that are well-matched for a Skoolie. Unlike the usual propane stove, this stove uses denatured alcohol as fuel. Hence, it is safe and is one of the best eco-friendly options.
  • The Dometic Origo can be used as a heater and a stove. One of the major advantages of the Dometic Origo is its compact size. This stove is small enough to be stored in a cabinet or any shelf and is easy to carry around.

Camp Chef Explorer

  • If you are looking for something more powerful and portable simultaneously, the Camp Chef Explorer is one of the best options. This stove has exceptional power and can produce up to 30,000 BTUs. It arrives with cast aluminum burners and is one of those heavy-duty stoves.
  • The Camp Chef Explorer allows you to cook a variety of meals. The sturdy construction is one of the best features of this stove, and it can be connected to a propane tank. This is not a tabletop stove, but it is still portable and easy to carry. It’s easy to set up and arrives with all the required accessories.
  • The Camp Chef Explorer arrives with detachable steel legs, a three-foot hose, and a regulator. The three-sided windscreen is perfect for cooking on a windy day. It also has appliance-style temperature controls. All you need to do is just connect it to the propane tank. The Camp Chef Explorer is also easy to clean and stable.

Dickinson Marine Newport

  • The Caribbean propane stove from Dickinson Marine Newport is one of the best portable Skoolie stoves. This particular stove has a high-end design for marine use, but it is perfect for a Skoolie. This stove has two burners with heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
  • While it is still portable, the Dickinson Marine Newport stove is larger than the previous models and also a little heavier. However, with size comes power, and the Caribbean two-burner gas stove has a capacity of up to 7,000 BTUs.
  • The decorative laser cutting design and unique appearance make it one of the best. There is a removable wooden cutting board with pot holders and one sea rail.


  • Surburban portable stoves have various options, including a two-burner and three-burner top. Surburban portable stoves are lightweight and easy to carry and store. The overall weight of this stove is only 9.03 pounds.
  • The Suburban portable stove is a perfect fit for a Skoolie. It is extremely easy to install the Suburban stove. All you need to do is fix the canister and start using the stove.

Iwatani butane stove

  • The Iwatani butane stove is small, portable, and easy to carry. This stove is constructed with aluminum material and is ultra-lightweight at only 4.4 pounds. Despite its size and make, it has an incredible output of 15,000 BTU.
  • The Iwatani butane stove has a brass burner with locking levers to keep the fuel can in place. The advanced heat panel and output leave no residue. It has a double windbreaker to protect the flame and wind. This can also be used indoors, but be sure to use it in safe surroundings.

Gas One

  • Gas One has a couple of portable stoves that can be used for Skoolies and camping. The Gas One GS 3400P is a portable dual-fuel stove that arrives with a carry case. This stove is built for emergency and regular use.
  • The material is constructed with alloy steel and is ultra-lightweight at only 3.1 pounds. The major advantage of this stove is the ability to use both propane and butane. It also has an automatic Piezo electric ignition to light the flame.
  • When it comes to the price, Gas One is the cheapest option to consider. It has an adjustable heat dial to adjust the heat according to your requirement.

Best portable electric Skoolie stoves

Apart from the usual portable Skoolie stoves like propane and butane, there are plenty of electric stove options to consider. Here are some of the best portable electric stoves that perfectly fit a Skoolie.

Empava two-burner stove

  • The Empava two-burner electric stove has a horizontal smooth surface glass on top. There are different variations of this stove, including 24, 30, and 36-inch. However, the 12-inch is one of the best portable options for a Skoolie. This stove is easy to clean and has eight power-level settings from 300 to 1300 watts.

Elite Gourmet

  • The Elite Gourmet is a single-burner electric stove that has adjustable temperature control. The Elite Gourmet is also one of the best-selling models, and they come in a reasonable price range. The temperature knob is perfect for adjusting the heat to cook, boil, or heat food.
  • The built-in safety power indicator light on the front of the burner is perfect for safety purposes. This is an easily accessible stove with a wattage of 1000. The heat distribution is perfect, and it is easy to clean.

Ovente single burner

  • Ovente single burner is an infrared stove with a seven-inch ceramic glass hot plate cooktop. It has a stainless steel base and adjustable temperature control options. The Ovente is a versatile portable stove that works with all cookware including cast iron, ceramic, stainless steel, and more.

Those were some of the best portable Skoolie stoves that are available in the market. Choosing a portable stove for your Skoolie depends on your cooking preference and the number of people that travel or camp in the Skoolie. It also depends on the fuel types, personal preference, power, size, budget, etc.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best portable Skoolie stoves?” We discussed the best portable Skoolie stoves and their key features and specifications. We have also discussed the best portable electric stoves, features, and specifications.




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