What are the best popup campers for a Ridgeline?

In this blog post will answer the question: “What are the best popup campers for a Ridgeline?” We will discuss the best popup campers for a Ridgeline, along with some of their features and specifications. We will also discuss a few tips for selecting the right popup camper for the Ridgeline.

What are the best popup campers for a Ridgeline?

Some of the best popup campers for a Ridgeline are.

  • The Phoenix camper
  • Earthcrusier GZL truck camper
  • Overland explorer
  • ATC Bobcat
  • Northstar 600
  • Outfitter Caribou Lite
  • Four Wheel camper fleet.

The Phoenix camper

  • The Phoenix camper is one of the best popup campers for a Ridgeline. With customizable options, these popup campers can be used on most Honda trucks. The Phoenix camper has several features and specifications to provide a comfortable camping experience.
  • These campers are designed with excellent interiors, and their customizable options and top amenities are good for off-grid camping. One of the significant advantages of the Phoenix camper is its compact kitchen.
  • There are various types of campers, including flatbed and slide-in campers. The Phoenix camper is one of the best options for the Honda Ridgeline and is easy to install. These campers are built with durable materials to last for decades.

Earthcrusier GZL truck camper

  • The Earthcrusier GZL truck camper is yet another incredible camper that can be perfectly modified for the Honda Ridgeline camper. These campers have top-class specifications and multiple models to choose from.
  • When it comes to camping, the Earthcrusier GZL truck camper is designed to maximize your space and comfort. You can also get to customize the models as per your requirements. Since these campers were primarily designed for trucks, they are known for their rugged features.
  • The Earthcrusier is known as one of those expedition campers that makes it perfect for off-grid camping. These campers are constructed with heavy wood and metal, and some models arrive with support jacks to distribute their weight while parking.

Overland Explorer

  • The Overland Explorer is one of the best-rugged popup campers for the Ridgeline. These campers are among the best picks for those who love to camp off-road. Overland explorer campers are new in the market but are well-recognized for their top-quality features and specs.
  • These campers arrive with composite construction and R8 insulation, perfect for winter camping. A few models are available, and some also have a king-size bed. The Overland Explorer is comfortable due to the space.
  • These campers have a small kitchen that makes it exceptional when it comes to camping. Some of the features include a portable DC compressor refrigerator and a 20-gallon freshwater tank. It also has a removable dinette table and a water heater.

ATC Bobcat

  • The ATC Bobcat is famous for their all-terrain campers and overall top quality. These campers are manufactured in California, and there are plenty of models to choose from. The smallest ATC Bobcat weighs only 804 pounds.
  • ATC Bobcat has convenient standard features. These features include a stainless steel tank, icebox, two-burner stove, overhead storage, portable table, etc. It also has a 15-gallon water tank with a monitor panel.
  • The AGM battery and pre-wiring for solar makes it one of the best off-grid popup campers. These are a perfect fit for the Honda Ridgeline, and some of the models arrive with a side awning and roof-mounted 200-watt solar panel.

Northstar 600

  • The Northstar 600 is one of those smaller options for the Honda Ridgeline. This popup camper is light and compact, but they arrive with some of the best features and specifications. There is plenty of storage options, including the space under the queen-size bed.
  • The Northstar 600 also arrives with a 5-gallon propane tank and a memory foam mattress. There is no need to worry about shore power since this vehicle has a 160-watt solar power system. The six-foot-three-inch floor is perfect for all mid-sized trucks.
  • Northstar has produced some of the best features, including an external shower. The tankless water heater is one of the added benefits of the Northstar 600. This camper is impressive, with efficient amenities and perfect for the Ridgeline.

Outfitter Caribou Lite

  • The Outfitter Caribou Lite makes traveling and camping easy with its lightweight at just 850 pounds. The exterior is strong, with bonded composite walls and a full walk-on roof. The boxed aluminum is perfect for preventing rust.
  • When it comes to sleeping, the Outfitter Caribou Lite has a full-size cab over the bed that can be pulled out into a full-size queen bed. The 5-gallon propane tank and 24-gallon freshwater tank are enough to keep you on the road.
  • The amenities in the Outfitter Caribou Lite are perfect for a couple. It has a compressor fridge and a 95-watt solar system. The Outfitter Caribou Lite is one of the best popup campers that perfectly fit the Honda Ridgeline.

Four-Wheel Camper Fleet

  • The Four Wheel Camper Fleet is a famous popup camper, especially for its exclusive amenities. This camper has several features and specifications and is designed to keep you off-road. The two-burner stove in the kitchenette and 20-gallon fresh water tank is good enough for cooking.
  • The interiors of the Four Wheel Camper Fleet are attractive with detailed woodwork. There are several floor plans to choose from based on your requirements. Some of the key features are the external shower, 160-watt roof-mounted solar system, 6-volt dual battery setup, and more.
  • The weight of these popup campers is light as they weigh only 1,045 pounds. These popup campers also arrive in different colors and have a reasonable price. The aluminum frame on the exterior is built to last long and prevent rust from developing.

Those were some of the best popup campers for a Ridgeline. The Honda Ridgeline is a versatile vehicle that is a perfect fit for camping. This vehicle is widely used for off-road camping. The Ridgeline can be converted into a mini camping home with the right popup camper. It is most beneficial for couples and short camping trips.

Selecting the right popup camper for the Ridgeline

Even though the Ridgeline is one of the top vehicles for camping, it is essential to consider a few factors when selecting the right camper. Here are a few tips to look into.

Check the weight and length

  • The weight is the most important part; you must know the camper’s dry and gross weight. Ensure that the camper’s weight is a perfect match for the Ridgeline. The other important thing to consider is the length of the camper. The length must fit perfectly on the truck bed of the Honda Ridgeline.

Consider the features

  • Next, you need to consider the features based on your requirements. Ensure the camper arrives with all the basic amenities for a comfortable camping experience. Look into the specifications and the comfort level.

Check for durability

  • The next most important thing is to check for durability. Make sure that the overall structure of the camper is strong. Purchasing an aluminum popup camper will last longer than the other campers with metal and wood. The popup camper should be durable and last for a long time.

Look for space

  • Space plays an important role here, and it is essential for the popup camper to have enough space. Make sure that there is enough sleeping space for at least two people. Make sure that there are enough storage options inside and that there are enough shelves to store all essentials.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best popup campers for a Ridgeline?” We have discussed the best popup campers for a Ridgeline and some of their features and specifications. We have also discussed a few tips for selecting the right popup camper for the Ridgeline.



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