What are the best popup camper jacks?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best popup camper jacks?” We will discuss the best jacks along with their benefits and specifications. We will also talk about their key features. Furthermore, we will talk about the various types of pop-up camper jacks that are used today.

What are the best popup camper jacks?

The best popup camper jacks are.

  • Stromberg Carlson
  • Atwood
  • Husky
  • BAL
  • Barker
  • RV guard
  • Red Hound
  • Lippert

Stromberg Carlson

  • When it comes to pop-up camper jacks, several models are available in the market. Selecting the right one for a popup camper can be confusing. However, these models are some of the best for popup campers. The Stromberg Carlson tops the list for their incredible jacks that are designed for motorhomes.
  • Stromberg Carlson has a variety of jacks to suit your needs. These jacks can be used for RVs, fifth wheels, and various motorhomes. Stromberg Carlson has products that are known for being easy to use. These jacks are reliable, sturdy, and perfect for a popup camper.
  • Another key feature of Stromberg Carlson is that they have both manual and electronic jacks. The manufacturer has focused on their products to make life easier on the road. Stromberg Carlson has a variety of jacks from 2500 LB to 4500 LB. They also have jack accessories and 24-inch and 30-inch scissor jacks.


  • Atwood produces high-quality jacks that are easier to build for popup campers. These jacks are durable and easy to operate. Atwood is also known for their electronic jacks that can be used for all types of motorhomes.
  • Some models have an A-frame, while some are the usual jacks. These Jacks are easy to fix with the bot-on feature. It has two toggle switches for operation. The electric jacks help to raise and lower the camper with ease. Some of the key features are an on and off switch to control the light.


  • Husky Jacks have also built a great reputation over the years. Various types of popup camper jacks are sturdy and easy to use on the road. There are electric tongue jacks, slide-out stabilizers, A-frame top wind, and more.
  • These jacks have an exceptional feature which is known as the smart stop. All switches are weatherproof, and the entire jack is coated with a silver powder coat to help resist corrosion. The Bolt-on insulation is one of the main features.
  • Adjusting these jacks is pretty easy as it hardly takes time. The Husky top wind jacks have a capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, and they can extend to 25 inches below the triangular bracket. Husky is now one of those popular brands that have been available in the market.


  • BAL popup camper jacks are heavy-duty jacks that have different variations. Some of the camper jacks arrive with a safety levering system and a handle. BAL camper jacks are known for their fine leveling and are perfect for all types of RVs and motorhomes.
  • The BAL 24003D Deluxe leveling scissor jack is around 30 inches and is one of the fastest-selling jacks with a high rating. These jacks are built with alloy steel, and they have a load capacity of 5,000 pounds. It also has a patented roller-bearing assembly for smooth and easy screw operation.
  • The BAL jacks are constructed so the jack can raise quickly. The crank handle turns easily, and it has an Acme thread drive screw. The crank handle can also be easily rotated in the handle receiver.
  • BAL jacks are heavy-duty jacks that include five-inch and eight-inch rectangular steel base plates according to size. They are also easy to use with their simple mechanism.


  • Barker power jacks are one of the best jacks that are versatile and can be used for travel trailers, RVs, campers, etc. These jacks have excellent craftsmanship, and they also arrive with a two-year extended warranty on all power jacks.
  • One of the key features is the “Nite-Lite” technology used to assist while hitching in the dark. It has a crank handle in case you need a manual override. The up-and-down switch is fully waterproof, and there is no need to worry about rain.
  • The powder-coated and zinc-plated jack meets the 10-gauge hookup standards. There are 19-inch and 24-inch strokes with torque limiter protection when fully extended or retracted. Barker is one of those top-quality products with optional features.

RV guard

  • RV guard jacks are available both in the US and Canada. These jacks can be used for trailers, campers, fifth wheels, and all types of motorhomes. These jacks arrive in sets of four, along with a storage bag to carry them around easily.
  • They are aluminum stabilizer jacks that can support up to a solid 6,000 pounds. The best part is that these jacks can be adjustable from 11 inches to 17 inches. They have anti-rust and corrosion-resistant properties with a square base design.
  • When it comes to popup campers, these are perfectly suited to do the job. However, it is recommended to place concrete blocks or wood under for better use. For those who love the traditional leveling method, an RV guard is one of the best options.

Red Hound

  • Red Hound stabilizing jacks are auto-telescoping jacks that make them unique. It has one adjustment rod handle and excellent mounting hardware. One of the major benefits of these racks is that they can also be used on motorcycles and cargo trailers.
  • There is a variety of stabilizing jacks that are available from Red Hound. Each of these jacks arrives with a 1000-pound support capacity. They also arrive with mounting screws.


  • Lippert RV jacks and stabilizers are widely used for popup campers and have both power and manual options. These are top-rated mounting jacks that have a lift capacity of up to 3,500 pounds.
  • Some of the key features are the durable textured casing that will help to protect the jack from damage. The Lippert kit also includes mounting hardware, pins, and a crank handle for manual override. They are easy to install, time-saving, and powerfully engineered.

Various types of popup camper jacks

When it comes to leveling jacks, several types are available. These jacks are also used for popup campers.

Corner-mounted truck camper jacks

  • Corner-mounted truck camper jacks are usually attached to the base on each of the four corners. These jacks are the standard manually cranking jacks.

Electric truck camper jacks

  • Electric truck camper jacks are corner jacks powered by an electric motor. These are the latest jacks, and they are easy to use with just a push of a button. It is easy to raise or lower the popup camper with the push of a lever. The electric motor takes the load of heavy lifting.

Hydraulic corner-mounted jacks

  • Hydraulic corner-mounted jacks use a crank and are similar to manual jacks. The only difference is that they use hydraulics, making cranking easier and safer.

Stable-lift truck camper jacks

  • Stable-lift truck camper jacks are simple and can be used by pressing buttons. These jacks are perfect for loading and unloading and are commonly used on trucks.

Tripod truck camper jacks

  • These are the traditional design jacks with three legs at the base of the jack. The RV guard jacks are known as tripod jacks with the same design. One of the major advantages of these jacks is that they are handy and easy to fold and store. However, they are not attached directly to the camper.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best popup camper jacks?” We have discussed the best jacks along with their benefits and specifications. We have also talked about their key features. Furthermore, we have discussed the various types of popup camper jacks used today.



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