What are the best places for Airbnb Skoolie rentals?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best places for Airbnb Skoolie rentals?” We will describe the best places for Airbnb Skoolie rentals, along with their amenities, features, and unique facilities. We will also talk about the surroundings and outdoor activities that are available at these Airbnb Skoolie rentals.

What are the best places for Airbnb Skoolie rentals?

The best Airbnb Skoolie rentals are.

  • Shaver Lake Skoolie Airbnb
  • Blanka Skoolie Airbnb
  • Olympia Skoolie Airbnb
  • Cedar Creek Skoolie Airbnb
  • Austin Skoolie Airbnb
  • Mountain View Skoolie Airbnb
  • Florida Skoolie Airbnb
  • Carolina Beach, Skoolie Airbnb
  • Bryson City, Skoolie Airbnb
  • Golconda, Skoolie Airbnb
  • Saint Clair, Skoolie Airbnb
  • Windham, Skoolie Airbnb 
  • Taberg, Skoolie Airbnb
  • Leacock-Leola-Bareville, Skoolie Airbnb
  • Portland, Skoolie Airbnb  

Shaver Lake Skoolie Airbnb

  • If you are located in California, you cannot miss the Shaver Laker Skoolie Airbnb. This Skookie Airbnb rental is just around the Sierra Mountains and is located northeast of Fresno. On the south, you get to view Yosemite National Park. With 20 acres of land, this is an excellent Skoolie rental experience.  
  • There are enough amenities to keep you comfortable throughout your stay. Some of the amenities include a hammock, solar shower, fire pit, yoga deck, outhouse, and a stargazing net. There are hiking trailers along this beautiful location.

Blanka Skoolie Airbnb

  • The Blanka Skoolie Airbnb rental is located in Colorado near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This is the best place to visit if you want to enjoy a good view of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. All the basic amenities arrive with this Skoolie, and it is also pet-friendly. Colorado Springs is just two hours away from this Skoolie.

Olympia Skoolie Airbnb

  • The Olympia Skoolie Airbnb is right in the capital city of Washington. Despite being in the city, there is enough privacy with the one-sided layout. Some amenities are incredible, including the king-size bed, shower, toilets, etc. The Skoolie is also lined with cedar, and it gives you a rich and comfortable experience.

Cedar Creek Skoolie Airbnb

  • The Cedar Creek Skookie is just 30 minutes away from Austin, Texas. This 12-acre property has all the requirements for a comfortable stay. The living area and the bedroom are separate, and there is enough space in the kitchen as well. You can eat, work, and enjoy the lounge in this beautiful, comfortable Skookie Airbnb.

Austin Skoolie Airbnb

  • Not too far off from Cedar Creek is the Austin Skoolie Airbnb. This Skoolie rental is located right in the middle of Austin, and it is a perfect place with great amenities. 
  • Hot water showers, toilets, and all the essentials are inside the bus. It has a rustic design and allows you to explore the surrounding areas of Austin.

Mountain View Skoolie Airbnb

  • The Mountain View Skoolie Airbnb in Arkansas is a perfect place for a getaway. Situated in the Ozark Mountains, enough activities keep you busy. From campfires to 24-7 shower power, the Mountain View Skoolie Airbnb is one of the best off-grid places to stay. You get to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoor experience of Arkansas.

Elkton Skoolie Airbnb

  • Right outside the East Coast of Florida in the Elkton Skoolie Airbnb. The location is just outside St. Augustine, and this Skoolie rental has enough amenities like a full-fledged shower, toilet, sink, etc. You get a beautiful view of the marina river and enjoy the best amenities of this beautiful Skookie Airbnb.

Carolina Beach, Skoolie Airbnb

  • The Carolina Beach Skoolie Airbnb is more comfortable for small and mid-sized families. With short buses converted into a comfortable home, you cannot miss this place if you plan on visiting North Carolina.  

Bryson City, Skoolie Airbnb

  • North Carolina has some of the best Skoolie Airbnb’s, and the one at Bryson City is perfect for a large family. This 40-foot huge Skookie Airbnb can easily accommodate up to six people comfortably. 
  • There are king-size beds and two bunk beds. The Skookie is parked at a beautiful six-acre “glampground” It also has a rec room and fire pits outside.

Golconda, Skoolie Airbnb

  • The Golconda Skookie Airbnb is located in a convenient spot between Illinois and Kentucky border. This Skoolie has an excellent open floor plan and is one of the best places to fish and swim. There is a two-acre lake and a beautiful “back porch” to enjoy the natural atmosphere of this place.

Saint Clair, Skoolie Airbnb.

  • Imagine staying in a Skoolie in Missouri in a 200-acre sanctuary. This is a perfect place to take advantage of outdoor showers, lakeside gazebos, kayaks, etc. You get to enjoy all the beautiful amenities that come with this Skookie rental located in the Midwest of Missouri at Saint Claire.

Windham, Skoolie Airbnb

  • For those who want luxury and still experience living in a Skoolie, the Skoolie rental at Windham is one of the best options. This Skoolie has steps connected from the bus to a saltwater pool. 
  • A beautiful pond on the other side has an excellent hot tub. This Skoolie is just like a small house with a refrigerator, propane cooktop, air-conditioning unit, etc. There are plenty of storage options with the Skoolie Airbnb, and the owners stay on-site to provide better service.

Taberg, Skoolie Airbnb

  • Not many would have imagined camping Upstate New York in a Skoolie. This Skookie Airbnb rental has 60 acres of land and a beautiful half-mile river frontage. There are plenty of ponds, hiking trails, and more. You can easily take your pets along and make sure of this beautiful landscape that is just across Oneida Lake.

Leacock-Leola-Bareville, Skoolie Airbnb

  • The Leacock-Leola-Bareville, Skoolie Airbnb rental is known for its center aisle design. This converted bus provides the best privacy with curtains over the windows and enough space. 
  • The couches can be converted into king-size beds, and there are also bunk beds at the back. This Skoolie rental can easily accommodate up to seven people comfortably.
  • The location is right outside Amish country in Pennsylvania and is one of the best Skoolie rentals in the country.

Portland, Skoolie Airbnb

  • This is one of the oldest Skoolie rentals in Portland. Since 1984, the Portland Skookie Airbnb has accommodated thousands of travelers. The exclusive features include running water, a bathtub, electricity, a kitchenette, and a sleeper sofa that can easily accommodate up to two people. There is also a beautiful dinette area to have your meals.

Taos County, Skoolie Airbnb 

  • Taos County in New Mexico is among the best places to experience a Skoolie rental. With an open and minimalistic design, this is a perfect conversion for a small family. There are 10 acres of land, one of the best remote camping places. The hot springs and hiking are not too far, and it is one of the best places to stargaze.

Those were some of the best places for Airbnb Skoolie rentals in the USA. These Skoolie Airbnb’s are located in the West, South, Midwest, and East region. These Skoolies arrive with some of the best amenities and features and arrive at a decent price. You can find these Skoolies and their prices on the Airbnb website.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best places for Airbnb Skoolie rentals?” We have described the best places for Airbnb Skoolie rentals along with their amenities, features, and unique facilities. We have also discussed the surroundings and outdoor activities available at these Airbnb Skoolie rentals.



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