What are the best off-road camper-build trailers?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best off-road camper-build trailers?” We will describe the best camper-build trailers along with their features, specs, amenities, and customizable options. These off-road camper-build trailers are highly rated by camper enthusiasts from across the world.

What are the best off-road camper-build trailers?

The best off-road camper build trailers are.

  • Black Series HQ21
  • Bruder EXP 6
  • BRS Off-road Pursuit
  • Patriot Off-rad Camper X3
  • Escapade Backcountry
  • Opus OP15 Hybrid Caravan
  • AntiShanty AS-1
  • Boreas Campers EOS 12
  • Conqueror UEV 490
  • Hive EX-X

Black Series HQ21

  • The Black Series HQ21 is probably one of the best off-road camper-build trailers manufactured. These camper-build trailers are built for wear and tear and have some of the best luxury features. The Black Series HQ21 arrives with a sleeping capacity of up to four people and a hard shell material.
  • The remote-control electric awning is one of the added advantages. This camper build trailer has an excellent interior kitchen that arrives with a microwave and a three-burner stove. There is a separate toilet and shower and a huge mattress. The length of this trailer is 28 feet and two inches, and it has a dry weight of 6,482 pounds.

Bruder EXP 6

  • The Bruder off-road camper build trailer is one of the most well-known brands that has been a huge success. These are customizable camper trailers that have specialized off-road capabilities. It can easily accommodate up to six people and arrives in two different configurations. One model arrives with a lifting roof that is also collapsible.
  • There is plenty of extra space with the Bruder EXP 6 and plenty of insulation options. The length of this camper trailer is 22.05 feet, and the dry weight is 3,704 pounds. The camper-build trailer arrives in colors like Blue, Green, and White. The Bruder is also built for extreme cold climatic conditions.

BRS Off-road Pursuit

  • As the name suggests, the BRS off-road Pursuit is no doubt one of the best camper-build trailers. These trailers have a compact appearance, but they are also spacious inside. 
  • Plenty of luxury options include the queen-sized mattress, stargazing window, and enclosed slide-out shower. There are mounts for the exterior awning and slide-out outdoor kitchen.
  • The length of this camper build trailer is 18.7 feet, and the dry weight of this camper is 3,627 pounds. The fully enclosed hot shower and power outlets are perfect for giving you all the requirements for off-road camping. Some of the other features include the 80-liter fridge/freezer. There is also a draft skirt that you can set up around.

Patriot Off-road Camper X3

  • The Patriot off-road camper build trailer is rugged and perfect for those who love navigating the mountains. This sturdy camper build trailer is smaller than the other models. The Patriot Off-road Camper X3 is one of the best options for those who want a compact camper trailer.
  • This camper arrives in two colors Blue and Graphite. The length of this camper is 12 feet, and it has a dry weight of 2,470 pounds. The Patriot Off-road Camper X3 has an integrated tent that can be accessed internally. It has an adjustable lockout ladder and it arrives with a beautiful heating system. High-quality fly screens can be set up on the inside and outside.

Escapade Backcountry

  • Escapade Backcountry is one of those affordable camper-build trailers that have a specialized leaf spring suspension for off-road camping. It arrives with radial trailers and a 3500-weight-capacity Lippert axle. It also has non-weight-bearing aluminum diamond tread fenders. One of the key features of this camper is the 16-inch ground clearance.
  • This camper’s total weight and tongue weight varies according to the models and various configurations. The interiors of the camper are excellent, and there are plenty of top-class features to match all your requirements. Some of the models arrive with a 12v deep cycle battery that is mounted on the front tongue.

Opus OP15 Hybrid Caravan

  • The Opus OP15 Hybrid Caravan is compact, with a length of 15 feet and a dry weight of 5,159 pounds. The Opus Hybrid Caravan is luxurious, and it has a pop-top roof. Some of the key features are the Thetford internal shower and toilet. There is a queen-size mattress, and there are various layout options.
  • Other options include the leatherette interior seating with optional bunk beds. The LED internal lighting and off-road tires make this camper-build trailer perfect for all terrains. The fully galvanized chassis and foam cell shock absorbers have made this camper one of a kind. Another key feature for off-grid camping is the 100-watt solar panel options.

AntiShanty AS-1

  • The AntiShanty AS-1 camper is one of those top-quality off-grid campers that are manufactured in the US. These campers have different price ranges according to the configuration. 
  • There are double-pane insulated windows with lithium batteries and a molle panel system. The LED upgraded interior lighting and portable solar panels make this camper build trailer one of the best.
  • It arrives with a Dometic power auto awning and Timbren suspension for off-grid camping. One of the advantages of this camper is the 1-inch wheels and KO2 tires. The AntiShanty series was a huge success with a limited A-frame. It is one of the best off-road camper trailers that is 17.5 feet long and weighs around 2,650 pounds.

Boreas Campers EOS 12

  • The Boreas Campers are one of the top-quality off-road campers manufactured in Denver, Colorado. The EOS 12 model is one of those hybrid campers with top features for off-grid camping. The specialty of this camper is the 40-gallon freshwater tank and 25-gallon gray water tank.
  • The kitchen is equipped with a three-burner Furion cooktop and stainless-steel sink. The wet bath and cassette toilet are some of the added advantages. Regarding sleeping, the Boreas Campers have some of the best features, including the 270-degree awning. You can also customize this camper according to your preference.

Conqueror UEV 490

  • Most off-grid camper enthusiasts are familiar with the Conqueror UEV 490. This is a rugged off-road camper-build trailer that has adopted a military design. It has incredible suspension that is built for rough terrain. The Conqueror has 16-inch rims and an independent D-Arm with a coil and double shock absorbers.
  • The Conqueror is rough on the outside but still comfortable on the inside. It has a front island double bed with a side folded-out double bed. There are plenty of interior storage cupboards, and it also has a convenient bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with all the essentials, and the camper has a dust-limiting cabin pressure fan.

Hive EX-X

  • Hive campers have various models; the most commonly known model is the EX-X. There are top-class amenities and features in this excellent off-road camper build trailer. It arrives with electric brakes, parking brakes, and a hitch master coupler. Some of the top specs are the cruise master suspension and full-bronze premium wheels.
  • The Hive EX-X is also customizable and is one of those rugged campers available in the market. The Hive EX-X has incredible interior features that are built with top-quality materials.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best off-road camper-build trailers?” We have described the best camper-build trailers along with their features, specs, amenities, and customizable options. Leave us a comment below and let us know your favorite off-road camper build trailer.



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