What are the best motorhomes for couples?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best motorhomes for couples?” We will discuss some of the best motorhomes and list their top features and amenities. We will touch upon their extra features and look at the price range for a few motorhomes. Additionally, we will discuss why these motorhomes are perfect for couples.

What are the best motorhomes for couples?

The best motorhomes for couples, which are available in today’s market have been discussed as follows:

  • Winnebago Revel
  • Tiburon
  • Palomina Puma traveler
  • Unity

Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel motorhome is a versatile travel vehicle that provides a comfortable and spacious living experience for two people. It includes all the features that you would expect from a full-size RV, including a kitchen, a wet bath, a cassette toilet, and solar-sourced electricity. This travel trailer is also equipped with hydronic heating and available air conditioning.

It has an adjustable bed

  • The bed is adjustable so that it can be raised to the ceiling for easy loading or lowering. 
  • It is a power-lift bed that transforms into a comfortable sleeping space and provides access to the onboard water system. 
  • There are also dual-pane euro acrylic windows with a tinted pane to provide privacy. It also features a swivel cassette toilet.

It has plenty of storage options

  • Its lightweight integrated cabinet systems maximise storage space while remaining closed for convenience. 
  • It also has a rooftop cargo rack with a ladder for easy access. 
  • For those who want to carry more luggage or bikes, several aftermarket modifications will increase rooftop carrying capacity. Moreover, the Revel RV is easy to clean with an external hot/cold shower.

Price range

  • Winnebago’s Revel also comes with an attractive price tag. A new Revel starts at $134,799, while the latest model can go up to $142,000. 
  • It is possible to save money by shopping for the RV at local RV shows. Many dealers offer 20-30% discounts on new models, and you can easily get a discount for a new Revel.

Extra amenities

The Revel features a spacious galley kitchen, a single bed, and a fold-down seat bench. The Winnebago Revel features all-weather plumbing. The water pipes remain inside the motorhome, preventing them from freezing. The Winnebago Revel’s comfortable interior provides exceptional living space for couples.


If you want to spend a romantic weekend away with your partner, you can choose one of the Tiburon motorhomes. This RV features a king bed that converts into twin beds and a comfortable dinette table. It also comes with two 22-inch HD flat-panel televisions and a refrigerator with six cubic feet of space.

It comes with plenty of kitchen amenities

  • You will also find a residential refrigerator, two-burner induction cooktop, and stainless-steel convection microwave oven. The Tiburon motorhome is the perfect option for a romantic getaway. 
  • With unique floor plans, this luxury motorhome comes equipped with all the amenities that couples want while on the road.

It has great towing capacity and mileage

  • Its 5,000-pound hitch will help you to tow any vehicle with ease. 
  • It also has a keyless entry system and cruise control. 
  • You will also find amenities such as a pressed-laminate kitchen countertop. 
  • The Sprinter chassis of the Tiburon is highly efficient, and it offers similar gas mileage to a Class B motorhome.

Its combined weight capacity is up to 15,000 pounds, and it is one of the best motorhomes for couples. It also comes with a skylight in the rear bath. Its spacious interior can accommodate two adults or up to five couples. If you want to spend your vacation with your loved one, you can purchase a Tiburon Sprinter motorhome and enjoy your dream vacation with your partner.

It also comes with extra features

While the Tiburon is a good choice for couples, it’s also a great choice for travellers with families. It has a spacious living area that provides comfortable accommodations and is small enough to fit in most parking spaces. The Tiburon also comes with a full-size kitchen, a master bedroom, and a convenient ladder. Finally, it has plenty of storage space.

Palomina Puma traveller

If you want the ultimate luxury for couples on a budget, the Palomina Puma travel trailer is a great choice. It is a versatile model with several features, including a front kitchen with plenty of counter space, dual recliners, a king bed, and a walk-in pantry. It also comes with a 12-year manufacturer warranty. The Puma travel trailers are ideal for couples who stay out for long.

It has a fully equipped interior

  • This motorhome offers a spacious, fully-equipped interior with an outdoor kitchen that includes a mini-fridge, microwave, and griddle. 
  • The Puma also comes with a 21-foot awning and two comfortable recliner seats for maximum comfort. 
  • The kitchens are functional and offer everything perfect for a couple, including a full-size refrigerator.

It offers a wide sleeping space and furniture

  • The Puma North Trail features three slide-out sections, which make it easy to move around.
  • The spacious interior is furnished with a jack-knife sofa, an 11-cubic-foot stainless steel refrigerator, and a 15,000-BTU ducted air conditioner. 
  • The Puma North Trail sleeps six people comfortably. Its small size makes it a good option for smaller families.

It comes with various floorplans

  • If you are a couple looking for a rugged, comfortable motorhome that will keep you happy, the Palomina Puma traveler could be the perfect option. 
  • With 23 floor plans to choose from, it’s easy to find a floorplan that will fit your needs. 
  • Aside from their durability, Puma travel trailers also offer extra features for couples, which can make them the best motorhome for couples.


Unity has one of the best motorhomes designed for two people. These luxury vehicles have private bedrooms, corner beds, plenty of storage space, and a dining table that folds out into a sleeping area. In addition, the unit has an A/C unit, furnace, and a multimedia centre with a stereo system. If you are on a tight budget, it is still possible to find a Unity that will match your needs.

  • If space is a concern, consider a Class B+ diesel motorhome like the Leisure Travel Unity U24MB. With its luxurious interior and Murphy bed, this coach is the perfect coach for couples. 
  • This also has a full bathroom, allowing you to take a hot shower before bed and avoid late-night trips to the bathhouse. Unity motorhomes for couples do not sacrifice their comfort or space.
  • The interior of a Unity RV is luxurious and comfortable, and you can customise it to suit your needs and taste. 
  • Its Mercedes Sprinter chassis is easy to drive and there are several optional upgrades like attention and braking assist. 
  • Its 3L V6 diesel engine offers 188 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque.
  • You will be able to get out of the house and explore the outdoors without any worries about your car breaking down. 
  • If space is an issue, Unity motorhomes for couples offer a variety of floorplans. The T21TB, for example, features a full-width bathroom. 
  • It also features a flip-up extension in the galley for extra meal preparation space.

The fibreglass caps add aesthetics. Another option is an exterior entertainment centre for watching television outdoors. If you are travelling with your partner or a family, Unity can fit the bill. Most of these motorhomes are built for couples and they have ample space. These motorhomes arrive with some of the top amenities and features.

The best motorhomes for couples arrive with some of the best features and amenities. These motorhomes have been successfully built for couples alone. The layout and space of a motorhome are one of the key aspects to consider in selecting a motorhome for a couple. These types of motorhomes may not offer an extra bed or berth, but they provide adequate space for two people.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best motorhomes for couples?” We have discussed some of the best motorhomes and listed out their top features and amenities. We have touched upon their extra features and looked at the price range for a few motorhomes. Additionally, we have discussed why these motorhomes are perfect for couples.



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