What are the best motorhome windbreaks?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best motorhome windbreaks?” We will describe the best motorhome windbreaks along with their key features and specifications. Additionally, we will talk about a few important tips to consider while choosing the right motorhome windbreak.

What are the best motorhome windbreaks?

The best motorhome windbreaks are.

  • Vango Adventure Windbreaks
  • Sailcloth Windbreaks
  • Quechua Camping Windbreaks
  • Lixada Windbreaks
  • Adventure Ridge Air Windbreaks
  • Kampa Air Break Inflatable Windbreaks
  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreaks
  • Hikeman Camping Windbreaks
  • Camptech Carnival Lux Windbreaks
  • Isabella Flex 3-sided windbreaks

Vango Adventure Windbreaks

  • The Vango Adventure Windbreak is a four-pole sturdy windbreak that is perfectly designed for campers and motorhomes. This windbreak is excellent for camping and there are perfect for all-weather campers.
  • The Vango Adventure Windbreak is good for a day at the beach and it can also be used for all types of outdoor camping. This is a simple windbreak that can be easily installed and removed in just a few minutes. The Vango Adventure Windbreak is also light on the pocket.

Sailcloth Windbreaks

  • Sailcloth Windbreaks are unique since they are handmade from upcycled sails. These windbreaks might be a little expensive but they are ideal for all types of uses. They are versatile and can also be used on a yacht.
  • These are also eco-friendly windbreaks and are pretty stylish. Sailcloth Windbreaks are widely used by caravan and motorhome owners.

Quechua Camping Windbreaks

  • If you are looking for something on a budget and of great quality at the same time, Quechua is probably the best option. This is a budget camping windbreak that is manufactured by Decathlon.
  • The price range is reasonable given the quality and the features of this windbreak. This windbreak is 145 cm in height and 400 cm in length. There are three poles required to assemble these windbreaks, guy ropes, and pegs.

Lixada Windbreaks

  • Lixada Windbreaks are well-known as family windbreaks. These windbreaks have fabric panels and they provide excellent protection. It can also be fixed behind tables and chairs and used on beaches.
  • Another major advantage is that they arrive with PVC windows that are transparent to give you a beautiful view outside.
  • Lixada Windbreaks come along with guy ropes, pegs, and all the other required accessories. There is no need to purchase anything else along with Lixada Windbreaks. It also has 12 hangers inside to hang up your clothes.

Adventure Ridge Air Windbreaks

  • Adventure ridge air windbreaks are one of the other notable windbreaks that are perfect for motorhomes and campervans. These are inflated windbreaks that provide extra privacy and they arrive with three panels for extra protection.
  • The Adventure Ridge Air Windbreak also arrives with a hand pump and they are waterproof and UV-protected. They arrive with guy lines and pegs and are strong enough to withstand rough climatic conditions.
  • There are various types of windbreaks from Adventure Ridge including the 5-pole windbreak. These are fast, easy to install, and FSC-certified. They also arrive with a storage bag and there are 10-small holder clips for the installation process.

Kampa Air Break Inflatable Windbreaks

  • Kampa has been one of the top brands for Windbreaks and they are known specifically for their inflatable windbreaks. Kampa manufactures strong windbreaks that can also be attached to awnings.
  • These are waterproof windbreaks that have to arrive with strong carry bags and pegs for easy convenience. While this might be a little heavy, they are one of the best windbreaks that provide proper protection.

Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreaks

  • The Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak has waterproof material and is built with a high-density oxford weave. It arrives with three panels and you can add more panels if necessary.
  • This windbreak also has transparent window upper sections on each of the panels for a good view. It has a dual-action hand pump with reflective guy lines, a heavy-duty mud wall, and adjustable pegging points.

Hikeman Camping Windbreaks

  • Hikeman Camping Windbreaks can be used anywhere and they are widely used with RVs and various other motorhomes, including caravans.
  • These windbreaks are four feet tall and it provides excellent protection while camping outdoors. They can also be used in your backyard for a beautiful barbecue party. They are UV-protected windbreaks.

Camptech Carnival Lux Windbreaks

  • The Camptech Carnival Lux Windbreak is one of the latest models available in the market. These are four-sided windbreaks that are built for motorhomes. They are also versatile and can be used at home as well.
  • They arrive with covers that can be rolled down and put into the bottom pocket. These windbreaks also arrive with poles including the horizontal and vertical poles.
  • The material windbreak is 300 D polyester with coating and they have 19 mm zinc-plated steel poles. The guy lines and pegs come along with these windbreaks and there is no need to purchase extra accessories.

Isabella Flex 3-sided windbreaks

  • Isabella is known for its camping gear right from foldable chairs to windbreaks. The Isabella Flex 3-sided windbreak can be extended as required by adding more zipped panels to the middle.
  • The material is coated polyester and is supplied with Zinox steel poles, pegs, and guy ropes. These motorhome windbreaks are built to remain secure at all times even in harsh winds and rainy climatic conditions.
  • Due to the strong features of this windbreak, it weighs 8.5 kilograms but it can also be used along with awnings.

Tips to choose the right motorhome windbreak

Choosing a windbreak is an easy process if you know what you need. There are multiple options available in the market but the most important task is to get a proper windbreak that is sturdy at all times. Here are a few tips to choose the right motorhome windbreak.

Get the right size

  • Size plays an important role here and it is essential to know what kind of size is required. Be sure to get the right size in terms of length and height. Windbreaks that have more poles are bigger and they provide more protection.

Choose a windbreak with a carry case

  • Most windbreaks arrive with a carry case but some might not have one. Ensure to get a windbreak with a carry case since you will be traveling and storage needs to be easy. Having a carry case is going to make things easy and it also helps protect the windbreak itself.

Consider your privacy

  • If you are someone who loves privacy, be sure to consider windbreaks that provide enough privacy. Some windbreaks are tall and are built for privacy. On the other hand, some windbreaks have transparent window panels. Be sure to get what you need according to your preference.

Ensure that they are sturdy

  • This is probably the most important point to consider when choosing the right motorhome windbreak. A windbreak must be sturdy and it should have all the required accessories for support.
  • Make sure that they have reinforced poles guy lines and pegs to add to the stability. Windbreaks must be able to withstand high winds for a long period.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best motorhome windbreaks?” We have described the best motorhome windbreaks along with their key features and specifications. Additionally, we have talked about a few important tips to consider while choosing the right motorhome windbreak.



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