What are the best motorhome forums?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best motorhome forums?” We will talk about the best motorhome forums and touch upon their features and benefits. At the end of this post, you will get to know all the information about these forums and how easy it is to be a part of them.

What are the best motorhome forums?

The best motorhome forums are

  • Motorhome owner’s forum
  • Motorhome builder
  • Motorhome fun forum
  • Motorhome Craic forum
  • Motorhomer
  • Wild camping forum
  • Good Sam forum
  • Out and about live
  • Motorhome facts
  • Small motorhome forum

Motorhome owner’s forum

  • The Motorhome owner’s forum is one of those friendly motorhome forums that are open to all. It is easy to join this forum with its simple registration process. 
  • All you need to do is signup, log in, and get the best information from motorhome enthusiasts from across the world. This forum is open to anyone interested in motorhomes.
  • There are several features and topics to participate in and gain knowledge about. Registration is free and there is no need to pay for signing up. 
  • One of the other features of this forum is that you also get to participate in non-motorhome topics. You can also share your adventures and real-life stories with a huge community of motorhome lovers.

Motorhome builder

  • Motorhome builder is one of those unique forums since it is dedicated to people who build their motorhomes. There are hundreds of topics and sub-forums that enable you to discuss, share, and gain knowledge. 
  • From electrical appliances to accessories and heating equipment, you have it all on Motorhome builder.
  • There are also community forums and off-topic forums to discuss and share ideas. You also get to find out about suppliers and service providers. 
  • This forum gives you access to innovations and ideas from fellow motorhome builders. If you are planning to build or recreate a motorhome on your own, this is one of the best forums to be a part of.

Motorhome fun forum

  • The Motorhome fun forum is one of the best places to discuss tips, tricks, tour guides, news, and more. Motorhome fun is one UK’s best motorhome clubs and you also get to be a part of a huge community of motorhome lovers.
  • This forum has unlimited topics for all types of motorhome owners. You also get the latest information on rallies and events that take place in the UK.
  • Some of the sections include the classifieds, local guide, articles on motorhomes, reviews, and more. You will also get access to the motorhome fun magazine. However, there is a membership cost of 20 pounds. 
  • Once you are a member of this forum, you will get several benefits including the motorhome buyers guide, security handbook, travel journal, yearbooks, and many more.

Motorhome Craic forum

  • The Motorhome Craic forums are mostly for motorhome owners across Ireland. Nevertheless, it is one of the best forums on the list. 
  • The Motorhome Craic forum has various features and sub-forums with several discussions and topics. You get to know more about the motorhome parking laws in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • On the other hand, this forum offers information on campsites discussions, reviews, events, rallies, festivals, meetups, and more. The blog section is all about its member’s real-time experiences. 
  • As a member of this forum, you will also get to share your experience with several people across Ireland. You can also post items for sale that are related to motorhomes.


  • Motorhomer has one of the best features for all motorhome freaks. The biggest advantage of this forum is that it provides chat rooms for discussing various topics that are related to motorhomes. 
  • You can also find topics on touring, cooking, pets, etc. You are also sure to get answers to technical and mechanical queries.
  • From tips and tricks to parts and accessories, Motorhomer is open to everyone who loves motorhomes. 
  • There are also community forums and motorhome special interest topics that are open to all. You will also get member discounts and information on rallies and gatherings. The motorhome classifieds are another benefit of this forum.

Wild camping forum

  • The wild camping forum is one of those friendly motorhome communities that are open to everyone. There are hundreds of reviews and questions about camping. 
  • You also get to introduce yourself and chat with other members of the forum. Additionally, there are general community forums and wild camping points of interest.
  • Being a member of this forum is sure to give you several discounts and offers on accessories and other products. 
  • You also get a 7.5 percent discount on batteries as a member. However, there is a small fee to become a member of this forum. The Wild Camping forum is an excellent platform to meet people of similar interests.

Good Sam forum

  • The Good Sam forum is probably one of those well-known forums on the list. This forum is open to all and it gives you the best place to discuss anything related to motorhomes. However, it is only best for discussing Class A motorhomes.  
  • Members can talk about breakdowns, odometer problems, buyer guides, trip planning, and more. Being a part of the Good Sam Club is sure to bring you various benefits.
  • The forums have unique topics and discussions like restoration of vintage RVs, upgrades, travel destinations, and many more.

Out and About Live

  • Out and About Live is one of the best motorhome platforms that have an interesting community. This forum is friendly and open to all motorhome enthusiasts across the world. 
  • You get to learn more about camping, traveling, recreational vehicles, etc. There are special topics on caravans, camping news, resources, and more.
  • The friendly chat and advice section has been helpful for thousands of beginners and experts. You also get to know more about campsites and their facilities. For those who love to participate in shows and rallies, there is enough information on this website. 
  • One of the best features is the campsite finder, you can find some of the best campsites that are located in and around your area.

Motorhome Facts

  • Motorhome Facts is a huge community of motorhome enthusiasts and are dedicated to members in the UK. You can still be a part of this forum and access the information that is provided. 
  • There is plenty of information on camping, RV models, gear, repairs, reviews, accessories, etc. Motorhome Facts is one of those top 20 motorhome forums.
  • With a large and growing community, you are sure to find answers to all your questions. You can also share your experience with other fellow motorhome owners. 
  • You can also find recommendations for campsites across the UK and get reviews on the latest gadgets and products that are released in the market.

Small Motorhome forum

  • The Small Motorhome forum is perfect for those who love pop-top campers and other small motorhomes. Yet, there is enough information on large motorhomes as well. 
  • This is a community that provides excellent camping and traveling tips. You get to ask questions and also chat with several other members of the community.
  • There are general camping discussion forums, campsite reviews, and other information related to motorhomes. 
  • Being a part of the Small Motorhome forum will also help you to get in touch with other fellow campers. You also get to check out the vans for sale section and read reviews of the latest gadgets and technology.

Those were some of the best motorhome forums that provide valuable information. Most of the above-mentioned forums are free to join but some might require a small membership fee. These forums give you access to the latest information on campsites, RVs, products, and more. You will also be a part of a huge community.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best motorhome forums?” We have talked about the best motorhome forums and touched upon their features and benefits. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are a member of any of these forums.