What are the best mobile home Airbnbs for rent?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best mobile home Airbnbs for rent?” We will describe the best mobile home Airbnb, its features, and specifications. We will also discuss the benefits of renting these mobile home Airbnb’s and describe their attractions and surroundings.

What are the best mobile home Airbnbs for rent?

The best mobile home Airbnbs for rent are.

  • The Alumilodge
  • The Baja Camper
  • Backyard Bathtub
  • The Restored Sheep Wagon
  • Lakefront Mobile Home
  • Wild Horse Retreat
  • The Band Wagon
  • The School House
  • The Wonderlust Airstream 
  • The Tiki Airstream 

The Alumilodge

  • The Alumilodge is located in Malibu, California, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The Alumilodge is also well-known as the Malibu Airstream trailer. It is one of those famous mobile homes Airbnb for rent in the US.
  • The Alumilodge is perfect for two guests as it arrives with one bedroom, bed, and bathroom. There is a private room that can be used as a workspace. The self-check-in process makes it easier for guests to get aboard and enjoy their vacation.
  • The queen-size bed is perfect for two people, and this place arrives with a mountain and ocean view. There is a fully equipped kitchen and Wi-Fi for those who want to work. The hosts are friendly, and the Alumilodge is just six miles from the best beaches.

The Baja Camper

  • The Baja Camper is located in Bridgeport, California. Otherwise known as the “colorful camper,” this mobile home Airbnb is a perfect weekend getaway. There is enough space for three guests since it has one bedroom and two beds.
  • The biggest advantage of the Baja Camper is its beautiful location. There is easy access to the lake, and it has free parking on the premises for those who want to work. There is a dedicated workspace with fast Wi-Fi of 241 Mbps.
  • The Baja Camper is surrounded on three sides by the high Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, and more. The hosts are super friendly and are one of the best places to visit.

Backyard Bathtub

  • For those who want to say away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Backyard Bathtub is one of the best mobile home Airbnbs for rent. Tucked away in Monroe, Utah, the Backyard Bathtub is at the Mystic Hot Springs with a 140-acre desert oasis.
  • There are mineral pools and real bathtubs that have millennia-old hot springs. This is another excellent getaway for people who want to stay out of the city for the weekend. It’s a perfect place to unwind, and there are plenty of features.

The Restored Sheep Wagon

  • Situated in Shirley Basin, Wyoming, the Restored Sheep Wagon is a vintage camper and one of those unique mobile Airbnb homes for rent. The Restored Sheep Wagon has a long history and has been around since the 1920s.
  • If you are looking for a unique adventure, this is the best mobile home to consider. Surrounded by a valley and Mountain View, the Restored Sheep Wagon offers free parking on the premises and a fully-equipped kitchen.
  • The garden adds to the beauty of this property, and the nearby lake and river make it perfect for a beautiful stay.

Lakefront Mobile Home

  • The Lakefront Mobile Home is perfect for a large family since it can accommodate up to six guests. There are two bedrooms, three beds, and 1.5 bathrooms. The Lakefront Mobile Home is located in Hunt County in Texas.
  • It has a wraparound porch with an open floor plan. Another beautiful attraction is the public boat ramp that is situated one mile from the property. You get the entire house, porch, and huge backyard to yourself.
  • The Lakefront Mobile Home is also pet-friendly, but every pet has a pet fee. You also get Wi-Fi and free parking on the premises. This large space has excellent features and amenities for a huge family.

Wild Horse Retreat

  • The Wild Horse Retreat is situated down south at Conway, South Carolina. This beautiful mobile home can accommodate up to three guests as it arrives with one bed and one bathroom. The Wild Horse Retreat is located only 20 miles away from Myrtle Beach.
  • Some of the features include a beautiful fire pit, shower area, gas grill, and two hammocks. There are enough air conditioner units during summer and plenty of storage areas. There are no limitations when it comes to the number of people. The Wild Horse Retreat offers extra adult tents, charging only $10 per night.

The Band Wagon

  • As the name suggests, this excellent mobile home Airbnb for rent is in Benton, Tennessee. The Band Wagon is a comfortable and convenient place to stay with top-class amenities and features.
  • There is enough space for four people to sleep comfortably. There are three beds and all the bedroom essentials. It has an EV charger and beach access. The Band Wagon is located in a beautiful spot as you get the best view of the mountains and river. There are security cameras on the property, and is one of the top-rated mobile homes for rent on Airbnb.

The School House

  • The School House is another excellent mobile home Airbnb located at the Joshua Tree in California. This excellent mobile home Airbnb is booked most of the time and is highly rated for comfort, convenience, and excellent service.
  • This new mobile home Airbnb has a modern home design and is located at the west entrance to the Joshua Tree National Park. Some major attractions are hiking trails, magnificent boulders, and excellent wildlife.
  • The School Home has a two-bedroom and two-bath that can easily accommodate up to four adult guests and children. When it comes to entertainment, the School House has you covered with Netflix, books, and various board games.

The Wonderlust Airstream

  • The Wonderlust Airstream is yet another luxurious mobile home that is located in Joshua Tree, California. This beautiful Airstream is converted into an excellent place surrounded by peaceful and serene beauty.
  • The Wonderlust Airstream can accommodate up to three guests with ease. There is a private hot tub that is open 24 hours. The Wi-Fi is fast enough, and the fully equipped kitchen is just right for all types of cooking.

The Tiki Airstream

  • For those who love camping in vintage mobile homes, the Tiki Airstream is one beautiful mobile home right outside Atlanta, Georgia. It has a queen size bed, sofa, and a table for two. The fire pit, private sauna, and sunshade are other benefits.
  • The private hot tub and a private outdoor pool are one of the other attractions. You get free parking on the premises, Wi-Fi, and several other features. The Tiki Airstream is a comfortable and excellent mobile home.

Those were some of the best mobile home Airbnb’s for rent in the US. These mobile home Airbnb’s have excellent features and amenities and are highly rated by customers. They are safe and comfortable and also have a decent price range. You can easily book our stay by logging onto the Airbnb website.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best mobile home Airbnbs for rent?” We have described the best mobile home Airbnb, features, and specifications. We have also discussed the benefits of renting these mobile home Airbnb’s and described their attractions and surroundings.



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