What are the best low-amp AC units for truck campers?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best low-amp AC units for truck campers?” We will discuss the types of low amperage AC units that can be installed in a truck camper. We will list out the top low-amp air conditioner units for truck campers and talk about their key features, measurements, and price range.

What are the best low-amp AC units for truck campers?

The best low-amp AC units for truck campers that are available in the market today have been described as follows.

  • Truma Aventa ECO
  • Auto Clima Fresco 9000 Maxx
  • Colemand Mach 8 9200
  • Nomadic Cooling 3000 DC
  • Dometic Cool Air RTX 2000
  • Rec Pro 9.5 K
  • Fresair S6 Evaporative Cooler

Truma Aventa ECO

  • The Truma Aventa ECO is a rooftop air conditioner unit that can fit perfectly on the inside of your truck camper. This incredible product comes with three speeds to keep you cool. 
  • While most truck camper air conditioners have only two speeds, the Truma Aventa ECO has taken one step ahead. 
  • It has variations of 9.4 amps AC, 9.6 amps AC and 10.5 amps AC.
  • The higher the amps the better the cooling. The key feature of this unit is the noise-absorbing foam core. 
  • The compressors can also be mounted on shock absorbers to avoid vibration. 
  • The dehumidification mode is perfect for removing humidity, but you will need a 3,000-watt generator to get this air conditioner started.

Auto Clima Fresco 9000 Maxx 

  • This 12-volt air conditioner unit is built for truck campers and it comes with some impressive features. 
  • It consumes from 25 to 55 amps DC and it is not a single unit. 
  • It has three pieces, an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor. 
  • The weight of this unit is only 52 pounds and is perfect for an off-road experience.
  • Since this is a DC air conditioner unit, there is no need for a huge inverter to operate.
  • A lithium battery of 300 to 400 amp hours is recommended for truck campers. 
  • This is one of the best options for a truck camper since the price is also reasonable. It is also not one of those traditional rooftop air conditioners since it comes in three pieces.

Coleman Mach 8 9200

  • For those who are looking for a basic setup, the Coleman Mac 8 9200 will be the right fit. 
  • Its air conditioning unit is compact and is only 8.25 inches in height. 
  • It is a rooftop AC unit that weighs 87 pounds. 
  • The cooling can be set to a decent 9.6 amps and a 2,000-watt generator is required to get it started. It has high-speed and low-speed options.
  • The biggest advantage of this Coleman Mach 8 9200 is the price.
  • It costs only around $1,000 and is one of the budget low amp units. This air conditioner has several positive ratings but the only disadvantage is the noise. 
  • It runs pretty loud and it can be hard to even hold a conversation over the phone with the AC turned on.

Nomadic Cooling 3000 DC 

  • The Nomadic Cooling 3000 DC is a battery-operated unit that is designed for truck campers and vans. 
  • The power consumption for this unit is excellent as it consumes only 35 to 55 amps. 
  • It has a powerful mode and it weighs only 61 pounds.
  • When it comes to noise, this unit is pretty quiet with a volume of only 60 dB.
  • It does not need a bulky inefficient inverter and has a 14 x 14-inch roof opening. 
  • This air conditioner is small and easy to install. The only disadvantage is the price since you need close to $4,300. 
  • It has been tested with temperatures over 100F and is perfect for camping off-road during extreme summers.

Dometic Cool Air RTX 2000

  • This is a DC model with excellent performance and quiet operation. This unit can be controlled with a control panel or a remote. 
  • It has a boost mode and it can cool a camper in under 20 minutes. 
  • The weight is only 72 pounds and is available in 12-volt and 24-volt models. 
  • The price is moderate at $2,729 but it has the potential to keep up with 100F.
  • The 14 x14 inch roof vent opening is standard and consumes only 19.5 amps. 
  • The battery monitor switches off automatically if the voltage is low. 
  • The only disadvantage is keeping up with 120F. 
  • Apart from that, it is one of the best units for a truck camper that can be installed easily.
  • A 300amp hour lithium battery is recommended for this system.

Rec Pro 9.5 K

  • The Rec Pro 9.5 K air conditioner unit has a unique shape and it weighs only 68 pounds.
  • The measurement for this unit is 23 x 40 inches and consumes only 12.6 amps at low speed and 14.6 amps at high speed. 
  • This air conditioner unit has less noise and can be accessed with the remote control. 
  • It also has a touchscreen display that can be operated.
  • Some of the key features include sleep and lock, clock and timer, dehumidifying, and cooling. 
  • Maintaining this unit is pretty easy and simple and it is one of the best on the list. The biggest advantage is the price as it comes at only $99.95 (excluding shipping). 
  • The measurements are the standard 14 x 14 inches and it comes in two colours, black and white.

Fresair S6 Evaporative Cooler 

  • The Fresair S6 Evaporative Cooler has low amperage consumption as it runs only on 10 amps DC even at full power. 
  • The best feature of this unit is that it uses electricity and fresh water to produce cool air. 
  • It is perfect for dry climates and is probably the lightest of all air conditioners since it weighs only 25 pounds. 
  • The height of this unit is also less as it stands 3.7 inches tall.
  • The measurements are the standard 14 x 14 inches for the vent opening.
  • The only disadvantage of this air conditioner unit is the installation process. It turns out that the installation can be a little tricky and maintenance is more than the other air conditioner units. 
  • The price range for his unit is pretty reasonable at $1,495.

The best low-amp AC units for truck campers can help beat the heat during summer. Truck campers are limited with options and dry camping during the hot weather can be a terrifying experience if you do not have an air conditioner. Installing a powerful air conditioner unit might not be possible in a truck camper, but there are a few other options to look forward to.

A low amperage air conditioner is one of the best options for a truck camper. Over the years, there have been several developments in this case. New manufacturers have come up with various air conditioner options for truck campers. While some of them might not be applicable, some might just be the right fit for your truck camper.

Top low amp air conditioner units for truck campers 

Unlike an RV, a truck camper has limited options and space is a huge constraint. Yet, there are plenty of options available for campers to cool off during the summer. There is nothing like having an air conditioner unit installed to beat the summer heat. Despite the power source for the camper, there are enough low-amp air conditioner units that will run successfully.

Truck campers usually have a powerful inverter-lithium battery setup or a generator. These air-conditioner units are designed to consume low power, but they still can keep your camper cool. With new models introduced frequently, there are many options to choose from. Here are some of the top low-amp air conditioner units for truck campers.

Many other low-amp air conditioner units are available in the market but these are considered to be some of the best. Camping in a truck camper can be hard during summer, but these compact air conditioner units are easy to install and are one of the best options to choose from. Since most of them are rooftop units, it is convenient for a truck camper.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best low-amp AC units for truck campers?” We have discussed low amperage AC units that can be installed in a truck camper. We have also listed out the top low-amp air conditioner units for truck campers and talked about their key features, measurements, and price range.





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