What are the best locations in the UK for Caravan living?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best locations in the UK for Caravan living?” We will list the best locations and describe their unique attractions and surroundings. We will also touch upon the caravan campsites and list some of the activities and landscapes in these areas.

What are the best locations in the UK for Caravan living?

Some of the best places in the UK for Caravan living are.

  • Cornwall
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Snowdonia
  • New Forest
  • Lake District
  • Peak District
  • The Cotswolds
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Norfolk Broads  


  • Cornwall is one of the best locations in the UK for Caravan living. With a beautiful mild climate and stunning beaches, Cornwall is a popular destination for Caravan enthusiasts. It has a dramatic coastline and is a historic county in the Southwestern part of the UK.
  • There are plenty of Caravan parks for those who want to go on an exciting holiday. Some of the Caravan parks in Cornwall are also pet-friendly, offering some of the best facilities and amenities for camping.
  • There are plenty of camping fields that run along the southern perimeter. There is also an abundance of wildlife and birds to spot during your stay in Cornwall. Some of the most famous Caravan parks are Elm Farm, Woodberry, Shepherds Hut, Hawk’s Nest, and more.

Scottish Highlands

  • If you are looking for a spectacular holiday to remember, the Scottish Highlands are one of the top places to visit. Numerous Caravan parks are open to Caravanners. The Scottish Highlands is yet another historical place with incredible views.
  • There are several scenic locations, including the famous Scots pine forest. The amazing Scottish castles and picturesque mountains add to the beauty of this location. There is no shortage of activities in and around the Scottish Highlands.
  • Most Caravan lovers visit the Lock Ness freshwater lake known as the famous Loch Ness Monster’s home. You can also go shopping and get to drive through one of the most beautiful mountains in the country.

Yorkshire Dales

  • Yorkshire Dales is a famous national park in the northern part of the UK. This beautiful place has valleys, moors, hills, and villages. The Yorkshire Dales have thousands of square kilometers and are a perfect Caravan living destination.
  • One of the most famous towns in the Yorkshire Dales is Malham. It has excellent limestone scenery and is perfect for an evening walk. There are plenty of other things to do in Yorkshire Dales besides Caravan living.
  • Some famous Caravan living parks in Yorkshire Dales are the Street Head Caravan Park, Bainbridge Ings Caravan Campsite, Honeycott Caravan Park, etc. These Caravan Parks have all the required amenities for a comfortable stay.


  • The Snowdonia national park is located in the northwest of Wales, and it is known for its famous mountains and glacial landforms. Snowdonia has a different atmosphere with breathtaking views of beautiful and natural surroundings.
  • Snowdonia is also one of those historical places and is known as the largest national park in Wales. There are plenty of caravan parks that are available in Snowdonia. You will be able to find grassy pitches along mountainous scenery.
  • Some of the caravan parks have mountain trails and trekking trails. You will also be able to find several static caravan locations situated in Snowdonia. Snowdonia is an excellent option for those who want to witness something different.

New Forest

  • New Forest National Park is undoubtedly one of the best locations in the UK for Caravan living. This place is perfect for people who love to stay away from the usual camping sites. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, New Forest is the ultimate location to consider.
  • New Forest is located in the southern part of the UK, and it is one of the largest remaining places of pasture land. Plenty of rare species, plants, and wildlife are found in New Forest. The scenic locations surrounding this area are truly breathtaking.
  • Some of the caravan parks are located at the heart of the forest. Enjoy the silence and witness some of nature’s best locations. However, you will be required to get permission if you plan on camping on your own.

Lake District

  • Lake District is yet another national park that is located in the northwest of England. This is a popular vacation destination and a perfect spot for caravan enthusiasts. Some of the major attractions are the glacial ribbon lakes.
  • There are plenty of towns and scenic mountains surrounding the Lake District area. There are also forests nearby, and you get to go on an amazing journey while driving through the beautiful routes at Lake District.
  • There are plenty of camping options around this area, as they are several caravan parks. These parks have some of the best amenities and facilities. You can make the best of the amazing place with your family and friends.

Peak District

  • For those who want to camp in the central UK, the Peak District is one of the best locations in the UK for caravan living. You will find gritstone ridges and moorland plateaus around this beautiful scenic location.
  • There is no shortage of activities in the peak district. You can go on some amazing trails and opt for mountain climbing. You can also visit some beautiful mansions and the Treak Cliff cavern caves.
  • There are plenty of caravan parks, including the famous Castleton Caravan and Motorhome Club Campsite. You will also get some of the best amenities and large caravan pitches with stunning views of mountains and lakes.

The Cotswolds

  • The Cotswolds is an exceptional place that runs through five counties. You can take the beautiful routes through Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, and Somerset. This is one of the most famous places with picturesque villages throughout.
  • The Cotswolds have villages that are the most photographed in the country. When it comes to campsites, there are several, and you can easily get access to some of the best amenities and facilities at these campsites.
  • The Cotswolds Caravan Park is one of the best summer vacation spots. You get affordable prices and a hassle-free booking experience. The Cotswolds holidays are well-known in the UK and among other tourists abroad.


  • Pembrokeshire is yet another interesting county in the southwest of Wales. There is easy access to the sea, and you also get some of the best food. There are over 50 beaches to visit on the Pembrokeshire coastline.
  • If you plan to camp with your family, Pembrokeshire is one of the best places to visit. There is enough space for everyone and plenty of sites to visit. This is home to some of the UK’s most spectacular coastal scenery, including offshore islands and cliffs.
  • Caravan living at Pembrokeshire is worth every minute as you get to explore some of the rare places. Numerous campsites are available in and around Pembrokeshire.

Norfolk Broads  

  • Norfolk Broads is located in Norfolk, and it is one of the best National Parks and is surrounded by rivers and lakes in the beautiful English countryside. You can easily get a boat for hire and explore these beautiful rivers here.
  • There are plenty of cottages and caravan campsites in the area. The Norfolk Broads is a network of waterways in the eastern side of England.

Those were the best locations in the UK for Caravan living. Note that each location has its own caravan camping rules. Be sure to find out the rules of camping in these beautiful locations. The Scottish Highlands have different caravan camping rules. It is always safe to camp at a caravan park or campsite.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best locations in the UK for Caravan living?” We have listed the best locations and described their unique attractions and surroundings. We have also touched upon the caravan campsites and listed some of the activities and landscapes in these areas.



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