What are the best Honda Ridgeline camper tops?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best Honda Ridgeline camper tops?” We will discuss the unique features and specifications of the best Honda Ridgeline camper tops. Additionally, we will also talk about tips for selecting the right camper top for a Honda Ridgeline.

What are the best Honda Ridgeline camper tops?

The best Honda Ridgeline camper tops are.

  • Leer 100 XR
  • Snug Top Super Sport
  • ARE Z-Series
  • Ranch Fiberglass Sierra

Leer 100 XR

  • The Leer 100 XR is one of the top modes suitable for the Honda Ridgeline camper. Leer is a reputed manufacturer of camper tops and has been around the market for years. With top-quality materials, Leer is a trusted brand across the globe.
  • The 100 XR is a perfect fit for the Honda Ridgeline camper and arrives with excellent standard features. Customers can also upgrade the 100 XR camper top with various options. This camper top is built with one-piece fiberglass base rails. It arrives with a dark tint glass and insect screens for added protection.
  • Some features include a glass rear door and curved and frameless glass. The 12-volt LED dome light and leer flip lock rear door handle are some of the added features. 
  • The Leer 100 XR also has an insulated roof, with gas door props and skirted rails. Overall, this is one of the top brands that arrive with exclusive features and specifications.

Snug Top Super Sport

  • The Snug Top Super Sport has a unique appearance with OEM styling. The flush-mounted windows and pop-out rear side windows are some of the special features. 
  • Snug Top Super Sport has a dynamic design with frameless curved glass. Some of the unique features include a particular channeled rain gutter and fuel-saving aerodynamic styling.
  • The built-in Led brake light and interior light enhance the appearance of this camper top. The double bulb rubber seal and fixed glass front window are exceptional features. 
  • The Snug Top Super Sport has provided ultimate protection with the rotary latches on the tailgate. There are stainless steel rods and roof reinforcements.
  • The manufacturer has also provided additional support with fiberglass cloth overlays for crucial areas. This is a no-drilling mounting system with heavy-duty hinges and hardware. The Snug Top Super Sport is built to provide maximum strength and safety.

ARE Z-Series

  • ARE Z-Series is another specialized camper top that is well-matched for the Honda Ridgeline. ARE Z-Series are known for their styling and excellent fit. The ARE Z-Series arrives with a frameless door and a contour strip. This contour strip is fixed with the screen vent side windows providing a sleek SUV appearance.
  • Some of the key features include the carpeted interior that is lined with a fabric headliner. The ARE Z-Series also has automotive-grade locks, a patented palm handle, and an optional keyless entry. This camper top is secure with great style and finish, and you can also get it painted to match the Honda Ridgeline camper.
  • The front pitcher window provides decent visibility out of the rear window. The installation process is easy with the clamp-on installation. The ARE Z-Series also comes along with a warranty. The fiberglass shell provides more stability and arrives with mountain rails.


  • The ARE CX HD is one of the most durable fiberglass camper tops that can withstand a rooftop tent. The hard frame of this camper top can take extra weight. ARE has proved its worth once again with this excellent product. This camper top is a great fit for the Honda Ridgeline camper.
  • One of the key features of this camper top is the internal aluminum skeleton. It has a half-slider screened side window and a picture window in the front. The heavy-duty rear door is one of the added advantages. The other options are the aluminum paneled window that has solid glass.
  • There is a screened vent with an aluminum paneled rear door if required. The ARE CX HD has multiple options to choose from. The fabric headliner, LED lighting, full-fiberglass walk-in door, and Rod Pods are other advantages.

Ranch Fiberglass Sierra

  • Ranch Fiberglass Sierra are some of the best camper tops with various types and models. Ranch has manufactured some of the best cab-high truck caps that are extremely strong and affordable. These camper tops have custom-fit options with a rear skirt that provides a seamless appearance.
  • The standard features include oversized sliding windows at the side to provide the best airflow. These side windows also have screens for privacy. It has a heavy-duty rear door with added protection and a heavy-duty aluminum frame. There are double T-handles for easy access, and the dark-tinted glass is perfect for privacy and sunlight protection.
  • Some key features include the custom-fit rear door skirt to match any vehicle. The third brake light is a safety feature that arrives with this camper top. The strong honeycomb structure has a thick tri-cell reinforcement on the roof for durability and strength. The Ranch Fiberglass Sierra has several optional features besides the standard features.

Those were some of the best Honda Ridgeline camper tops available. These camper tops are made out of top-quality materials and are built to stand the test of time. They are customizable, and they also arrive with safety features. The above-mentioned list is some of the top brands that are well-known to truck owners.

Tips for selecting the right camper top for a Honda Ridgeline

Selecting a camper top for a Honda Ridgeline is one of the easiest. However, there are a few tips that would make your purchase smooth. Here are some of the tips described below.

Understand the types of camper tops

  • First, it is important to understand the types of camper tops. There are several camper tops, and it is important to know which these camper tops are perfect to match your needs.
  • The most common camper top type is fiberglass, which is frequently found on a Honda Ridgeline. Fiberglass truck tops are one of the best options for truck camping. These are customizable, and they are also durable with insulating properties. They are also great for carrying heavy cargo on the roof since they are dynamic.
  • Aluminum camper tops are cheaper but can be vulnerable under certain conditions. These camper tops can dent easily but are cheaper and not too heavy. Another option will be wooden camper tops but not many people are keen on using wood these days.

Decide on the model

  • The next step is to decide on the model that will perfectly fit the Honda Ridgeline. There are regular or cab-high models that are usually the classic style. These are more common, and it is also the most aerodynamic.
  • The mid or high-rise camper top extends more than the roof of the Honda Ridgeline. These are perfect for camping since they have more headroom and are designed to carry more cargo. When it comes to aerodynamics, they are not too great than the cab-high model.

Consider the interiors

  • The interior of the camper top is equally essential. Ensure there is enough insulation or a headliner to provide a great appearance. The windows are equally important, and having strong, tinted, large windows is always good.

Safety features

  • Look for safety features and find a camper top with an LED brake light and a safety lock option. Overall, make sure that the camper top is a good fit for the Honda Ridgeline, and select the camper top according to your preference.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best Honda Ridgeline camper tops?” We have discussed the unique features and specifications of the best Honda Ridgeline camper tops. Additionally, we have also talked about the tips for selecting the right camper top for a Honda Ridgeline.



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