What are the best dual-axle camper trailers?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best dual-axle camper trailers?” We will discuss some of the best dual-axle camper trailers along with their features and specifications. We will also talk about the benefits of having a dual-axle camper trailer.

What are the best dual-axle camper trailers?

Some of the best dual-axle camper trailers are.

  • Forest River R-pod
  • Keystone Passport
  • KZ Sportsmen Classic
  • Clipper Ultra-lite
  • Stream Vista Cruiser
  • Grand Design Imagine
  • Forest River NoBo
  • Black Series HQ19

Forest River R-pod

  • The Forest River R-pod is a famous travel trailer that has dual axles and is lightweight. This dual-axle camper trailer arrives with some of the best features and specifications. One of the best combinations of this trailer is having both features. This makes the Forest River R-pod special and perfect for off-road and rough terrain.
  • The R-pod arrives with nine different floor plans. It has self-adjusting electric brakes with a GVWR of 5000 pounds. The Forest River R-pod has a couple of variations from 18 to 20 feet. This dual-axle camper trailer has enough sleeping space for up to four people.
  • The Forest River R-pod includes safety features like smoke detectors, CO, LO, and more. When it comes to entertainment, the Forest River R-pod has enough speakers to play your favourite tracks while camping. The safety glass-tinted window and hardwood ball-bearing drawers are additional features.

Keystone Passport

  • The Keystone Passport is another dual-axle camper trailer widely used across the US. This is a compact camper trailer with upgrade options. 
  • The Keystone Passport has several unique features when compared to other camper trailers. The dual-axle functions brilliantly and is undoubtedly one of the best in the market.
  • There are 31-floor plans to choose from, and each of them comes along with a unique setting. The Keystone Passport also has excellent storage compartments, and it arrives with an oversized sink with a cover.

KZ Sportsmen Classic

  • The KZ Sportsmen Classic is a famous camper trailer that is lightweight and provides an easy travelling experience. The KZ Sportsmen Classic is designed with seven-floor plans. Some key features include the power awning and 8000 BTU air conditioner.
  • The manufacturer also provides a solid 20000 BTU furnace with many customizable features. The KZ Sportsmen Classic arrives with a 20-year warranty and tough aluminium roofing. It also has entertainment speakers and is one of the best in the market.

Clipper Ultra-lite

  • Coachmen manufacture the Clipper Ultra-lite, one of those popular camper trailers. The major advantage of this trailer is the dual-axle and ultralight features. Towing the Clipper Ultra-lite camper trailer is easy.
  • In terms of space, there are plenty of options,, and some of the features include excellent walnut cabinetry. Another special feature is the residential countertop. It has a 2,000 BTU furnace and a 13,500 BTU air conditioner to provide a comfortable experience.
  • There are 13 floorplans to choose from with this impressive camper trailer. Some unique features are the Skylight over the bathroom, safety tinted windows, rear and front diamond plat protection, 100 percent residential-type linoleum, and more.

Stream Vista Cruiser

  • The Stream Vista Cruiser is a well-known dual-axle camper trailer. Like the other models, this dual-axel trailer is lightweight and has some of the best construction properties. The weight-to-length ratio with the Stream Vista Cruiser is incredible, and there are various customizable options.
  • When it comes to entertainment and extra features, the Stream Vista Cruiser provides an LED RV with a home theatre setup. There are ten floorplans, and each of these floorplans has excellent arrangements.
  • The laminated countertops and power awning are additional features. A mirror medicine cabinet is a perfect place for storing medicines. This camper trailer is also easy to handle and maneuver. The LED lights on the bottom of every door are one of the most-loved features. 

Grand Design Imagine

  • The Grand Design Imagine is an affordable dual-axle trailer with a cargo carrying capacity of 18070 pounds. The dual-axle function is excellent in this camper trailer, and the GVWR is just 6,995 pounds. This makes the Grand Design Image easy to two.
  • Space is not an issue with this 25 feet 11-inch-long motorhome. The 60 x 80 Queen Size bed and removable table are some of the top features. This comfortable camper trailer has enough sleeping space for up to three people.
  • The L-shaped kitchen and seating area are located at the centre to provide enough room to move around. The bathroom is large, and the walk-around-style bed provides enough space in the bedroom. The lighting and the overall quality of the Grand Design Image are top-class.

Forest River NoBo

  • Forest River has manufactured some of the best motorhomes, and the dual-axle NoBo brings out excellent specs and features for its price. The cargo carrying capacity is up to 3351 pounds. 
  • The GVWR for the Forest River NoBo is 7,550 pounds. The NoBo is just 24 feet and four inches long and is one compact, comfortable camper trailer.
  • Despite the size and length, the Forest River NoBo has a solid sleeping capacity of up to seven people. The comfortable couch and Murphy bed provide enough space to accommodate guests.  The kitchen and dinette area is equipped with some of the best amenities.
  • There are bunk bed beds and bathrooms that add to the advantages of the Forest River NoBo. Storage place is fine with enough wardrobes in this beautiful camper trailer. The Forest River NoBo also arrives at a decent price.

Black Series HQ19

  • The Black Series HQ19 is a rugged dual-axle camper trailer for off-road and rough terrain. The dual-axle provides enhanced comfort while travelling through rough terrain and is also perfect for those who love boondocking.
  • This model can accommodate up to three people with a cargo capacity of 3,475 pounds. The length of this camper trailer is 25 feet and eight inches. The queen-sized bed is located near the kitchen and dinette area. The bathroom in the Black Series HQ19 is luxurious.
  • Regarding storage, there are plenty of options to place camping gear, clothes, etc. There is extra storage space on top of the queen-sized bed.

Benefits of a dual-axle camper trailer

A dual-axle camper trailer has several benefits, and some people prefer to have dual-axle camper trailers. Unlike the traditional single-axle camper trailers, the dual-axle models provide extra opportunities and features. Here are some of the benefits of a dual-axle camper trailer.

Easy to maneuver

  • Dual-axle camper trailers are easier to handle, and they are also considered to be safer. Dual-axles provide more stability, and they are easy to backup. Overall, they are easy to maneuver and are well-matched for off-roading. These trailers are more streamlined, and easy to tow than the single-axle camper trailers.

Easy towing

  • Towing a dual-axel camper trailer is way better than towing a single-axle camper trailer. These trailers have a high payload capacity and are easier to tow in high windy and high-speed conditions. On the other hand, some of the best dual-axle camper trailers have a light construction to make things easier.

Better load capacity

  • It is known that dual-axle camper trailers have an increased load capacity. Payload is an important factor with it comes to a camper trailer. The payload also determines safety. Dual-axle camper trailers have a better payload capacity, enabling motorhome enthusiasts to carry more supplies and equipment.

Those were some of the best dual-axle camper trailers available in the market. These camper trailers have some of the best features and are perfect for mid-sized families. They also arrive at a decent price, and most of these campers are lightweight with unique specifications and amenities.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best dual-axle camper trailers?” We have discussed some of the best dual-axle camper trailers along with their features and specifications. We have also talked about the benefits of having a dual-axle camper trailer.



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