What are the best 50-amp RV solar systems?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: ‘What are the best 50-amp RV solar systems?” We will discuss the best 50-amp RV solar systems along with their key features and specifications. We will also talk about a few important tips for selecting the best 50-amp RV solar panel.

What are the best 50-amp RV solar systems?

The best 50-amp RV solar systems are.

  • Renogy 800W solar systems
  • Bluetti PV 200
  • Jackery 1000W solar systems
  • Windy Nation solar systems
  • Grape Solar 540W solar systems
  • Go Power 480W solar systems
  • Zamp Solar solar systems.

Renogy 800W solar systems

  • Renogy is one of the best motorhome solar manufacturers at present. Renogy is a recognized brand in the market for a while. With multiple variations, these solar systems are perfect for 50-amp RVs.
  • The Renogy 800-watt solar system arrives with a premium kit with monocrystalline solar panels. The input voltage is 24 volts, one of the most powerful solar systems for larger motorhomes or RVs. The Renogy 800W solar system is also a perfect option for boondocking.
  • With only four hours of peak sun, the Renogy 800W solar system can generate up to 256 amps daily. It has the potential to run large energy-efficient fridges. The Renogy 800W will require an inverter and a battery bank. It also has an MPPT solar charge controller with all the required fittings.

Bluetti PV 200

  • Bluetti PV 200 is a 200-watt monocrystalline solar system that is portable. This is easy to carry, and it is easy to install. The panels can also be placed on the ground, generating enough power to keep you up and running.
  • It is foldable, compact, and weighs only 16.1 pounds. There are no mounting eyelets, and you cannot fix these panels permanently on the roof. These are high-efficient panels with IP65 water and dust resistance. It has an anti-scratch surface and is also durable.
  • The Bluetti PV 200 is a perfect 50-amp RV solar system. However, you might not be able to run extremely large appliances simultaneously.

Jackery 1000W solar systems

  • Jackery is one of those reputed brands that manufactures top-quality solar systems. With various power options, Jackery is one of the most versatile solar systems perfect for 50-amp RVs. The Jackery 1000-watt solar generator is powerful enough to run a mini fridge for up to 17 hours.
  • With a combination of 100-watt panels, the Jackery solar systems have mounting eyelets to fix it to the roof. Note that the Jackery solar panels are only compatible with their power stations. 
  • This is a plug in and play system which is easy to install. They are highly efficient and also have IP65 water and dust-resistant properties.
  • It is also important to note that only four panels can be connected. Jackery also has a reasonable price for its top-quality products.  

Windy Nation solar systems

  • The Windy Nation solar systems are one of the best off-grid options with a reasonable budget. These panels are lightweight at only 19 pounds and are polycrystalline. Windy Nation arrives with a charge controller that can easily handle up to four 100-watt solar panels for a 12-volt system.
  • For a 24-volt system, you can easily add up to eight 100-watt panels. The major advantage of Windy Nations is their price, and they are also sturdy. They arrive with a charge controller but are unsuitable for harsh climatic conditions. These panels are not water and dust resistant, which is a huge disadvantage.

Grape Solar 540W solar systems

  • Grainger manufactures Grape Solar systems which are powerful, robust systems with aluminum material. These are lightweight and portable solar panel systems that are designed to withstand tough climatic conditions.
  • You can also use these systems for removing applications, including cabins. This solar system arrives with six 90-watt polycrystalline solar panels and mounting hardware. They are powerful enough to provide up to 1800 watt-hours of power per day, making them ideal for boondocking and off-grid camping.

Go Power 570W solar systems

  • Go Power is also one of those known brands that manufacture quality products. The 570-watt solar system arrives will all the accessories. It has an MPPT solar charge controller with a 2000-watt pure sine wave inverter. The mounting hardware comes along with the package, and it is a perfect fit for 50-amp RVs.
  • Go Power solar systems are suitable for long-term usage. These panels can run most of the appliances without any noise from the generator. It has less maintenance, and it weighs around 180 pounds. The Go Power 570-watt solar system is a complete package and inverter that can also be used in cabins and boats.

Zamp Solar systems

  • Zamp Solar Systems have a variety of products that are available for 50-amp RVs. These are deluxe solar systems that have a combination of options to choose from. They are top-quality solar panels with the latest technology.
  • The Zamp Legacy black 380-watt solar system is one of the top-selling combinations. It has a 60-amp PWM digital charge controller and arrives with all the requirements for an easy installation. 
  • These panels are coated with AR tempered glass and are stormproof panels with reinforced corners. It also has an ultra-low profile junction box, weighing only 24.25 pounds with a 25-year warranty.

Those were some of the top-quality 50-amp RV solar systems. These solar systems are powerful, reliable, versatile, and easy to install. They have some of the best properties and features to power up your RV. They can also be used for boondocking and off-grid camping and are highly rated by satisfied customers.

3 important tips for selecting the best 50-amp RV solar panel

Selecting solar panels can be confusing, especially with hundreds of options available. Every brand offers its unique features and specifications. However, selecting a solar panel based on your requirements is essential.

Calculate the power consumption

  • The first and most important thing is to calculate the power consumption. This is based on your daily requirements, and it is essential to calculate the daily power consumption. 
  • Be sure to calculate the daily power consumption into amp-hours. Do this by noting all the devices and how many hours you might use them in a day.
  • Ensure to add all the devices that consume extra power, like the air-conditioner and furnace. Consider the television, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

Determine the panel wattage

  • Now that you have the calculations in place, you should be able to determine the required solar panel wattage. This also depends on how many panels you can install on the RV roof. There are various options to consider, like portable solar panels. At the end of the day, it depends on your preference.
  • Be sure to determine the panel wattage by considering the number of days you plan on camping and the number of people camping along with you.

Check the specs

  • This goes without saying that the specification of the 50-amp RV solar systems matters in the selection process. Check the watt rating, peak power in amps and volts, and the tolerance of the solar panels. 
  • Try to get weatherproof solar panels as much as possible, and make sure to do enough research before purchasing a solar panel.
  • You should be able to determine if you need monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels for your RV. Those were a few common tips to consider when selecting a solar system for your motorhome.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: ‘What are the best 50-amp RV solar systems?” We have discussed the best 50-amp RV solar systems along with their key features and specifications. We have also talked about a few important tips for selecting the best 50-amp RV solar panels.



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