What are the best 3-bed popup campers?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best 3-bed popup campers?” We will describe the best 3-bed popup campers along with their unique features and sleeping capacity. We will also discuss a few important tips to consider when selecting the right popup camper.

What are the best 3-bed popup campers?

The best 3-bed popup campers are.

  • Aliner Scout Lite
  • Sylvansport Go
  • Chalet XL
  • Aliner Somerset
  • Taxa Outdoors Cricket
  • Coachmen Clipper

Aliner Scout Lite

  • The Aliner Scout Lite takes the top spot for the bed 3-bed popup campers. This popup camper is designed to fit exactly three people. There is enough space for three people to sleep comfortably. The length of this camper is 13 feet, and it also weighs only 1,180 pounds.
  • This A-frame popup camper is easy to set up and also arrives with some of the best amenities for off-road camping. You can also opt for an air conditioning unit if required. The Airlner Scout LXE model is 15 feet long and has a full bathroom.
  • These lightweight campers from Aliner have been known for their space and amenities. There is plenty of headroom and enough space to move around. Regarding storage, Aliner Scout Lite has not compromised on their storage options.

Sylvan Sport Go

  • The Sylvan Sport Go is one of those versatile campers with sleeping space for up to four people. This lightweight camper weighs only 840 pounds and is one of the best popup campers for a weekend getaway.
  • It’s easy to maneuver with the Sylvan Sport Go due to its compact size. The Sylvan Sport Go camper is also perfect for carrying bikes, kayaks, quads, and more. This lightweight camper rarely has issues, and the major benefit of this camper is that you can carry extra baggage.
  • The only disadvantage apart from the sleeping space and fancy hard-top tent is that they are not designed for off-road camping. While it is still possible to camp off-grid, there is no stove, sink, power, etc.

Chalet XL

  • The Chalet XL is yet another A-frame popup camper cum trailer that is available in three different models. When opened up, the Chalet XL has enough space to accommodate up to three people comfortably. There is additional space for a fourth person, but three is more comfortable.
  • The length of this trailer is 18’7”, and one of the key features is the patented electronic roof lift system. This makes the setup process pretty easy and simple. The Chalet XL has a wet bath and a dormer with a solid 8 feet headroom.
  • The kitchen has a large galley with residential-height countertops. Plenty of windows and skylights provide enough light in all directions.

Aliner Somerset

  • The Aliner Somerset is yet another successful model by Aliner. This is a well-equipped camper that offers extra sleeping space. The adults can sleep comfortably, and the extensions can also accommodate two more kids.
  • There are four models of the Aliner Somerset, and each model has its unique features. However, the standard features remain the same. There is plenty of storage space, and it also arrives with a small kitchenette.
  • The high-end Utah model is built for comfort and luxury. It provides all the necessities for a successful camping experience.

Taxa Outdoors Cricket

  • The Taxa Outdoors Cricket is well-known in the camping world due to its unique appearance and lightweight. This is a rugged camper that several four-cylinder engines can easily tow. It has enough sleeping space for up to three adults.
  • This is a compact camper as the length is just 15”. The width of this camper is 6’7”, and some other features include an optional air conditioner with a 5,000 BTU capacity. There is enough room inside to eat and sleep comfortably.
  • Regarding storage, there are multiple options, including the under-bed that transforms into a dinette for comfortable lunging. This camper is also known for the best superior cross ventilation system.

Coachmen Clipper

  • Over the decades, Coachmen has made a huge mark in the camping and RV world. The Coachmen Clipper ensured to live up to their reputation. This model has a sleeping capacity of up to three people, and the rear tent can be expanded to add more space.
  • The Coachmen Clipper has an aerodynamic styling, and it is ultra-lightweight. This popup camper is easy to set up in just a few minutes. The glide and lock bed systems make the setup process simple. The Coachmen Clipper has a length of 8’2” to 13’11”, depending on the model and make.
  • The overall features of the camper are excellent, and it also has an attractive price that is not too expensive. The specifications are perfect and good enough for a small family.

The above-mentioned popup campers are some of the best 3-bed popup campers. These campers can comfortably accommodate up to three people in terms of sleeping space. They also have some of the best features and amenities for camping. These campers have also been recognized for their brand and moderate pricing.

Tips for selecting the right 3-bed popup camper

Selecting the right popup camper is simple, but there are a few tips to consider to make a smooth purchase. Be sure to place your requirements first before your purchase.

Consider the space

  • Space is the essential aspect when purchasing the right popup camper. This depends on various factors, including the number of members, frequency of travel, camping lifestyle, etc. Hence, the first thing you need to look for is space. Ensure that there is enough space to accommodate you and your family members.

Check the features and specs

  • The features and specs are the next important factor to look into. There are plenty of popup camper models that arrive with modern features. This will surely help you on the road and provide a comfortable camping experience. Ensure a spacious cooking area, sitting area, and appliances for comfortable living.

Easy installation

  • You do not want to go on a trip and struggle to install your popup camper. It is always good to check for easy installation options. Setting up the camper and taking it down should be incredibly easy. Some popup campers are up in no time with just a button push. However, some of them use a hand-crank system.

Heating and air conditioning system

  • This is an important factor that depends on where you go camping. Some people go camping outdoors during the summer, while others love camping during winter.
  • Based on your preference, you will be required to select a popup camper that has either heating or air conditioning systems. An AC unit is essential, especially if you camp in areas like Florida during summer.

Check the weight

  • Finally, it is also important to check the weight of the popup camper. This includes the dry weight and the gross weight. You should be able to tow the camper without any hassle, and it should also match the towing capacity of your vehicle. Be sure to get a popup camper that is lightweight and suitable for your towing experience.

Those were a few tips to look into when purchasing a popup camper. These tips can vary according to your preference. Remember to keep all your requirements first and stick to all the essentials. Ensure that the camper has good features and specifications for off-road camping.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best 3-bed popup campers?” We have described the best 3-bed popup campers, unique features, and sleeping capacity. We have also discussed a few important tips to consider when selecting the right popup camper.



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