What are the best 12-volt heaters for camping?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the best 12-volt heaters for camping?” We will discuss the best heaters along with their key features and specifications. We will also talk about the 3 best portable 12-volt heaters that are a good fit for camping.

What are the best 12-volt heaters for camping?

The best 12-volt heaters for camping are.

  • Tunings World
  • Triclicks
  • Happy Buy Diesel Heater
  • Fiberfly Diesel Heater
  • Bestauto Diesel Heater
  • Wayska Diesel Heater
  • Vevor Diesel Heater

Tunings World

  • With plenty of 12-volt heaters available in the market, it can be confusing to select the right one. However, these 12-volt heaters are some of the best models for camping. Tunings World is one of the best 12-volt heaters manufactured in the USA.
  • These heaters are specialized with excellent features to keep you warm while camping on a cold night.
  • With a power heating of 5KW, Tunings is a compatible heater that weighs only 16.57 pounds. One of the perks of this heater is that it is silent. It has a blower speed control that helps reduce the noise. The silent fan and the silent oil pump are key features.
  • This heater arrives with a mounting kit and all the required items for installation. It is also a perfect fit for all types of motorhomes, including RVs, fifth wheels, yachts, travel trailers, and more. 
  • Tunings are one of the best 12-volt heaters that are user-friendly, and it arrives with a muffler. The energy-saving feature adds to the benefit of this heater.


  • The Triclicks 12-volt 5KW air diesel heater is another exceptional model that is a perfect fit for camping. This is a diesel heater that comes along with a silencer. The LCD switch remote control makes it easy to operate. Triclicks can be used for campervans, boats, trailers, and motorhomes.
  • With an oil pump temperature of -40 degrees C to +40 degrees C, Triclicks weigh only 15.8 pounds. Some key features include environmentally friendly combustion, low fuel consumption, low emissions, preheating functionality, etc. This heater has a 10-liter tank with a digital thermostat to adjust the temperature according to your preference.
  • Triclicks have a built-in fan that helps circulate the hot air inside the camper. The preheating function is no doubt one of the top features of this camper.

Happy Buy Diesel Heater

  • Happy Buy Diesel Heater soon got attention after its introduction in the market. This diesel heater arrives at an affordable price and has low fuel consumption. It has precision control features and is one of those versatile heaters that can be used in all motorhomes, including cars and boats.
  • This 12-volt 5KW heater is efficient and is perfect for heating a camper in just 15 minutes. The oil pump controls the fuel inlet with 100 percent combustion. One of the major features is that the vibration is low, which also helps to reduce the noise.
  • Happy Buy takes in the cool air from outside and produces hot air through the aluminum combustion chamber.

Fiberfly Diesel Heater

  • Fiberfly is undoubtedly one of the best 12-volt heaters for camping, with a power heating of 5KW. The weight of this heater is 17.11 pounds. This environmentally friendly product produces low emissions and consumes low fuel. Fiberfly is a versatile heater that can be used on all motorhomes.
  • The LCD thermostat helps to monitor the heat produced. The remote control facility is easy to control and is one of the best compact heaters with reliable operating conditions. Fiberfly is also known for its volatile technology and ceramic ignition plugs. Fiberfly can also be used on commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, vans, etc.
  • This 12-volt heater is easy to install and has adjustable temperature settings, wind speed, and oil quantity.

Bestauto Diesel Heater

  • Bestauto Diesel Heater is one step ahead with a powerful heating capacity of 8KW. This heater is only 15.27 pounds, and it is manufactured by Vevor. Bestauto is constructed with premium quality materials and arrives with aluminum parts for long-lasting life.
  • Despite the 8KW heating capacity, it is still a power-saving heater that helps control the air intake. The energy-saving features make this 12-volt heater stand apart from the other models. This heater is silent as it does not make too much noise.  

Wayska Diesel Heater

  • Wayska Diesel Heaters have been exceptionally good when it comes to performance. These 12-volt heaters are designed for long-term camping and are known to be reliable. Wayska can also be used in altitudes above 5,500. The heating power is 5KW, and the fuel consumption is only 0.2-0.5.
  • The significant key feature of this diesel heater is the rapid heating technology. This heater can heat the camper in just a few minutes. Its rugged design makes it perfect for outdoor usage. This heater is built for harsh climatic conditions. The installation is easy as it can be done in just a few minutes.

Vevor Diesel Heater

  • The Vevor Diesel Heater is compact, powerful, and excellent for all campers. This heater is considered one of the best brands. Some of the key features are easy installation and rapid heating technology. Vevor also produces low emissions, and it has a rugged design and is perfect for extreme temperatures and heavy snow loads.
  • Vevor has a plug attached for easy installation. The 12-volt heating elements are perfect for lower temperatures. It also has greater efficiency as it functions with less power.

3 best portable 12-volt heaters for camping

Most people prefer using portable heaters for camping since they are easy to carry and store. Here are the 3 best portable 12-volt heaters that are perfect for camping.

Aqua Hot Cabin Heater 200

  • The Aqua Hot Cabin took is well recognized for its tiny portable size. This heater is easy to carry and is one of the best available. It can produce up to 6,000 BTUs per hour with a 200 CFM output. 
  • The Aqua Hot is designed for cabins and can be used for camping and motorhomes. This heater can also be fixed to a wall with rotatable mounting brackets.

Bovado Oscillating Space Heater

  • Bovado is a user-friendly portable heater manufactured and produced in the US. This heater has two knobs to adjust the different levels of heat. One knob is dedicated to the thermostat, and this space heater has an attractive design.
  • One of the key features is the coefficient heating technology that is used to prevent overheating. The fail-safe button is an added advantage, as it can turn off the heater when tipped over. This high-quality heater is built to last long. The only disadvantage is that it is not too great for noise reduction.

Lasko Space Heater

  • The Lasko Space Heater has also been one of the well-noted brands available in the market. This heater is compact with enough power to keep you warm on a cold night. The adjustable thermostat, remote control, and fan are some of the key features. The Lasko Space Heater is special since it has 11 settings.
  • The overheating protection and durability of this heater make it one of a kind. The automatic shutdown feature makes this safe to use for several hours. The Lasko Space Heater has an attractive design, and they are easy to store.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the best 12-volt heaters for camping?” We have discussed the best heaters along with their key features and specifications. We have also discussed the 3 best portable 12-volt heaters that are a good fit for camping.



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