What are the best ¾ ton truck camper brands?

In this blog post, we will answer the question “What are the best ¾ ton truck camper brands?” We will list out the top 10 ¾ ton truck camper brands and describe their features, measurements, and specifications. We will also talk about the right truck-camper combination and the different types of truck beds that are available.

What are the best ¾ ton truck camper brands?

The best ¾ ton truck camper brands that are available in the market today have been discussed below.

  • Bigfoot RV 9-4SB
  • Nevada flatbed hallmark camper
  • Adventure manufacturing Scout Kenai
  • Alaskan camper
  • Outfitter Juno 8.5
  • Lance campers 850
  • Palomino Forest Riverside max 2902
  • North star campers 850 SC
  • Phoenix pop up campers
  • Bundu Tex USA

Bigfoot RV 9-4SB

As the name suggests, this camper is certainly huge in terms of length, height and width. The features that come in this camper are a class apart. With the latest innovation, this model is an excellent ¾ ton truck camper. It is built to withstand all weather conditions and comes with a rear door awning, 30,000 BTU furnace, skylight, electric jacks, and more.

These are the measurements for the Bigfoot RV-94SB

  • Exterior length of 16.6 feet.
  • Interior length of 9.9 feet.
  • Sleeping space for 2 to 3 people.
  • UVW of 2,980 pounds.
  • Wet bathroom.
  • 200 w solar panel.
  • AMG battery.

Nevada flatbed hallmark camper 

Nevada flatbed hallmark campers are designed perfectly for truck beds and are available for 7 and 8.5-foot bed lengths. There are several floor plans and you can also choose to have a rear entrance if necessary. They come with pop-up roofs and are fuel-efficient with incredible aerodynamics. These campers are also said to have better miles per gallon.

  • 11.7 to 15 feet exterior length
  • 7 to 8.9 feet interior length
  • Sleeping space for 2 to 3 people.
  • UVW 1,200 to 2,800 pounds.
  • Wet bathroom.
  • 200 to 800 W solar panel.
  • 75-10,000 w inverter.

Adventure manufacturing Scout Kenai 

These are lightweight energy-efficient campers that come with a great battery power source and solar panels. The major benefit of this camper is that it comes with four-season insulation. This is a perfect camper for outdoor activities and it has enough room on the inside. Below are the specifications for this camper.

  • 21.1 feet exterior length
  • 7.7 feet interior length
  • Sleeping space for 4 to 6
  • Optional cassette toilet
  • 175 W solar panel
  • Built-in inverter
  • UVW 1,370 pounds.

Alaskan camper 

This 10-foot non-cabover Alaskan camper is just right for a ¾ ton truck camper. These campers have hydraulic systems and are aerodynamic when travelling. This 10-foot Non-cabover has more like an RV construction when compared to the pop-up campers. One of the added advantages is the four-person dinette that can be converted into a full-size bed.

  • 10 feet exterior length
  • 5 feet interior length
  • UVW 1,705 pounds
  • Sleeping space for 2 people
  • 90 to 170 W solar panel
  • Cassette toilet
  • Long cargo bed

Outfitter Juno 8.5 

The Outfitter Juno 8.5 is durable, lightweight, and one of those highly functional campers. This camper has enough roof space and is also good for tall people. This camper has the option to fold down the rear wall into a patio. They are insulated well and the powered roof is easy to operate. It is also one of the best ¾ ton truck campers.

  • 15.75 feet exterior length
  • 8.4 feet interior length
  • UVW 2,380 pounds
  • 100 W solar panel
  • Wet bathroom
  • 2000 W inverter

Lance campers 850

Lance campers are one of a kind and they have several highlights. They are eco-friendly campers that come with the best floor plans and the latest technology. Perfectly designed for long and short cargo beds, these campers have enough overhead cabinets to store baggage and extra things. It is one of the best campers for a family.

  • 17.7 feet exterior length
  • 8.11 feet interior length
  • UVW 2,501 pounds
  • 100 W solar panel
  • Wet bathroom
  • Sleeping space of 2 to 5 people

Palomino Forest Riverside max 2902

Forest River has an excellent brand name and its campers are well-designed and equipped with the best features. It has a deluxe wet bath and a one-piece countertop. The dry weight of this camper is one of the advantages. It is also perfect for standard long cargo beds. The 4-seater convertible dinette is just another luxury.

  • 18.4 feet exterior length
  • 9 feet interior length
  • Sleeping space for 2 to 4 people
  • 100 W optional solar panel
  • Wet bathroom
  • UVW 3,261 pounds

North star campers 850 SC

North Star campers come with a cabover section and queen-size bed. The dinette is convertible and this camper is great for a small family. North Star campers have high quality and optional features. There is a travel trailer-style fold-out bed space on the passenger side. You can also choose between dual pane windows and a winter camping package.

  • 15 feet exterior length
  • 8.6 feet interior length
  • 170 W solar panel
  • 4-gallon cassette toilet
  • UVW 1,785 pounds
  • Wet bath

Phoenix pop up campers 

Phoenix pop-up campers have been around in the market for a long time and they are one of those reputed brands. There are various versions like the slide-in, flatbed, and frame-mounted versions. Phoenix pop-up campers arrive with all the standard features and they also have optional features to choose from.

Bundu Tec USA 

This camper is a ¾ ton truck camper with a neat eco water heater cum furnace. You get to choose from the 107 or 340-watt solar package. The 3,000-watt inverter and electric jacks are also included. It also has glow scissor steps and a decent payload capacity. Here are some of the specifications of the BunduTec camper.

  • 15.75 feet exterior length
  • 8.4 feet interior length
  • UVW 1,900 pounds
  • Sleeping space for 2 to 3 people
  • Cassette Commode bathroom
  • 3,000 W inverter

The best ¾ ton truck camper brands are built to last long for off-road potential and compact features. These truck campers are customized and versatile. Truck campers are also easy for camping and it is perfect for two people. In this list, we will look into the best truck campers with a capacity of ¾ ton.

These brands are well-known, versatile, and well-built for off-road camping. The features in these campers are incredible and the interiors are comfortable with enough space. These brands have also used the latest technology and high-end products to manufacture these campers. Here are our top 10 ¾ truck camper brands.

The right truck-camper combination 

The most important part is having the right truck and camper combination. Your truck must be able to take the weight of the camper. Most people purchase the truck before the camper. There are numerous options available in the market but be sure to purchase the right one. The right truck-camper combination is always important.

  • The towing capacity of the truck is important. 
  • While purchasing a truck, it is also essential to look into other details like horsepower and torque. 
  • More torque power is always better for the truck to carry a load or even tow a vehicle.
  • Deciding on the engine is also an important factor. 
  • Gas engines have been catching up but some people still prefer to have diesel.

Types of truck beds 

The types of truck beds are equally important when you are planning for a truck camper. There are three types of truck beds, the long bed, the short bed, and the super short bed. Opting for a long bed is better since you are bound to get more space. However, you will have more pop-up camper options with a short bed truck.

Pop-up campers have more floorplans for short truck beds. It is also the other way around as hard side truck camper rigs have better options for a long bed truck. A long bed truck is typically 8 feet. It depends on your preference as many campers come under 6.5 feet. Some are even smaller than 6.5. The Nissan Titan comes with a truck bed length of 5.5 feet.


In this blog post, we have talked about the “What are the best ¾ ton truck camper brands?” We have listed out the top 10 ¾ ton truck camper brands and described their features, measurements, and specifications. We have also talked about the right truck-camper combination and the different types of truck beds that are available.



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