What are some of the best 90’s campervans?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are some of the best 90’s campervans?” We will list some of the best 90s campervans and describe their features and specifications. We will also talk about their unique appearance and overall comfort level. Additionally, we will touch upon their interior features.

What are some of the best 90’s campervans?

Some of the best 90’s campervans are.

  • Volkswagen Westfalia
  • Roadtrek Popular
  • Dodge Ram Van
  • Winnebago Rialta
  • Coachmen Starflyte
  • Chinook Concourse
  • Volkswagen Eurovan

Volkswagen Westfalia

  • The Volkswagen Westfalia is one of the best 90s campervans that has stood the test of time. Volkswagen launched a series of Westfalia models, but the 1990 model was hugely successful. The Westfalia was one of the most popular models and is still considered an excellent vintage campervan.
  • These campervans were known for their square headlights. It had a four-cylinder gas engine with a horsepower of 90 hp @ 4,800 rpm. Volkswagen was keen on bringing out the best, and the 1990 Westfalia had a four-wheel drive type. 
  • The base engine size was 2.1 liters with a four-speed manual. The dimensions of the campervan were perfect for a couple.
  • It also had a decent mileage of 14 miles per gallon with a fuel tank capacity of 18.4 gallons. Overall, the Volkswagen Westfalia was one of the top campervans in the 90s available in several countries worldwide.

Roadtrek Popular

  • Roadteck took things to a whole new level with their Roadtrek Popular campervan. This campervan had exquisite features that were considered a luxury. 
  • The manufacturer did not compromise on comfort, delivering some of the best features and specifications. It had two single beds with dual-intensity foam mattresses.
  • One of the key features of this model was the opportunity to raise the roof. There was enough headroom and space on the inside. The Roadtrek Popular had no shortage of storage space and was equipped with an over-cab storage drawer. It also had a removable wardrobe with some of the best floorplans.
  • The built-in 110-volt air conditioner unit at the upper rear cabinets was perfect for a sunny day. Roadtrek manufactured several models, including the Popular 190-versatile. It was a huge success and was one of the top-selling campervans in the 90s.

Dodge Ram Van

  • The Dodge Ram Van was known as one of those conversion vans widely recognized in the 90s. Some of the unique features included front disk brakes and a dependent beam axle. The heat-insulated windows at the front were yet another added advantage. Dodge had several options, including the sunroof, tinted glass, side steps, etc.
  • While most of the instrument cluster was analog, Dodge never compromised on the quality and appearance of these components. One of the other advantages was the excellent interior storage space. 
  • There were plenty of storage compartments in the front and rear. Small components like cup holders and coin holders made a huge difference.
  • The Dodge Ram Van was often referred to as the Dodge Campervan. Regarding features and comfort, there was no disappointment with the retractable table/bed, climate control features, and top-class kitchen amenities.

Winnebago Rialta

  • The Winnebago Rialta was an extraordinary campervan that was manufactured in the 90s. It was considered one of those versatile vehicles with sleek aerodynamics and smooth transition panels. It had a 3,000-watt gas generator and a fiberglass rear cap to store the spare tire. The 2.5-liter engine was perfect for carrying all your camping gear on board.
  • The Winnebago Rialta was more than a motorhome when it came to interiors. The kitchen appliances were perfect for a mid-sized family. It had a two-burner gas top, a three-way power source refrigerator, and an optional microwave. The private bathroom was located at the rear, along with a decent shower.
  • Winnebago focused on the smallest details, including hanging options in a wardrobe. The bed was six feet and four inches long, and the overall exterior height was 8’4”. It also had safety systems like the carbon monoxide detector alarm, fire extinguisher, LP leak detector, smoke detector, ground fault interrupter, etc.

Coachmen Starflyte

  • Coachmen Motorhomes is still one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles. The 1998 Coachmen Starflyte series was more of a Class B motorhome. This motorhome was more spacious when compared to its competitors back in the 90s. It arrived with enough features and specifications to be comfortable on the road.
  • The 6.8 V10 engine was powerful, and the length of the campervan was 21 feet. The vehicle’s gross weight was 10,000 pounds, and it was known for its great mileage. 
  • The Coachman Starflyte had excellent interiors that were spacious enough to store all required gear. The floorplan was perfect and good enough for a mid-sized family.

Chinook Concourse

  • Chinook was a reputed brand back then, and they are still known for some of their unique campervans. The 1991 Chinook Concourse was one of the best 90s campervans. These were considered luxurious campervans that arrived with a 6.8 liter Triton V10 fuel-injected engine.
  • The four-speed automatic transmission overdrive and power steering was major advantage back then. The Chinook Concourse stood out from its competitors due to its technology. It was convenient, safe, and comfortable. The kitchen was well-equipped with a refrigerator, a 3-burner gas stove, drawers for cutting, and more.
  • Some of the key features were the five-way system monitoring panel. The heavy-duty deep-cycle auxiliary battery system and slide-out battery tray were more convenient. The power roof vent with thermostat was fantastic and added to the campervan’s benefit.

Volkswagen Eurovan

  • The 1992 Volkswagen Eurovan was undoubtedly one of the best 90s campervans in the US. The Eurovan is spacious on the inside when compared to the other minivans. It had a 15-inch longer wheelbase with enough beds and a pop-up rooftop. A transverse in-line five-cylinder engine powered the front wheels.
  • The engine was located at the front, accommodating up to seven passengers. The Volkswagen Eurovan was a four-door van with a Bosch Motronic engine-control system. The top speed of this vehicle was 95 miles per hour. The 1993 model had a couple of changes and a five-speed manual transmission.
  • Volkswagen had a unique appearance and was always ahead of its competitors with some of its features. The company was known for manufacturing excellent campervans back in the 1990s.

Those were some of the best 90s campervans that are still considered unique. These campervans are sold for a high price as they are considered some of the best vintage models. Overall, the 90s witnessed significant growth in campervans, especially in development and technology.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are some of the best 90’s campervans?” We have listed some of the best 90s campervans and described their features and specifications. We have also talked about their unique appearance and overall comfort level. Additionally, we have touched upon their interior features.







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