What are some of the best 70s motorhomes?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are some of the best 70s motorhomes?” We will discuss some of the best 70s motorhomes based on their key features, unique specifications, and fame. We will touch upon various models and their years of manufacture. At this post’s end, you will learn more about the best 70s motorhomes.

What are some of the best 70s motorhomes?

Some of the best 70s motorhomes are

  • Volkswagen Westfalia
  • Commer Campervan
  • Dodge Sportsman Travco L’Esprit
  • Vanguard Motorhome
  • Dodge Mobile Traveler
  • Dodge F40
  • Airstream Argosy
  • Chinook Omega
  • Hanomag-Henschel F20 Orion Camper

Volkswagen Westfalia

  • The Volkswagen Westfalia was one of the best 70s motorhomes that have been widely sold across the US. The Westfalia campervan stood ahead of all the other models of the same type. 
  • The Volkswagen Westfalia was well-known for its unique features and specifications. This 70s motorhome was built to last long and was a huge success.
  • The Westfalia had a couple of variations, and the most iconic model was the Volkswagen Westfalia pop top camper. The Volkswagen was one of the best motorhomes in history and had excellent interiors. 
  • The Westfalia had extra additional sleeping space and cabinets for storage options. Some features included a sink, stove, ice box, refrigerator, and more.
  • The Volkswagen Westfalia pop-up roof was one of the best features of this motorhome. It also arrived with an awning and a side tent that could be attached to the double side doors. The 70s was one remarkable era for motorhomes in the US, and the Volkswagen Westfalia played an essential part in the 70s.

Commer Campervan

  • The Commer campervan was yet another successful 70s motorhome that was around for a long time. This campervan had a unique appearance with a futuristic rounded front end. 
  • The Commer campervan is still considered one of those vintage motorhome models. However, it was purchased by Chrysler and was discontinued for various reasons.
  • Commer was known as one of those space vans similar to the Volkswagen Westfalia. This model had some rare features, including a hammock bed system. The front two seats were convertible and could be used as a full-sized bed for two people.

Dodge Sportsman Travco L’Esprit

  • Dodge was one of the leading manufacturers of motorhomes in the 70s. The Sportsman Travco L’Esprit was introduced in 1976 and soon became a huge success. The L’Esprit was 22 feet long and was built on a van chassis.
  • The most recognizable feature of the Dodge Sportsman Travco was the orange, yellow, and dark brown racing stripes. This 70s motorhome had excellent aerodynamics and the impressive fuel economy of a van.
  • This motorhome has excellent features and was one of the best Class A motorhomes of the 70s. The floor plan had a rear bathroom, making this camper comfortable for camping.

Vanguard Motorhome

  • The 1977 Vanguard Motorhome was 23 feet long and a well-noted 70s motorhome. This motorhome had captain’s chairs and ideal cab features. It also had cup holders and was built on a 1 1/2-ton chassis. This model had great features for a 70s motorhome. Some features included a furnace, water heater, fridge, etc.
  • The interiors of this motorhome were excellent, with carpeting and decorative walls. The Vanguard motorhome had a couple of models in the late 70s. The first model was manufactured in 1977, and the second in 1979.

Dodge Mobile Traveler

  • The Dodge Mobile Traveler was one of the late 70s motorhomes that took the market by storm. This motorhome was one of the first to offer two engine options for customers in their era. The Dodge Mobile Traveler had several floorplans, and each of them varied according to the length.
  • The Mobile Traveler offered a decent mileage of 17 on the highway and 14 in the city. Choosing from multiple floorplans was a massive benefit of the Dodge Mobile Traveler. Nevertheless, it was one of the best motorhomes in the 70s.

Dodge F40

  • The Dodge F40 was once again a successful 70s motorhome introduced in 1977. This motorhome is still considered one of those classic models. It is still possible to find parts for this excellent vehicle.
  • The Dodge F40 was one of the few motorhomes in the 70s with exceptional features. This motorhome had enough sleeping space and a functional kitchen with plenty of storage options for camping gear.

Airstream Argosy

  • The Airstream Argosy was manufactured in 1973 and remained in the market until 1979. Airstream Argosy was one of those iconic 70s motorhomes that had silver cladding. Its aerodynamic dome shape gave this motorhome a great appearance.
  • Some of the other key features include panoramic windows and end caps. The shiny exterior and the high-level customization made this trailer unique in appearance and features. The Airstream Argosy was one of those mid-priced motorhomes. This motorhome was sleek with a practical design.
  • The Argosy was constructed with top-quality products to last long. The rounded end caps were curved at the upper portion. It was one of those noticeable motorhomes manufactured and produced in the 70s.

Chinook Omega

  • The Chinook Omega was manufactured and sold for four years. This motorhome was constructed on a chassis-based camper. It was economical and fuel-efficient. The Chinook Omega was a great combination of a truck camper and a compact motorhome seven feet and six inches tall.
  • The features and amenities were decent, given the price of this motorhome. It had all the required appliances for camping, and it also had enough sleeping space. The Chinook Omega was introduced in 1976 and stopped production in 1979. The Chinook Omega 1978 model was considered one of the best.

Hanomag-Henschel F20 Orion Camper

  • The Hanomag-Henschel F20 Orion Camper was outstanding in the 70s as it was one of the best. This motorhome was produced in Germany in the 1970s and soon made its way overseas. The F20 Orion was an iconic model that was rare.
  • This motorhome had all the essential features and was known for its polyester and sleek body. The aerodynamic design was incredible, and it started out in 1970. The Hanomag-Henschel F20 was manufactured in 1974. Mercedes took out this model and continued their production unit in 1978.

Those were some of the best 70s motorhomes considered a class apart. These are vintage motorhomes that were successful and famous. The 70s witnessed a significant spike in the motorhome culture, especially in the US and neighboring countries. Plenty of people own these motorhomes even today.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are some of the best 70s motorhomes?” We have discussed some of the best 70s motorhomes based on their key features, unique specifications, and fame. We have touched upon the various models and their years of manufacture.



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