What are some camper table ideas?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are some camper table ideas?” We will describe some of the best camper table ideas and talk about their benefits. We will also talk about their space consumption and their functions. At the end of this post, you will get to know various ideas for camper tables.

What are some camper table ideas?

Here are some camper table ideas described below.

  • Pullout camper table
  • Wall mounted table
  • Double-sized mini table
  • Flip up table
  • Attic stowed work table
  • Pullout countertop table
  • Window table
  • Cupboard table
  • Tray table
  • Draw style table
  • Hinge camper table

Pullout camper table

  • A pullout camper table is one of the best ideas, especially if you want to save space. These tables are small and compact and can be used for different purposes. It is easy to install a pullout table and these tables can be installed anywhere.
  • Pullout camper tables can be used to eat a quick meal and they are perfect for working as well. Pullout tables are simple and can be installed like a sliding drawer under the counter space or any other area. These are one of the most popular campervan table ideas.

Wall mounted table

  • Wall-mounted tables are pretty common and are found in most campers. Wall-mounted tables are tables that are mounted on the wall when used. These tables are small and they can be mounted anywhere on the wall.
  • These wall-mounted tables are easy to install and they are not too expensive. There are plenty of wall mounting table options that have an affordable price range. Most of these wall-mounted tables are built with wood.

Double-sized mini table

  • Double-sized mini tables are small tables that have two sides. These tables are easy to use for various purposes. Double-sized mini tables have an extra part that can be extended and it can be used as two tables. Both tables are usually different sizes and the smaller table is usually pulled out from the larger one.

Flip up table

  • A flip-up table is another brilliant camper table idea. These tables can be flipped up on the wall and pulled out from the RV wall. These tables are comfortable and they are really good when it comes to saving space. When not in use, these flip-up tables can be pushed back onto the wall of the RV.

Attic stowed work table

  • An attic-stowed work table is yet another common table that is used for campers. These tables can be designed according to the size of your own. Attic-stowed work tables can be removed easily and are usually attached with sliders to the side of the RV wall of the kitchen table. These tables are also easy to store without any hassle.

Pull-out countertop table

  • Pull-out countertop tables are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. These tables can be used as an extension of the kitchen countertop. It can be used for prepping meals and also as a dining table. They are also easy to install and are one of the best options if you plan on saving more space.

Window table

  • While not many people might be aware of window tables, these are beneficial in many ways. A window table is a great space saver, especially in small RVs and campers. 
  • Window tables give you the opportunity to have your meals in fresh air while you still stay inside the van. These are also cost-effective and are fixed to the window pane.

Cupboard table

  • Cupboard tables are all about the small doors that are used for the cupboard. These tables have brackets installed that make them open out from the top. Hence, they hang down as a table with the brackets holding them straight. 
  • These doors hinge down to double as tiny tables. You can use these cupboard tables as beer holders or even store something on top.
  • Note that cupboard tables are not too big as their size is based on the cupboard door. It is also advised not to store any heavy objects on these cupboard tables since they might not be able to take the weight. Yet, they are a good fit for keeping small items.

Tray table

  • The tray table is probably the best portable table that you can consider a good idea. If you are short on space, you can opt to get a tray table for your camper. These tables are easy to carry around and are probably the cheapest option
  • A tray table can be folded down to a small size and it can also be placed on your camper bed.
  • If you plan on having a meal on your bed, this is one of the best options. You can also push your legs through these tables and use them as a workspace while relaxing at the same time. You can easily turn your sleeping area into extra table space.

Draw style table

  • A draw-style table is pretty small but arrives with several benefits. These tables do not have leg support and they are basically like a draw that opens up without the sides. 
  • These are easy to use and extremely efficient. The installation is easy but they are not suited for heavy weight. These are thin, compact, and not visible when not in use.

Hinge camper table

  • Hinge tables can be installed anywhere in your camper. One of the best places to install a hinged table is on the tabletop. Hinge tables are folded onto the tabletop on folded down when not in use. These tables can be folded up or down with the help of hinges.
  • One of the major advantages of hinge tables is that they can also be fitted on camper doors or windows. It is one of the biggest space savers and it is also easy to build. The only flip side is that hinge tables can take up space on the wall of the camper.

Those were some of the best camper table ideas that can be used to save space. Apart from the permanent tables, these are easy to install and they can be used for multiple purposes. Some of the other types of tables are bench tables, storage tables, outdoor island tables, outdoor foldout tables, etc. If you have a small camper, these are sure to give you more space.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are some camper table ideas?” We have described some of the best camper table ideas and talked about their benefits. We have also talked about their space consumption and their functions. Which table would you like to have in your camper? Leave us a comment below and let us know.




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