What are some Astro van camper build ideas?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are some Astro van camper build ideas?” We will discuss some of the Astro van camper build ideas that are easy to implement. We will touch up on a few essentials when it comes to camper conversion. At the end of this post, you will get to know some of the best Astro van camper build ideas.

What are some Astro van camper build ideas?

Some Astro van camper build ideas are.

  • Off-road adventure camper 
  • Family-friendly camper
  • Minimalist camper
  • Cozy camper
  • Surf Shack camper
  • Pet-friendly camper
  • Mobile office camper

Off-road adventure camper 

  • There are several Astro van camper build ideas, but one of the most common ideas is to convert an Astro van into an off-road adventure camper. Most camper enthusiasts love to have an off-road adventure camper, which is one of the easiest ways to convert a camper successfully. There is nothing like having an off-road camper, especially if you love an unexpected adventure.  
  • There are a few important aspects to consider when it comes to off-road adventure campers. One of the most important parts is to install high suspension on four sides and fix all-terrain tires. Fixing a roof rack on top is also essential to carry all the outdoor gear.
  • Some of the other options include a sturdy bed platform with plenty of storage options. You can use the storage by placing all the outdoor equipment and necessary campaign gear.
  • An off-road adventure camper should also have a small kitchenette with a portable fridge. The kitchenette can also be an outdoor expandable model. Add a portable toilet for more convenience, especially during extended trips. An off-road adventure camper is one of the best Astro van camper build ideas to consider.

Family-friendly camper

  • One of the other options is to consider building a family-friendly camper. This idea is perfect if you love traveling and camping with a mid-sized family. For those who have kids, a family-friendly camper build is one of the best ideas to look into.
  • Just be sure to remember that you must have enough space for sleeping. You will need to have a sleeping space for up to four people. One of the best ways to get enough sleeping space is by adding a couple of bunk beds for the kids.
  • Some people install large bunk beds that are used for adults. Unlike an off-grid Astro van camper build, a family-friendly camper will require a dinette area that can be used for having meals and other activities like playing games, reading, etc.
  • A small kitchenette and a small stove and sink are also required. Make sure to have a large enough fridge to store food for a family of four. 
  • A family-friendly camper must also have plenty of storage options for clothes and other essentials. Adding a portable toilet and a roof vent fan for more comfort is also a good option.  

Minimalist camper

  • Minimalist camper ideas are also one of the best ideas to consider for an Astro camper van. Most people are into building minimalist urban campers to save more space. These campers have a fold-down bed platform with a compact kitchen that is equipped with all the essentials.
  • A single-burner stove should be good enough for cooking. The minimalist camper is all about keeping everything compact and minimal at all times. When it comes to storage, it is good to make sure of overhead shelves and drawers. Portable shelves and drawers are also one of the best options to consider.
  • Most camper enthusiasts add portable items, including a toilet and external shower. A minimalist camper has a minimal design and portable appliances to ensure that camping is simple and easy without any hassle.

Cozy camper

  • A cozy camper is the same when it comes to a minimalist camper. However, there are a few differences. Most solo travelers prefer to have a cozy camper for various reasons. It brings a deeper connection with a camper, ideal for those who love to spend most of their time inside the camper.
  • A cozy camper is more of a customized option, and these campers are comfortable and offer more privacy. Use curtains for the windows and make the seating and sleeping area as comfortable as possible.
  • Add battery-powered LED lights for better ambiance and make everything as comfortable as possible, according to your preference.

Surf Shack camper

  • A Surf Shack camper is yet another fantastic Astro van camper build idea for those who love to hit the beach and enjoy surfing. A surf shack camper is mainly for surfing enthusiasts. You will need to have a dedicated storage area to store all your surfing equipment, including surfboards, wetsuits, etc.
  • Make sure to have a foldout platform for the bed and ensure to have some storage shelves under the platform. These storage shelves can be used for all storage gear and other accessories. 
  • Some of the other essentials for a Surf Shack camper is to have an external shower. This is a must-have since you will need a way to get clean after surfing.
  • To make the Surf Shack camper more interesting, add an interesting beach theme for the interiors. Use surf-inspired decorations and turn your Surf Shack camper into a cozy and unique campervan.

Pet-friendly camper

  • No doubt this Astro van camper build idea is mainly for those who have pets. It is always exciting to take your pet along with you while camping. It is easy to convert an Astro van into a pet-friendly camper with just a few alterations.
  • The conversion process also depends on your pet. If you have a large dog, you might need more adjustments to keep your pet comfortable. Add some custom features like a pet bed, food and water bowls, and a built-in pet crate.
  • You can use the kitchenette to prepare your pet’s meals. Make sure there are separate storage options to keep all your pet supplies and meals. Installing easy-to-clean materials and incorporating pet-friendly design elements is also important for a convenient and comfortable environment.
  • It is also important to keep the environment safe for your pet. There are plenty of steps to convert an Astro van camper into a pet-friendly camper.

Mobile office camper

  • There are a huge number of camper enthusiasts who work on the road and work while camping. A mobile office camper is certainly one of the best options to consider if you plan on working while camping and traveling.
  • A few important steps to consider is by adding a comfortable workspace. A few adjustments, like adding a desk or swivel chair, will certainly help in successfully building an Astros van into a mobile office camper.
  • The most important part is having a reliable power source to power up your laptops and other work-related items. Adding a foldout bed platform to rest during long work trips is another good option. 
  • When it comes to power, the best option is to consider using solar panels. This way, you can camp and work anywhere without depending on shore power.

Those were some of the best Astro van camper build ideas to consider. An Astro van is perfect for alteration, and there are several options when it comes to conversion. Be sure to maintain the Astro van and not go overboard with the conversion process. Building a campervan is based on your requirements and camping preference.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are some Astro van camper build ideas?” We have discussed some of the Astro van campers build ideas that are easy to implement. We have touched upon a few essentials that are required when it comes to camper conversion.




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