The smallest RVs with a King Size Bed (9 models)

In this blog post, we will review the smallest nine RVs with a King Size bed based on comfort, functionality and price-quality ratio. 

What are the smallest RVs with a King Size bed?

There are many RVs with a King Size bed, but the smallest of them that we are going to review in this article are:

  1. Adria Coral 670SC Supreme
  2. Jayco White Hawk 32KBS
  3. Heartland North Trail 33RETS
  4. Palomino Puma 31 KRK
  5. Dutchmen Atlas 2902 BH
  6. Winnebago Voyage
  7. Gulfstream Innsbruck 406FLR
  8. Forest River RV Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8335BSS
  9. Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS Travel Trailer

In order to make this comparison more interesting, we have selected several criteria:

  • Layout
  • Sleeping, comfort & functionality
  • Price-quality ratio.

Best 9 RVs with a King Size bed

RV modelLayoutSleeping, comfort & functionalityPrice-quality ratio
Adria Coral 670SC SupremeThe new version of Coral is very attractive. We appreciate the Matrix-style cap which changes the look of this RV. 
Inside, the king-size central bed is a real success, especially as the passage around it is easy.
You can feel it as soon as you step into your den, where you discover a bright interior and more modern furnishings. 

Intended for a couple, this RV will allow one to be able to enjoy a serene night on a King Size bed.  
The separate shower is pleasant while the bed is electrically height adjustable. At the front, special mention for the large living room that can easily accommodate five guests.
Its price positioning, above the $60,000 mark, can be explained by its Supreme level of finish. 
Of course, despite its price, this RV does not lack assets to justify the costs. 
The manufacturing quality is at the top, as are different concepts of comfort (upholstery, heating, LEDs lighting, etc.).
Jayco White Hawk 32KBSIt is a great option for couples who want to have a lightweight travel trailer with a king-size bed. 
It has a floor plan that offers a modest-sized master suite at the front with a king-size bed, including an electric fireplace and a relaxing window bench.
To accommodate additional passengers, it is equipped with a triple sofa in the living area that you can occasionally use as a bed. 
This means that it is not only a great choice for couples with two or three children, but also for a medium family of up to 5 or 6 people.
The price for this travel trailer starts at $30,000. 
If you have a medium-sized family of up to five members or you are a couple and want to go on an adventure by road, it is a great choice that you should consider.
Perfect for couples looking to have a lightweight travel trailer with a double bed.
Heartland North Trail 33RETSIf you have a small family and want to travel with your better half, here is a perfect option for you. 
Heartland North Trail is a great deal that you should consider to make your trip memorable and insanely fun. 
It offers all the luxuries and comforts you dream of while travelling.
I highly recommend this king bed travel trailer for couples who want some quality time outdoors. It is a travel trailer with a king-size bed in the front, along with an adjacent bathroom to give it a master suite feel.
The living area is a spacious place that has a sofa that can be converted into a hidden bed occasionally when an additional passenger needs to be accommodated.
The starting price is set at $29,995. It’s an affordable king bed travel trailer that offers a few luxuries too. 
It’s a great deal for couples who love spending time together or for those with up to three children. It has a large kitchen and a bathroom.
Palomino Puma 31 KRKThis is another one of the best king size bed RVs you can consider. 
The features it offers are extremely luxurious. It also has a fireplace and a state-of-the-art entertainment area that is theatre-seat style.  
Speaking of your master bedroom, it is equipped with a large and spacious closet that has enough space to put all your most necessary things. 
Another feature that makes me fall in love is its built-in kennel that fits neatly under the bed. Now, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t bring your four-legged guest while travelling.
Starting price at $32,900.
You will see several amazing features throughout the RV. Additional features include large windows, hand-glazed ash cabinets, a vaulted ceiling, and more. 
Dutchmen Atlas 2902 BHThis RV raises an L-shaped living room layout with facing sofas that, together with the rotating cabin seats and a multi-position table with an electric telescopic foot, offers seats for up to five people. 
In travel and overnight, we talk about four seats. 
Really interesting is the distribution of the transverse toilet at the back, which guarantees a large space inside, toilet, sink and shower facing each other, along with tall cabinets with sliding mirrors. Starting price at $40,177.
It also comes standard with a three-burner stove and 141-litre refrigerator facing each other, Seitz windows, a 54 mm reinforced polyester roof, Styrofoam insulation, interior and exterior LED lighting, and oil heating with a driven air circuit.
Winnebago VoyageThe 2020 Voyage Series King Bed Travel Trailer is another exceptional RV that is a great deal while shopping for a luxury travel trailer. 
. Having a Voyage RV with you on the road will give you a feeling as if you are taking your home with you.
It comes with four different planes to choose from. But what you’ll find in common no matter which floor plans you choose, they all include a master suite with a king-size bed. 
However, its cabinets and nightstands are smaller than a queen-size bed.
The new model starts at $67,807.What will seem unusual to you is a pantry that you will not be able to find in any other motorhome. 
It has several storage areas that can be found almost everywhere within the RV to store your big or small things with ease.
Gulfstream Innsbruck 406FLRThe layout of the Gulfstream Innsbruck is really interesting.
The toilet is distributed across the rear of the vehicle, which allows for a separate shower and a kitchen, located on the side, with great accessibility to work in it and move between instances. 
It can accommodate up to six travel seats and five overnight, all thanks to its king-size bed and its convertible lounge in double bed plus one single bed, a living room for five people that also has a row of independent side armchairs that offers two environments a la dinette. Starting price as low as $20,825. 
It will have several wonderful features and options that are a perfect fit for you. 
Forest River RV Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8335BSSThis RV presents a really spacious layout in its most compact model. 
Its L-shaped kitchen distribution and toilet facing each other at the rear of the vehicle, guarantee a feeling of spaciousness and lighting typical of larger vehicles. 
Living room with facing sofas for up to six people, convertible into a king-size bed, as well as a tilting bed. MSRP: $77,830.
Remarkable is undoubtedly its large refrigerator, no less than 165 l, in addition to its clean and grey tanks, 100 litres each. 
A vehicle that also has as standard a 6000W diesel combined heating, an energy-saving control unit and three skylights, a panoramic view over the cabin, a central one in addition to the toilet.
Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS Travel TrailerFor people who want to have a home-like level of comfort while travelling, there is nothing better than having a Keystone travel trailer. 
Another extremely luxurious product from Keystone is the Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS which is a king bed camper and a great option for families who love the outdoors, travel, road adventures, and camping as it is manufactured exclusively for those travelling with their large families or a large group of companions.
Travellers with children should consider the Keystone Cougar 29BHS while looking for a luxury travel trailer that is not only spacious but also has a master suite equipped with a king-size bed for more privacy and a little extra space.
Another thing that makes Keystone one of the best RV brands is that they know that families want to spend money on campers that offer durability and don’t depreciate quickly. 
The biggest reason for this is that people think of downsizing or reselling it after their children are grown.
Starting price at $52,163. It is equipped with all the comforts that a family wants to see in their second home that they can take with them wherever they want while travelling. 
It is also a great option for large families as it has sleeping spaces in bunk beds with double mattresses. To accommodate more passengers, it also has a triple sofa that you can use as an extra bed. 
In short, it is a great travel caravan with a double bed that you can have.


So there are some of the best and smallest RVs with a king-size bed. We’ve briefly discussed their main features. You can compare them with each other to choose the one that suits you best. If you need help or have any questions about RVs with a king-size bed, do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ on What are the smallest RVs with a King Size bed?

Are there any lightweight king size bed RVs available on the market?

Yes, you can find a lightweight RV with a king-size bed with ease. However, if you are a couple or have a small family of up to four, I highly recommend that you take a look at the Jayco White Hawk caravan.

Which brand of RVs is best with a king-size bed?

Keystone is one of the most popular motorhome brands that have made some amazing king bed motorhomes.

What size is a double bed in a caravan?

A double bed in a caravan is usually 54”x 75” and is ideal for single adults with or without pets and teenagers who sleep crosswise in their beds. In truth, there is not ONE mattress size, but MANY mattress sizes and each corresponds to a specific sleeper situation!


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