The longest RV ever (11 luxurious RVs)

In this blog post, we will discuss the longest RV ever and the most luxurious RVs that are out there. These models stole our eyes and we believe they will impress you as well. 

What is the longest RV ever?

The SLRV Commander 8×8 Expedition vehicle is the longest RV ever. Here’s what makes this vehicle impressive in the RV world: 

  • Eight-wheel drive;
  • 480 horsepower under the hood;
  •  A12-speed transmission;
  • A 1000-litre fuel tank.

The Commander 8×8 is a real house … on 8 wheels and two floors, benefiting from a hard pop-up roof! A vehicle made for 8 people who can all sleep, the first for the parents, or the second for the children! Eight beds, therefore (and even 10 with an extra double bed), but also a huge kitchen, a bathroom and a living room for 10 people: downright!

This vehicle is a real tour de force and a feat in terms of layout. Based on the basis of a MAN TGS, the Commander 8×8 houses under its hood a 12.5 Diesel engine (you read that right!) Of 480 horsepower, mated to a 12-speed transmission and four differential locks: don’t throw it away anymore. !

Enough to go on a mission with the family in the most remote areas of the planet without fear of running out of fuel, with a 1000-litre tank (although on the consumption side, it must be strong). 

In addition, in the event of a big galley, the vehicle’s solar panels will allow you to operate the Commander’s lithium-ion batteries. For the record, this eight-wheeled monster was commissioned by a wealthy and anonymous businessman. Its price  Between $1 and $2 million, depending on the options selected!

A list of the largest motorhomes on the market

Considering we are speaking about the longest RV ever, we thought we must include on this list a series of luxurious motorhomes that are among the largest and longest RVs out there. 

Concorde Liner Plus 1130 GMAX

Weighing over 7.5 tonnes and measuring up to 11.50 meters long and 2.50 meters wide: the Liner Plus 1130 GMAX impresses. Two powerful chassis are offered: Iveco Eurocargo and Mercedes Atego. 

The interior of the Liner Plus is also breathtaking, with its high-end equipment (heated double floor, xenon light headlights, illuminated electric step, digital code lock, 2 beds, etc.) which harmonizes perfectly with its maximization of space. It is possible to realize your dream by choosing the distribution of space yourself and thus create your personalized luxury vehicle. 

Morelo Empire Liner 118 GSO

Its dimensions (between 8.99 and 11.99 m long, 3.72 m high and 2.50 m wide) do not leave you indifferent. And, what about the luxury of the interior of this extraordinary motorhome? 

Depending on the budget and the expectations of its future owner, the Empire Liner is available in twelve different configurations (but only with a central bed) on an Iveco Eurocargo (279 hp) or Mercedes Atego (299 hp). 

STX 2 pop-outs & garage

The Belgian company Stephex, which was all the rage in the transport of horses, decided to specialize in the field of tailor-made heavy-duty motorhomes. The STX 2 pop-outs & garage model has a more linear than truck look. 

The cabin is in fact perfectly integrated into the living area, while four electrically controlled “slide outs” make it possible to increase the surface area and the volume of the passenger compartment. A large panel of equipment is at your disposal. 

Vario Mobil Alkoven Slide Out

This impressive 12 meters long over-cab motorhome has an XXL garage, an insulating and heated double floor, no less than four fixed beds, a spacious and elegant leather lounge that can be extended thanks to technology slide-out. 

Everything has been thought of so that on board this colossus, you feel right at home. 2 possible chassis: Man or Mercedes-Benz with 500-litre water tanks … for incredible autonomy. T

Volkner Mobil Performance S

The German manufacturer Volkner Mobil offers you the Performance S model. Like its predecessors, it offers ultra-luxurious services. With a length of over 12 meters, there is a double bed inside, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living area and a garage located between the axles. A motorhome sold for 1.7 million dollars.

Le Voyageur 1000QDCAR 12T

This model is offered by the Le Voyageur brand, it is also placed in the luxury motorhome segment. It also has fairly impressive dimensions: a length that exceeds 10 meters, a height of 3.5m. Here too the vehicle offers a large living room with beautiful volumes and quality equipment. 

Action Mobile Desert Challenger (4 axles)

Action Mobile Desert Challenger comes in 4 axles. On this model, it’s hard to say what is the most spectacular: its design, its 600 hp, its 3 meters wide or 12 meters long, its 2,500 litres of diesel … Perhaps the total weight of nearly 30 tonnes. This prestigious expedition motorhome is among the largest in the world to date built on a truck chassis. 

The Actros in motorhome version

The Actros is the ideal vehicle for long-haul trips. The flagship of Mercedes-Benz Trucks allows serene driving and seduces with exemplary comfort and safety. It is 10.60 meters long, 3.99 meters high and 2.50 meters wide. 

At the rear, the superstructure houses a garage. A diesel generator completes the 310 kW OM 471 on board. The freshwater tank can hold 750 litres. It is by seeing the interior of the vehicle that the term luxury takes on its full meaning, the vehicle is equipped with two televisions, a sound system, satellite installation and Internet access.

Anderson Mobile Estates

Best known for being Will Smith’s motorhome. This grand luxe version costs just $ 2.5 million. Electric blinds, 14 TV screens, electric sliding doors … When you look at it from the outside, this truck is incredibly imposing. 

But inside, you don’t even know where to look, the decor is so sumptuous. Indeed, the company Anderson Mobile Estates thought out the layout and decoration of Will Smith’s camper van down to the smallest detail.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior

After having toured the internet with its unusual design, it is a must on our list. In addition to its unusual design, it features mind-blowing numbers. It weighs 20 tons, is 12 meters long and can expect a maximum speed of 150 km / h. It is considered the most expensive motorhome in the world. The sum to pay is in fact around 2.5 million dollars.

Is it hard to drive an RV?

Experienced motorists tell us that it is not hard to drive an RV, however, for a newbie, it could pose a challenge. It is recommended that before driving an RV you familiarize yourself with its dimensions, as you must quickly get used to the vehicle and know in what space you can park or if a road is wide enough to fit on it.

High-end mobile homes can measure 1.90 m wide by 5 to 9 meters long, all depending on the model you choose.

Check that all internal parts are well fastened. Mobile homes have many drawers and compartments, which must be well secured to avoid unwanted accidents, likewise, check well that all doors are properly closed, that everything is well secured so that nothing causes harm to the driver and his passengers.

Everything that is inside the motorhome is usually heavy, such as the beds, the refrigerator, the kitchen, so, before driving the motorhome, try to balance the loads or weights, so that it does not wobble on the road, but remain stable. The latter is essential when the trip is to the mountain area

The bottom line

Travelling with an RV is a unique experience as it provides a fantastic feeling of freedom. But driving a car that pulls one of these houses on wheels is not trivial. 

Differences in the vehicle’s response to acceleration, braking and cornering speeds due to the extra weight and increased aerodynamic drag make it necessary to drive particularly cautiously.

FAQ about the longest RV ever

What is the longest Class A RV?

The longest Class A is the Gulf Stream Constellation – it has 45′. An average Class A has between 35-40′ range.

How to live year-round in a caravan?

To live year-round in a caravan and benefit from an address, registering with your local office is an idea. However, you must have a link with the municipality where you are making the request such as a place of stay on the date of the request, professional activity in the municipality, family ties.

How to drive an RV?

To drive an RV, you have to know the following tips:

  1. Know its dimensions. It is as basic as it is fundamental.
  2. Spread the load evenly. 
  3. Avoid overtaking.
  4. Drive at a steady speed. 
  5. If there is a strong wind, slow down. 
  6. Use the side mirrors. 
  7. Do not leave loose items inside.


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