Should I put a dehumidifier in my caravan?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Should I put a dehumidifier in my caravan? We will review the best dehumidifiers for a caravan and help you choose the most suitable one.

Should I put a dehumidifier in my caravan?

It is a good idea to put a dehumidifier in your caravan if you are worried about moisture problems, especially during long-term parking or winter days. A dehumidifier will allow you to have the interior humidity of the caravan controlled for a while. 

Moisture created inside a caravan can cause stains on fabrics and rust on metal parts. During use, as it is a small space with several people sleeping inside, the condensation that is generated is very high, causing an unpleasant sensation of humidity. In both cases, the problems generated by humidity can become significant and leave our caravan in poor condition.

The best dehumidifiers for caravans that we are going to review in this blog post are:

  • ANSIO Interior Dehumidifier
  • Qxmcov Dehumidifier
  • UGHEY Portable Electric Dehumidifier,
  • Aidodo Portable Electric Dehumidifier 9
  • YISSVIC Portable Silent Mini Dehumidifier
  • Greenmigo Electric Dehumidifier
  • MILcea Electric Dehumidifier
  • Pro Breeze Compact and Portable Dehumidifier
  • Duronic DH20 Silent 20 litre Electric Air Dehumidifier

Next, we will review each of the above caravan dehumidifiers and help you choose the right one for you.

Top 9 caravan dehumidifiers

Camping with a caravan or mobile home is once again enjoying increasing popularity. However, humidity in the caravan can be a problem. To help prevent mould, dampness and high humidity in a caravan, consider investing in a good dehumidifier. See some examples below.

  1. ANSIO interior Dehumidifier: It is designed to remove moisture from the air in your home. Hydrophilic crystals retain moisture from the air and help fight condensation, airborne allergens, fungi, or mould.

It is easy to use. Ideal for rooms and spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, caravans, boats or garages. The first drop appears in 1-3 weeks, depending on the humidity level. Absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in water.

  1. Qxmcov Dehumidifier: This electric dehumidifier is an innovative compact design. It is an ideal size for caravans. The dehumidifier is equipped with a 900ml water tank, using Peltier module condensing technology, which can guarantee 300ml dehumidification every day (80% relative humidity at 25 ° C).It can help you reduce mould growth and clean the air.
  1. UGHEY Portable Electric Dehumidifier: The 7-colour LED light set with this product is combined with a water tank with a translucent design, which makes the amount of dehumidification clear at the same time and increases the design aesthetics. Additionally, this mini dehumidifier has a lightweight design at about 2.8 pounds with a carry handle on the back that allows you to easily move it around.
  1. Aidodo Portable Electric Dehumidifier: It adopts semiconductor technology, quickly sucks the moisture out of the air through the fan, the device removes water vapour from the air, and emits dry and cool air to eliminate mould in humid environments. 

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This 900ml water tank dehumidifier can absorb water up to 300ml per day from humid air at 30 ℃ (86 ℉), RH80%. Perfect for use in the home, office, and small spaces such as a caravan.

  1. YISS VIC Portable Silent Mini Dehumidifier: The YISSVIC air dehumidifier is ideal against allergies, bad odours and viruses. It can process 99.7% of the air, which solves the air problems caused by excess humidity by reducing the humidity in the air to help improve health.
  1. Greenmigo Electric Dehumidifier:  The Greenmigo dehumidifier is equipped with a high-quality R290 air compressor and efficiently reduces humidity and water up to 13L per day.Whether at home, in the office or in the basement, it effectively removes water from the air, reduces humidity and protects your walls and furniture from water damage.
  1. MILcea Electric Dehumidifier: The power of this mini dehumidifier is only 22.5W, so it does not consume too much power. When the water in the dehumidifier’s water tank reaches a critical value, the device automatically shuts off and the LED indicator flashes at the same time. You don’t have to worry about water tank leaks or consuming too much electricity.
  1. Pro Breeze Compact and Portable Dehumidifier: Perfect for removing steam, mould, and moisture from your home, kitchen, bathroom, dorm, caravan, garage, or basement. Capable of extracting up to 500 ml of moisture per day with a 1500 ml capacity water reservoir!
  1. Duronic DH20 Silent 20 litre Electric Air Dehumidifier: With this device, you can reduce the level of humidity and the bad smell generated by the formation of humidity and condensation. This dehumidifier is very useful to combat humidity in spaces with little light and ventilation such as basements, caravans, storage rooms, attics, small boats, cabinets, garages, closets, bathrooms without ventilation or offices.

What helps fight high humidity in a caravan?

High humidity can be a real problem, as we have discussed above. Because, unlike the large rooms in the apartment, the caravan is smaller, a bucket of dry granulate is usually sufficient for the condensation that has built up in a camper or motorhome.

Here are our quick and simple solutions and preventions methods to fix dampness in a caravan:

  1. Use a garage dehumidifier for winter storage – When the temperatures are cool, particularly between October and March, the humidity level increases considerably inside the premises. Mould, musty smell and rust are the consequences. 
  2. Invest in a good hygrometer – Hygrometers help control humidity levels and take the necessary measures against mould in good time. It helps reduce the damp in the caravan by regularly ventilating the cabin, including creating a draft for five minutes. 
  3. If the caravan is contaminated with mould – Clean the mould-prone surfaces with an appropriate disinfectant that kills and removes mould spores. Contaminated textiles should either be discarded or treated with disinfectant and then washed at a minimum of 60 ° C. 

The bottom line

The problem of too high a humidity level in a caravan appears especially on winter days, after cooking or showering. If the humidity level regularly exceeds 70%, it can cause rust, mould, musty odour and rot. To remedy this, dehumidification must be carried regularly and using a good dehumidifier might be the best investment for your caravan and your health!

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FAQ on Should I put a dehumidifier in my caravan?

Where is the best place to put a dehumidifier?

The best place to put a dehumidifier is in the room you need it in most. Dehumidifiers are commonly placed in bedrooms, basements, laundry rooms, crawl spaces, and indoor pool areas since these areas often have moisture problems.

Should you leave a dehumidifier on all the time?

A dehumidifier needs to be on for at least 12 hours a day to see any changes. The number of hours varies according to the size of the room, the capacity of the dehumidifier and depends on one’s needs.

How do I keep my caravan damp-free?

To keep your caravan damp-free you must keep it ventilated at all times, shower outside when possible, cook with the windows/door open, don’t dry your laundry inside the caravan and invest in a good humidifier. 

How do I keep my caravan dry in the winter?

To keep your caravan dry in the winter make sure it is well ventilated. Use a garage dehumidifier for winter storage.

Will caravan damp-dry out?

Yes, caravan damp will dry out in time. However, it is recommended to speed up the process with a dehumidifier, as too high humidity can be a great place for mould. 


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