What are the RV parking laws in Los Angeles?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What are the RV parking laws in Los Angeles?” We will talk about the RV parking rules in Los Angeles and touch upon the California parking laws and RV rules. We will also discuss the alternative parking options that are available in Los Angeles and mention a few tips for RV parking.

What are the RV parking laws in Los Angeles?

The RV parking laws in Los Angeles are listed as follows: 

  • Parking near schools and in front of private property is strictly prohibited.
  • RVs and campers are allowed to park only in designated areas.
  • Vehicles more than 22 feet long are prohibited from parking.
  • Parking without a permit is not allowed. 
  • Parking at RV Parks and campsites is allowed.
  • Parking in front of a hydrant or fire department is strictly prohibited.
  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles are prohibited in residential areas.
  • You are required to get a permit to park an oversized vehicle in the street.
  • Overnight parking is also strictly prohibited on certain streets and highways.
  • In some places, parking between 2 am to 6 am is restricted.
  • You are only allowed to park in an alley or a street when you are loading or unloading.

According to the law, any vehicle more than 23 feet is considered an oversized vehicle in Los Angeles. The vehicle must not be more than 80 inches wide or 82 inches in height. However, pickup trucks are exempted from this rule until and unless they have an oversized camper shell. There are only a few neighborhoods that allow RVs to park freely.

The RV parking laws in Los Angeles are different from those of other places. There are designated parking areas for RVs and there are plenty of RV Parks and campsites across the city. Though the law does not ban people from living in their RVs, the parking laws can be strict and you are not allowed to park for more than 72 hours in one spot.

Parking Permit 

You can get a parking permit or a visitor’s permit and the permit needs to be displayed on your RV. You can get a permit from the local sheriff’s station. RV parking laws in Los Angeles can also vary according to the vehicle and the size. Semi-trailers or trailers are not allowed to park within city limits.

The RV parking laws in California are pretty strict. In California, there are municipality laws that change according to the city. It is advised to go through the laws that apply to a city before you plan of visiting. As for living in an RV, the only best option would be an RV Park that allows you to stay for a long time.

California RV parking laws  

In general, the California parking laws apply to all the cities, this includes Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and all the other cities. Yet, the local laws are applicable within each city. The only way you can park and camp without any restrictions is by RV Parks. Below are the RV rules and parking laws in California.

  • Overnight parking for RVs or any type of motorhome is not allowed in most states.
  • Triple towing is strictly prohibited in California.
  • The towing speed is restricted to only 55 miles per hour.
  • Motorhomes that are more than 40 feet are restricted.
  • In case of towing, you must have reflective signs, a breakaway switch with safety chains, and a fire extinguisher.
  • In the case of towing, the overall length is restricted to 65 feet including the hitch.
  • You cannot park within 500 feet of a preschool, or daycare.

Be sure to touch upon the local rules and regulations before traveling into a city. You might be able to park inside a property if you are invited to do so. Never park near signals or signboards since it is not permitted and is against the law. Parking in such areas can attract a hefty fine and you can be suspended from your license.

Alternative parking options in Los Angeles

There are alternative parking options in Los Angeles where people park their RVs for a day or through the night. These parking options are not guaranteed, but you can still give them a shot. You might not be able to park your RV for weeks instead you can park for a couple of nights since many people make sure of this opportunity.


Parking in Casinos is very common in Los Angeles and many people are known to jump at this opportunity. You can always pull over or drive into a Casino and park your vehicle for a night. Many people who visit casinos stay overnight since they are designated parking spots and you are not left to park on the streets.


Walmart stores are one of the other common parking spaces that are used by RV enthusiasts. You will need to get permission at the Walmart store from the manager if you want to park your RV. There are spaces to park and they might allow you to stay overnight. However, you cannot have any camping activities since the place is only meant for parking.


Churches are always welcome to anyone and parking at churches is also another option. Be sure to get permission and they might just allow you to camp for the night. Churches have large parking areas for their visitors and the chances of finding a parking spot are pretty easy since not many people park overnight.

Truck stops

There are plenty of truck stops in and around California. While traveling on highways you are bound to come across truck stops. You can always ask permission to park your RV for the night and most truck stops do allow RVs. It is only important that they have extra space and you cannot park and not give space for a truck.

Rest areas

You might come across some rest areas where you can pull over for the night. These places are similar to truck stops and they can be crowded with other vehicles including cars. Rest areas were also created for truck drivers to park their vehicles. Try not to take up the spots that are reserved for big trucks.

RV repair shops

This is an easy way out and all you need is to find an RV repair shop. You can also find a truck or car repair shop to park your RV for the night. This is also a good way to give your RV a general check. You can fix something if there is a need for it and you can request the shop if you can park for the night.

If you are driving on highways you can always pull over at a motel or a place where you can rent a room for the night. In that way, you will be able to get some parking space and a good night’s sleep. Never try to drive overnight if you are tired or too sleepy. You can always find a way and get permission for parking your RV.

There is no other option other than following the RV parking laws in Los Angeles. Avoid parking and busy areas and avoid parking within city limits. Never try to camp anywhere without permission and make use of RV Parks or campsites. There are free and paid campsites in Los Angeles where you can park your vehicle peacefully without any disturbance.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What are the RV parking laws in Los Angeles?” We have talked about the RV parking laws in Los Angeles and the California parking laws and RV rules. We have also discussed the alternative parking options in Los Angeles. Let us know in the comments below if there are any other parking spots for RVs in Los Angeles.





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