25+ RV food truck ideas (photos included)

In this blog post, we will share with you 25+ RV food truck ideas. We will explain the basics of opening a food truck and hopefully get you ready for opening your own business!

The most original RV food truck ideas 

Below we have gathered the most original RV food truck ideas. A food truck is one of the business ideas that has been gaining momentum in recent months. There are dozens of food segments to undertake in a food truck and here are a few ideas of what you could specialize in:

  • Hot dogs or Sandwiches;
  • International meals;
  • Healthy and nutritious meals;
  • Vegan meals;
  • Smoothies and Juices.

Of course, there are so many more ideas. It is very common to see in the United States food trucks offering gourmet burgers, hot dogs and other traditional foods. There is such a rage for this business model that even large restaurants tend to have their food truck version.

Now the secret to running this type of business is the price and quality of the food. It must be remembered that most of the people who buy food trucks are people who are passing through and who seek to eat well for little money. If good quality food is offered at a reasonable price, success is assured.

25+ RV food truck ideas to inspire you

  1. A small caravan serving hot & iced drinks
  1. A great place to get a cup of coffee
  1. A very chic option for take-away
  1. RV transformed into a cool local fast-food 
  1. Grill food-truck
  1. Larger RV as a place for the tastiest fries 
  1. RV ice cream, anyone?
  1. Frozen Treats RV
  1. Airstream as a Food Truck
  1. Large RV transformed into a Cafe

11 – 26. Grilled sandwiches, hot dogs, pancakes, coffee, smoothies, and many more ideas

A few tips for setting up an RV food truck

Before setting up the food truck, the ideal is that you ask about the permits that are needed to be able to implement this business in your city. In this way, you will know what expenses you will have to make in order to enable this business on the wheel.

On many occasions, it happens that in some cities they do not have laws on food carts, which does not indicate that they are prohibited, but you will have to find out all the details on your own.

Determining what foods will be sold: Before talking about the structure of the truck, you will need to determine what type of food it will sell, as well as the full menu it will offer. 

This is one of the parts where part of the budget will go, so you have to determine what food item you will undertake. This will influence both the cost and the structure of the food truck.

Try to avoid complicated menus or meals that are difficult to prepare, also keep in mind that the space in the car is reduced, but beyond that, the idea is to have the food prepared to avoid wasting time and sell quickly.

The best thing for this business is to choose to prepare simple and sophisticated meals. As I said before, the main clients of this style of business are people who are passing through, which is why speed and quality are some of the factors that characterize a food truck.

Structuring the food truck: The structure for assembling a food truck is usually made up of two different sections, the truck itself and the kitchen frame. These two things are what will determine the money to invest, because the broader the sections, the more money must be invested. 

Today there are many models of cars, which incorporate sections for customers to sit. Try to choose the size that fits your pocket, remember that you will then need to customize the vehicle with accessories.

Now there is the option of buying a new or used truck, where sometimes the best option ends up being to buy a used one until the business stabilizes. By buying a used one, you can greatly reduce your initial investment, since much of it goes into the truck. Unless the legislation of a particular city prohibits the use of a used food truck.

Adapting and customizing the food truck

With the truck problem solved, it’s time to customize and tailor it as needed for marketing. The preparation of the dishes must also be carried out, to know if they meet the health requirements that each country requires.

Remember that when customizing the food truck, you must determine what kind of meals will be offered. If working with hot food, the infrastructure should include a kitchen with an oven, pans and other necessary utensils. If cold food such as salads, sandwiches and other cold foods will be offered, refrigerators should be included to store all food.

Final tips

Once you have an idea of what items to use in your food truck, you can determine the size needed for your business. At this stage, it is time to see a food truck specialist, who will give you a quote. There are many companies that are dedicated to manufacturing food trucks, which offer to install the devices they need.

The prices of the food truck can vary a lot, but a complete economic (new) one usually costs between $ 10,000 to $ 15,000, everything will depend on the adaptations and the appliances that are installed.

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FAQ about RV food truck

Can you use an RV as a food truck?

Yes, you can use an RV as a food truck. In fact, in our article, you can notice how some RV owners have created perhaps the coolest food trucks from old RVs.

How much does it cost to turn a trailer into a food truck?

Turing a trailer into a food truck can cost between $900 to $4000. It all will depend on the condition of the trailer, its size and, of course, what kind of food you’ll be serving. 

What is the average startup cost for a food truck?

The average startup cost for a food truck ranges between $28,000 and $114,000. If you consider that the average profit is around $300,000 per year, the investment may be worth it.

Is it worth owning a food truck?

It is totally worth it owning a food truck. These are high-profit food business ideas and the average profit is around $300,000 per year!


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