The Magic Chef RV microwave (the best 5 replacements)

In this article, we will discuss whether the Magic Chef RV microwave is worth it and what are the best five replacements for it.  

Magic Chef RV microwave: is it worth it?

The Magic Chef RV microwave is bought if you want to save money, but not compromise on the quality of your microwave. According to tot the manufacturer, the Magic Chef RV microwave has the following features:

  • Easy to use dial controls;
  • The turntable provides even cooking and the interior light helps monitor food cooking;
  • Door with easy-open pull handle for countertop use;
  • q0 power levels.
  • Power 1000W.
  • 6 pre-programmed touch modes.
  • 2-speed ventilation system.

So, is the Magic Chef RV microwave worth it? Truth be told, there are some good models on the market, that offer as many options as other modern RV microwaves do. The downside? They stopped the production of the Magic Chef RV microwave, so you may wanna get out there and check some newer models. 

There comes a time when you start equipping your caravan or motorhome and you wonder if installing a microwave is a good idea, doubts arise in relation to the little space and whether they are really useful, taking into account the consumption of electrical energy, which in the case of motorhomes it is extremely important.

The advantages of having a microwave in an RV

  • If you are travelling with children, heating up food quickly is very important.
  • Saving time, being able to dedicate it to the enjoyment of our trip,
  • It is advisable to buy a microwave with an integrated grill, in this way you can prepare dishes simultaneously, taking advantage of the energy source in a very considerable way.

What should you take into account when choosing a microwave for your RV:

  • The use that you are going to give it;
  • The type of device you want to buy;
  • The price;
  • The power, depending on whether you have a caravan or an RV.

In case you have a caravan, the power of the microwave is indistinct since it will work through the current of the campsite or the place where you are feeding energy. So you should pay more attention to the size and design of it.

In the case of RVs, the microwave will be powered by the internal battery and for that reason, it is advisable to ensure that its power does not exceed 800w, if you put it to work at its maximum capacity you will not have problems. This type of microwave has the variant of coming with or without a grill.

Magic Chef RV microwave replacements

Whether your Magic Chef RV microwave has stopped working or your RV is not equipped with one, below you will read our recommendations for the best RV microwaves. 

Orbegozo MI 2017 RV microwave

We are talking about a microwave that adapts very well to most spaces and that fits with different decorative styles thanks to the fact that you can choose between 4 colours (white, black, grey, red).

Apart from being a small microwave, it is the most economical and that is why it is the most chosen by consumers of all those analyzed. You can buy the version with a grill or without a grill with 9 and 6 levels of operation respectively. Both versions have a defrost function and a timer for up to 30 minutes.

If this model is not available, you can buy the 2117 model with very similar characteristics and measures of 44.6 x 24.3 x 35.3 cm.

Daewoo Kor-6F07 RV microwave

The best way to define this small microwave is the great value for money and is very basic so it is very easy to use.

It has the typical functions of defrosting, reheating and maintaining the temperature. It will consume less energy than other models, something must be taken into account if the electrical installation of your motorhome is not very powerful.

As a drawback, most of these small microwaves have a 25 cm wide interior space and some dishes have 28 cm plates so you would have to put it on its side and it is more uncomfortable.

Balay 3WGX RV microwave

Analyzing this microwave we realize that it is an option with a higher price than previous models, but with greater effectiveness and efficiency in heating food. By having more power it heats better and faster and by having less capacity (17l) it uses less energy because it heats in a smaller space.

Another of its advantages is that it has an internal width of 29 cm, which allows you to comfortably place the typical 28 cm plates of traditional tableware.

In short, a small microwave with an interior space superior to other models and comes with a grill included in case you want to make a delicious pizza in the motorhome.

Whirlpool Max 39 RV microwave

This small microwave is characterized by being made of stainless steel, having 5 operating modes, reheat function, defrost function, grill function, crisp function and steam cooking function.

This is the ideal microwave for those who cannot fit another microwave because of the width. As a disadvantage, its price is high but it has special functions such as steam cooking or the crips function in which you can make some “fried” potatoes without oil since they are made on the inside and remain crisp on the outside.

If your budget is not a problem and you have enough energy capacity in your motorhome, I recommend this microwave for the quality and wide variety of options it offers in a very small space.

IKOHS MW 700S RV microwave

With an elegant modern design, we analyze this microwave that stands out for having useful functions such as AutoStart. This function allows you to program the heating of a meal at a specific time, such as defrosting food and when you come from a route the food is ready.

Depending on the type of food you want to heat and its weight, you can heat it so that it is perfect (multi-frequency cooking). In short, a small microwave that stands out for the different ways of heating food, its program function and its elegant design.

FAQ about Magic Chef RV microwave replacements

What is the best small microwave for a caravan?

The best small microwave Whirlpool max 39 models. One of the best is because its size is very small and allows you to insert it into caravan furniture where 99% of the microwave does not enter (as it happened in my case).

How to choose the best small microwave?

To choose the best small microwave you have to research the available models on the market.  My recommendation is to opt for a good microwave like the Whirlpool that has 360w of plates, MPPT regulator, 2000w pure wave inverter and 200 mAh of batteries.

What small and cheap microwave to buy for an RV?

There are many options for small and cheap microwaves for RVs. Suppose you are looking to save as much as possible and enter the area you want to install. In that case, the best option is the Orbegozo MI 2107 microwave because it is very simple, easy to use and economical.

It has the basic functions that people usually use (defrosting, reheating) and you can choose to buy the model with a grill to make some pizzas in the motorhome.


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