Long term travel trailer rentals

In this blog post, we will talk about “Long term travel trailer rentals” We will list out the Perks of renting a travel trailer for long-term purposes and discuss the average renting price. We will also discuss the things to consider while renting a travel trailer and talk about the insurance and other necessities that you need.

Long term travel trailer rentals 

Long-term travel trailer rentals can be a good alternative to purchasing a travel trailer. Many people have implemented this trend and have successfully lived in a long-term travel trailer for years. The biggest question is if you are ready to purchase a travel trailer or rent one instead. Long-term travel trailers are more common these days for people who love to live on the road.

The good news is that people tend to save money on long-term travel trailer rentals. Some people rent a travel trailer only for a season while some people tend to stay for a long time. You can also choose to rent a travel trailer on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Of course, a long-term rental will surely help you save money in the long run.

Perks of renting a travel trailer for long term purposes 

Purchasing a recreational vehicle is not easy and this can be huge on your pocket. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, and any type of RV are going to cost you thousands of dollars. The only best way out is to get a travel trailer for rent. The advantage of renting a travel trailer is that you can get a huge discount if you plan on renting it for the long term.

This benefit applies both ways, RV and trailer owners are also happy to give their vehicles for rent for a longer period. Renting a travel trailer is easy and there are many places where you can get a trailer for rent. Choosing what type of trailer you need is important. Depending on your family and the number of members, you can choose the right travel trailer for rent.

Saving money 

Saving money is one of the perks of renting a travel trailer in the long run. Renting a travel trailer is much cheaper than purchasing one. It is cost-effective and you still get to have the best amenities just like home. On the other hand, you will also get to travel frequently and camp in new places whenever required.

Road trips can be expensive, especially if you want to rest the night at a hotel. Once you rent a travel trailer, you can also make use of RV Parks and campsites. There are many free RV Parks and campsites across the country. Renting a long-term travel trailer will help you save on hotel costs. You also get to save a lot when you cook your food.

Carry more belongings

You also get to carry more belongings along with you since you can store them in the travel trailer. A travel trailer is good enough for a large family and you don’t need to worry about carrying around your stuff. There are no luggage restrictions and you can also carry your trekking gear and fishing gear with ease.

Travel to remote places

Imagine if you have the opportunity to get up close to nature and spend more time camping. With a rented travel trailer you get to travel to remote places and spend more time outdoors. Staying in a hotel will not give you this opportunity. You can easily park your trailer and go off for fishing or hiking on some of the best natural trails.

Where can you rent travel trailers?

Alright, so the easy way is to get contacts online. Searching on the internet will help you get the best options that are available. Places like Cruise America and Cruise Canada are some of the best options to rent travel trailers. Checking in and around your area is also another way to get some of the best deals. Just be sure to get the right travel trailer as per your requirements.

Apart from checking RV rental companies, another option is to check RV forums. There might be many RV enthusiasts who are ready to rent their vehicles for a couple of months, especially if they are not using them. This can also be a cheaper option but make sure you make an agreement and double-check the terms and conditions.

Insurance for rental trailers

Ensure to check for insurance with the rental company since this is equally important. You might need to get your insurance if you are renting the trailer for more than a year. Some rental companies give you insurance based on the type of rental plan that you have. Be sure not to damage the trailer during your rental tenure since you might be required to pay for the damages.

Monthly travel trailer rental prices

On average, you can rent an RV or a travel trailer anywhere from $200 to $250 per week. The price range is subject to change according to the place and the type of trailer you are planning on renting. Travel trailers with more features and amenities are sure to cost you more. However, you can also reap the benefits of living in a luxury trailer.

Instead of renting a travel trailer, you can also choose to rent an RV. Travel trailers will need to be towed and you will need to have a towing vehicle. An RV is hassle-free and you just need to drive around and camp where you want. Class A RVs are a good option for a big family and you can find one for rent with ease.

Things to consider while renting a travel trailer 

Make sure to consider where you will be parking your travel trailer. When it comes to parking, these vehicles require lots of space. You will also need proper hookups and access to water and sewage systems. Select an RV park that has all the basic facilities to make your stay more comfortable. Living in an RV should not be a hassle instead it should be an enjoyable experience.

Keep aside a budget for your monthly rent, and try to negotiate with renting companies to reduce as much as possible. Check out the other options in your area and get the best deal. Avoid going beyond your monthly budget as it can turn out to be too expensive. One important thing to note about renting travel trailers is the down payment.

Most travel trailer renting companies will ask you for a deposit upfront so be sure to keep some extra cash. Stay at a fully loaded campground and make sure they are safe. Note that you might be required to pay a fee at certain campgrounds. Not all campgrounds are free for parking your travel trailer. Be sure to have that aspect covered even before you choose to rent a travel trailer.

Be sure to do enough research on campgrounds as much as you research renting travel trailers. Private campgrounds might be more expensive so keep your eyes open for KOAs and discount communities. Options like Escapees RV Club will not be too expensive as private or luxury campsites.

Prepare for the experience 

You must be ready to prepare for a messy experience. If you are living in a travel trailer for the first time, try not to camp too long since you might find it hard to adjust. Camping for a month or two will help you understand how these things work. Make sure you know about hookups and connections and prepare yourself for a camping experience.

Overall, long-term travel trailer rental options are good if you want to save some money. If you want to travel around the country for the next three months, you can go ahead and rent a trailer rather than purchasing one. Depending on your travel and the duration of your stay, you can select trailers that will suit your needs.


In this blog post, we have talked about “Long term travel trailer rentals” We have listed out the Perks of renting a travel trailer for long term purposes and discussed the average renting price. We have also discussed the things to consider while renting a travel trailer and talked about the insurance and other necessities that you need.



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