Is Van life lonely? (7 reasons to love it)

In today’s blog post, we will discuss: Is Van life lonely? We will give you a few tips to stay safe and a bit lonely while travelling solo. We will also review some of the reasons why travelling by yourself is the best!

Is Van life lonely?

Yes, van life can be lonely sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! Even if you are travelling by yourself, there are still lots of ways to connect to people, such as Facebook groups or online forums (just look for the #vanlife posts). 

The lack of a travel companion to communicate with, go to eat, or distract yourself makes you more open to meeting other people. Going alone also encourages people to invite you to be with them.

If your main concern is that you are going to feel lonely and this is stopping you from starting a new adventure, we are going to remind you of some of the benefits of travelling alone!

  1. You get to choose the destination you want to visit when renting a van. You do not have to go debating with friends or with your partner. Think of a city that you would love to see and plan your trip. Once you arrive at the destination, you will see what only you want to see. If you do not have a lot of museums, why do you have to visit them because your partner does like them?
  1. Fewer costs. Travelling alone means thinking only of yourself and your budget, spending money on what you want: good restaurants, excursions, shopping, and renting the van of your dreams!
  1. You get to meet new people all the time. On trips you always end up meeting new people, and who says maybe not the love of your life too? Travelling alone in a motorhome is not boring at all. It is a unique option to try a new experience and discover hidden places!
  1. It is not unsafe. We often think travelling alone is unsafe. Of course, you must take into account where you are going to go, to what country. Find out about the most dangerous areas of the destinations where you go to not get close to them, and enjoy your trip!
  1. You get to be with yourself. Travelling alone is also an option to carry out a total disconnection with the world around you and recharge your batteries in a different destination and context.
  2. You can change the plan whenever you want. Who has not had some misunderstanding travelling in a group because each one wants to make a different plan? Travelling alone will not happen to you. It does not matter if it is a small decision, such as where to go to eat, or if it is a more important one, such as where the next stop with your caravan or motorhome will be; You, and only you, decide the pace of the trip, what and when to visit, and how you spend the money.
  1. It will help improve your confidence. The fact of having to face the different situations that arise along the way, find a solution and get out of it successfully, helps you improve your self-esteem, not only for the next getaway in a van or motorhome, if not in all aspects of your life.

How to be safe while travelling solo in a van

As already mentioned above, travelling solo in a van is not dangerous. You just have to take some precautions for your (and your family & friends’) peace of mind!

  • Find out about the destination you are going to visit: It is important that you inform yourself well about the destination you are going to visit. You should know which places are safe and which places are better to avoid, what the customs are like in that place, find out if it is safe to go out at night if there is a recommended dress code, which neighbourhoods are better to stay and what means of transport are safe.
  • Plan your trip well: This will not only make you travel more relaxed, but it will also allow you to save some money and make the most of the days you have to travel.

When planning a trip, the main points that you should be clear about are where you are going to stay, what means of transport you are going to use, what attractions you are going to visit and, if you are doing a route, how long will you stay in each place.

  • Keep a copy of your important documents: Another way to travel feeling calmer is to bring an electronic copy of your most important documents. In this way, if you suffer any theft or loss, you will have a backup that will make it easier for you to obtain new documents.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO: This is advice that not only applies when travelling but in any situation in which you feel uncomfortable or in which you simply do not feel like accepting an offer. So don’t feel compelled or pressured to do something you don’t want to do. Try to be confident and trust your instincts and common sense.
  •  You don’t have to say that you are travelling alone: This will prevent you from looking like an easy target for certain people (sad that this is the case, but I’d rather not take chances).
  • Tell someone you trust where you are going to be: Another way to feel more secure while travelling alone is by telling a trusted person where you are going to be. Many times when travelling we want to feel free and disconnect a little from reality. However, it is worth taking certain basic precautionary measures that will help your safety and give your family greater peace of mind

In an emergency, this information is essential.

  • Be careful with your belongings: This is advice that not only applies to women who are travelling alone, but it is essential when travelling, especially in large cities, places with crowds or places that are not too safe.

Try to always be attentive to your surroundings, do not be too trusting, avoid showing belongings that attract attention (such as cameras and cell phones) and do not keep all your money in one place. Ideally, don’t travel with too much cash. Try to take only what is necessary and the rest to take it out little by little from your cards.

Also, carry a lock for your suitcase and keep your backpack pockets inspected. If you are staying in a hotel, make sure you leave your room locked; If you are going to stay in a hostel, take a lock and keep your valuables in a safe or safe place.

  • Try to bring some extra money: Try to leave some extra money in your account or carry a credit card for emergencies. You never know when an eventuality may arise that requires us to spend more money than we had budgeted for. The ideal is to have enough extra money to, at least, spend a couple more days at your destination and (hopefully) for a return ticket.
  • Trust your instincts: When travelling alone it is important to be aware of your surroundings and listen to your hunches. If a place or a person makes you uncomfortable, it is better to think that it will be for something. I think that in these cases it is better to be cautious and stay away from places or people that do not give you a good feeling.

By this, I do not mean that you do not talk to anyone during your trip, but try to be cautious, do not go to places that give you a bad impression and listen to your instincts.

  • Always travel with travel insurance: Having travel insurance can be a lifesaver and a way to save a lot of money. If you suffer an accident or illness during your solo trip, you will appreciate having insurance that covers medical expenses. In addition, the insurance will also cover other eventualities, such as the loss or theft of your belongings, loss of flights, cancellation of the trip, among other coverage.

Final thoughts

Travelling alone in a van is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If such a trip can allow you to recharge your batteries, assert yourself, gain self-confidence, and live, then we can only encourage you to take the plunge! There are solutions to any problem you might encounter: security, organization, loneliness in particular.

Do you have any tips for solo travellers? Please feel free to share them!


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