Is Tundra a camper shell?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Is Tundra a camper shell? We will review the Toyota Tundra, explain what a camper shell is and whether you should get one for your pick-up or not. 

Is Tundra a camper shell?

No, Tundra is not a camper shell. The Toyota Tundra is among America’s most favorite pick-up trucks. The confusion may be due to the fact that equipping your Tundra with a camper shell is common practice and a great way of camping or sleeping overnight in your truck. 

What is the Toyota Tundra?

The Toyota Tundra has long been a favorite among truck buyers, and it has very good reason to be. The Toyota Tundra is known for being dependable, capable of towing a fair amount, and can be achieved pretty much any way you like. 

Most Tundra models have scored a reliability rating of four or five out of five in Consumer Reports’ evaluation. The only Tundra model that failed to score as high in reliability was the 2007 and 2002 Toyota Tundra, both of which earned a reliability rating of three out of five.

The Tundra has earned equally high ratings from JD Power, in fact the 2021 Toyota Tundra earned a quality and reliability rating of ‘Excellent’. Previous models got similar high reliability ratings from JD Power. However, that shouldn’t be a big surprise. The Toyota Tundra is a pretty reliable truck, after all.

While it can be a reliable pickup, reliability and longevity don’t always go hand in hand. Well, according to a study by iSeeCars, you can expect the Tundra to last quite a long time.

The study looked at more than 15.8 million cars that were sold in 2019. iSeeCars took that data and used it to find out which models included in the study had the highest percentage of cars that could reach 200,000 miles.

The Toyota Tundra performed well – in fact, it managed to rank as the most durable truck in its segment. An impressive 2.9% of models exceeded 200,000 miles, which is better than the average for the full-size truck segment.

The reliability and performance of this pick-up is so great, that in fact there is a Tundra that managed to reach a staggering one million miles. The odometer for said million-mile Tundra rose to 999,999 in 2019.

Toyota Tundra TowingPackage and Features

With a 2021 Toyota Tundra towing capacity of 10,200 pounds, drivers will have the ability to hitch a caravan, trailer, or boat for their next adventure. This is in addition to an available payload capacity of 1,730 pounds. Of course, the Toyota Tundra towing capacity that will be achieved depends on the model and equipment you select, such as the Toyota Tundra towing package and the Toyota Tundra towing mirrors.

There are a number of features that contribute to the Toyota Tundra’s strong towing capacity, including:

  • Strong TripleTech ™ frame with an integrated trailer hitch receiver
  • Tow hitch using 12 heavy duty bolts
  • Standard Toyota Tundra towing package, including trailer hitch receiver, rugged battery, and various other smart features
  • Standard trailer-sway control
  • 4/7 pin connector built into the rear bumper
  • Tow / Haul mode, which increases throttle response and stays in lower gears longer
  • Integrated trailer brake controller available
  • Available Toyota Tundra Towing Mirrors

With these technologies and features in place, you can get the most out of the ultimate towing in the new Toyota Tundra.

Toyota Tundra engine and performance features

What is the towing capacity of a Toyota Tundra? Now that you have the answer to that question, take a look at the engine that makes it all possible. A 5.7L V8 engine delivers 381 hp and 401 pound-feet of torque through a 6-speed automatic transmission. Also, take advantage of the following performance features:

  • Active traction control
  • 2-speed transfer case
  • Automatically limited-slip differential
  • 13.9-inch front brake rotors and 4-piston front brake calipers
  • 10.5-inch ring gear.

What are camper shells?

Camper shells are also known as truck caps, canopies, or simply shells for pick-up trucks. Many Toyota Tundra owners choose to equip their truck with a camper shell for various reasons, but most of the time the main goal is either safe camping or keeping their gear safe from weather aversions and thieves. 

Camper shells are like caravans that are placed on the bed of a truck or pickup. This RV class typically seats two or three people and offers basic sleeping, cooking and eating facilities. The newer and more luxurious models have extensions that greatly expand and improve the living space.

Toyota Tundra: Camper shell or not?

As mentioned above, the Toyota Tundra has great towing capacity and space. These pick-ups are great for camping. But whether you should equip your Tundra with a camper shell or not, it comes to a personal choice.

To help you make a decision, here are the pros and cons of camper shells:

Pros of camper shells:

  • The basic models are usually very cheap.
  • Maintenance and insurance are not expensive.
  • Ideal for off-road experiences, short trips or vacations.
  • They are easy to drive and maneuver.
  • They provide a very flexible travel experience both in remote areas and in the city
  • When you are not camping you can use your pickup or truck for other activities.
  • It adapts to a variety of pick-ups, including backpackers or used.
  • It can be removed when not in use. Your pickup then becomes an automobile (or utility, depending on how you use it).
  • It embeds a real arrangement including beds, a kitchen, and sometimes a real bathroom with a shower.
  • It is much more comfortable and better insulated than a rooftop tent.

Cons of camper shells:

  • Very small living and storage space.
  • Limited services, especially on the lighter models.
  • Most do not have a full bathroom. Some, not even a half bath.
  • Requires specific truck or pickup models that match the type of caravan.
  • The most luxurious and spacious models can be as expensive as a fifth-wheel and require expensive and sturdy trucks or pickups that can support their weight.

What are the best camper shells for a Toyota Tundra?

The best camper shells for a Toyota Tundra are from one of these brands: A.R.E, Snugtop, Leer, Jason, ATC, Ranch, Raider, Unicover and Century. 

Buying the right camper shell pick-up is not difficult, however, depending on whether you have a short bed truck or long bed truck you may or may not want a certain type of shell. That is why it is important to consider aspects such as materials, vehicle brand, height and more so that it meets the expected quality standards.


A camper shell is essentially used for the extra space and to store some piece of equipment. Besides it, many pick-up owners like to camp with their pick-ups, and here is where a truck cap brings the most benefits. 

If you’re adventurous, camping in your Toyota Tundra is a great alternative to buying an RV. Camping under a tonneau cover offers several key advantages over traditional tent camping, for example. It is more comfortable, safe, convenient and cheap. With a few thousand dollars, you can optimize your pickup truck to make it one of the most comfortable camping spaces.

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FAQ on Is Tundra a camper shell?

What engine does the Toyota Tundra have?

The Toyota Tundra’s standard engine is a 5.7L i-FORCE V8, made of aluminum, producing 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque.

Can a Toyota Tundra carry a truck camper?

Yes, a Toyota Tundra can carry a truck camper. With a towing capacity of 10100 lbs (on the SR5 trim), Tundra will manage just fine with a loaded camper.  Steering and handling are excellent in the Toyota Tundra. The steering is firm and precise. The pick-up has a good turning radius that makes maneuvering easier. Acceleration is pretty good, and braking is firm and strong.

Are camper shells useful?

Yes, camper shells can be useful. They offer extra space to store your equipment and also protect the truck bed when driving. There are different types and sizes of camper shells, so make sure you choose the one that fits your needs best. 

How much does a truck cap weigh?

On average, a short bed truck cap weighs 170 lbs, while a long bed truck cap weighs 200 lbs. As for other measures, truck caps have height and length variations depending on the type of pick up where they will be installed. 

How secure are camper shells?

Camper shells are the best option if you are transporting valuables or packaging that can be easily removed from the vehicle when traveling at low speed or stopping at a red light or parking lot.


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