Is Toolstation Adblue any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is Toolstation Adblue any good?” We will talk about the benefits of Toolstation Adblue. We will also discuss the types of Toolstation Adblue. Additionally, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Adblue for your vehicle.

Is Toolstation Adblue any good?

Yes, Toolstation Adblue is good. Toolstation is one of those recognized Adblue brands that have been in the market for years together. Toolstation Adblue is non-toxic and colorless and is widely used for vehicles and motorhomes. Toolstation Adblue is strictly used only for diesel vehicles and it is one of those top-quality products.

Benefits of Toolstation Adblue

  • Toolstation Adblue arrives with certain benefits to help run your vehicle smoothly. Toolstation Adblue can be used in all modern diesel cars and diesel motorhomes.
  • One of the major benefits of Toolstation Adblue is that it helps reduce harmful NOx emissions by up to 80 percent. It is also environmentally friendly and helps your vehicle to meet the Euro 6 emissions standards.
  • Toolstation Adblue contains a mixture of urea and deionized water. This is used in vehicles with a selective catalytic reduction converter to reduce harsh emissions.
  • Toolstation Adblue is easy to carry and it can be stored away with ease. In case you find a warning light on the dashboard, you can add Toolstation Adblue. It also helps to get the car started when you are facing trouble.
  • Toolstation Adblue arrives with a special bottle that is designed with a secure opening and locking system. This locking system helps to prevent leakages and odors while traveling. It also arrives with a hose to make the topping-up process easy.
  • This Adblue is preferred for its easy-pour solution and ISO compliance. There is no need to worry about any damage to the SCR catalyst. Topping up the Adblue has never been easier.
  • Toolstation Adblue has been recognized for its performance, value for money, specification, and reliability. Overall, Toolstation is considered to be one of those top Adblue products since it has been around for decades.

Types of Toolstation Adblue

There are mainly two types of Toolstation Adblue, the Redex Adblue, and the Silverhook Adblue. Both types of Adblue arrive in a 10-liter can that makes it easy to carry around and store while traveling.

Redex Adblue

  • Redex Adblue is one of the most common types of Adblue that is manufactured by Toolstation. This Adblue is used mainly for diesel cars and they are efficient in reducing toxic emissions. 
  • Redex Adblue also helps the engine to function smoothly. Redex Adblue is wildly consumed by diesel vehicle owners across the nation.

Silverhook Adblue

  • The other commonly used Adblue from Toolstation is Silverhook. This Adblue is a diesel exhaust fluid that is ready to use. It has an internal spout that makes it easy to pour. Silverhook Adblue is an ultra-pure solution of urea in de-mineralized water.
  • Silverhook Adblue can be used for selective catalytic reduction systems and it helps to reduce nitrous oxide that is produced by most commercial vehicles.

Toolstation Adblue helps to get your vehicle started and it is also recommended to use Adblue for better performance. It adds great value and it is not too expensive. Toolstation Adblue is also non-toxic and colorless and it can be stored away with ease. Many vehicle owners have stated that to have a better performance after using Toolstation Adblue.

Advantages of using Adblue

There are various advantages of using Adblue for vehicles and one of the biggest benefits of using Adblue is to get your vehicle started easily. Adblue is now a legal requirement in trucks and various modes of public transport. Here are some of the advantages of using Adblue described below.

Reduces harsh emissions

  • Adblue is one of the best solutions to reduce harsh emissions that are emitted from vehicles. Once the liquid is injected into the vehicle’s exhaust gas flow, the solution reacts with nitrogen oxide before it leaves the exhaust of the vehicle.
  • Adlblue breaks down all the harmless nitrogen and oxygen as it enters the air. It significantly reduces the NOx particles that are caused by exhaust emissions.

It is environmentally friendly

  • One of the major advantages of using Adblue is that it is environmentally friendly. Since it reduces harmful emissions, it does not contribute to global warming. All types of Adblue are environmentally friendly products and are made for diesel vehicles since they emit excessive harsh emissions.
  • Adblue is classified as a safe product and it falls under the minimum risk category for transportable fluids in the UK. Adblue helps the motoring industry be a little more environmentally friendly and contributes to saving the planet.

It can be purchased in bulk

  • Unlike some products, Adblue can be purchased in bulk and it can be stored for a long time. This is mainly for large diesel vehicles and for those who are in the transporting industry.
  • Adblue arrives in small and large containers according to your preference. For those who want to purchase small amounts of the solution, there are Jerry cans and drums available. Adblue is also available in large supplies like 1000 liters.

Disadvantages of Adblue

  • While there are several advantages of Adblue, there are also a few disadvantages that come along with his product. The good news is that there are not many disadvantages to Adblue. Here are some of the disadvantages described below.
  • There is a separate tank for Adblue that is located near the fuel tank. Hence, it takes up extra space.
  • The gas emission of the vehicle is increased if the Adblue fluid gets exhausted.
  • Another disadvantage is the SCR causes damage to the catalyst in the system if the tank is emptied. However, this does not happen easily since the tank does not get emptied so easily.
  • Adblue liquid is abrasive and it can cause corrosion to the system. This is vital to parts that are made of copper. In some cases, it can cause soot accumulation in the SCR system. Be sure to check the filters consistently when you use Adblue to be on the safe side.
  • Adblue can easily freeze at -11 degrees and that is probably one of the biggest disadvantages. It is not recommended to use Adblue in cold climatic conditions. This may also prevent the vehicle from starting and it can cause various other problems.

Note that Adblue is not mandatory for use outside the European Union countries. While there are only a few disadvantages, there are several advantages of using Adblue. There are several brands of Adblue and Toolstation is one of the most recognized brands that has been used for decades together.  


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is Toolstation Adblue any good?” We have talked about the benefits of Toolstation Adblue. We have also discussed the types of Toolstation Adblue. Additionally, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Adblue for your vehicle.


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