Is there a membership price for the IRV2 forum?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is there a membership price for the IRV2 forum? We will talk about the IRV2 forum’s benefits and features. We will also talk about the  IRV2 forum discussions. Additionally, we will discuss the benefits of joining an RV forum. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the IRV2 forum.

Is there a membership price for the IRV2 forum?

No, there is no membership price for the IRV2 forum. The IRV2 forum provides free membership for all motorhome and RV enthusiasts. The IRV2 forum is one of the leading and fast-growing RV forums. There is a huge network of RV owners and enthusiasts at the IRV2 forum. You also get to be a part of a great community.

The IRV2 forum has various categories and discussions that take place every day. People with different motorhome brands get to share their experiences with others. The IRV2 is a knowledgeable platform that brings all RV enthusiasts together. The biggest advantage of being a part of IRV2 is that they offer a free membership. 

IRV2 forum benefits and features

The IRV2 forum is one of the best places to develop your knowledge about motorhomes and RVs. There are several benefits of this platform and they also have separate forums and discussion threads. The IRV2 forum has various categories including RV forums, Owner’s forums, Classifieds, and more.

Community forum

  • The IRV2 forum is not just one forum but several sub-forums provide adequate information. One of the best features is the community forum where you get to start conversations and check in as a new member. 
  • The community forum also helps you post and read about vintage RVs and vendor spotlights and national rallies.

RV camping forums

  • The RV camping forums are another place to discuss camping locations, boondocking, navigation routes, and more. You also get to discuss camping in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. 
  • The RV camping forums have plenty of stories about real-life camping experiences. You also get to post your stories once you become a member.

RV lifestyle forums

  • The RV lifestyle forums let you talk about your RV lifestyle hobbies, camping with pets, full-time RV living, solo RV living, clubs, associations, and more.
  • This is a beautiful place to share your ideas and also ask experts. You also get to know about work camping and volunteering.

Regional forums

  • The regional forums are one of the best RV forums that have categories of their own. These forums are specific to one region.
  • Under the regional forums category, you will find information about the Canadian region, Northeast region, Mid-Atlantic region, Southeast region, South Central region, Northwest and southwest region, North Central region, and more.

IRV2 forum discussions

The IRV2 forum became pretty famous for its discussions. Several discussion topics provide all the information you can find. The RV forum discussions have some RV-specific topics. These are some of the RV forum discussions that are covered on the IRV2 forum.

Motorhome forums

  • The IRV2 has a separate category for motorhomes. In this category, you will find discussions and information about Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes. You also get enough information about Electric RVs and other towing information.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels

  • Apart from RVs, there are discussion threads about travel trailers and fifth wheels. This section is the perfect place to talk about towing vehicles, toy haulers, pop-up campers, and more.

Chassis club

  • The chassis club is another interesting forum where you can get information on all types of chassis that are used for motorhomes. You can post your questions and also share your experience and knowledge about different types of chassis.

RV systems and technology

  • There is a separate forum that is dedicated to RY systems and technology. You get to learn more about the latest technology and gear.

Powertrain garage

  • The powertrain garage is one of the best forums to discuss the various types of engines. There are sub-topics for Caterpillar engines, Cummings Engines, Maxx Force Engines, Allison Transmissions, Duramax Engines, and many more.
  • Apart from these the RV forums also have information about truck conversions, HDT conversions, bus conversions, and MDT conversions.

Owners Forums

  • The Owners forums are yet another place that is dedicated to motorhome owners. You can still access this page even if you are not a motorhome owner. From rig registry to various motorhome brands, there is plenty of information on this page.

IRV2 Classified feature 

  • The IRV2 has a separate classified section, this section has various options. Some of the benefits are placing ads and checking out the latest motorhomes. 
  • You also get an insight into vehicle accessories and freebies. From recent listings to other options, you are sure to get the best out of the IRV2 classified.

IRV2 campground discussions

  • The IRV2 forums also have discussions on campgrounds. You get an idea of all the campgrounds in the US and Canada. There are separate categories that are listed state-wise making it easy for you to choose what you are looking for.

Additionally, there are plenty of useful links and files that can be viewed. You can also get to advertise on the IRV2 forum and sign up for daily topics via email. On the other hand, you also get technical support on your RVs and get to participate in campground reviews. Overall, the IRV2 forum is one of the fastest-growing successful forums for all motorhome enthusiasts.

Benefits of joining RV forums

Joining RV forums is going to bring you a lot of benefits and there are chances for you to become a part of a great communing. You also get to share your ideas and learn more about the RV lifestyle. Here are some of the few benefits of joining RV forums.

Find help with RV-related issues

  • One of the major benefits and the reason why people join RV forums is that they find help with all their RV-related issues. You can ask any question and you will be sure to get an answer from experts. If you are stuck in a situation and do not know what to do, an RV forum is the best place to get a perfect solution.

Get camping advice

  • Another huge benefit is that you can get camping advice from professionals or veterans, who have been camping for years. RV forums are packed with people who have owned and experienced the RV lifestyle. You can get the best camping advice and how to successfully camp with your vehicle even if you are a newbie.

Find new friends

  • You get to make new friends with RV forums and you get to be a part of a great community. RV forums are the best places to develop friendships with fellow RV lovers. You can also go camping with these RV enthusiasts. On the other hand, you also get to plan gatherings and discuss new adventures.

Get information about new gear

  • One of the best things about being a part of an RV forum is that you get the latest information about new gear. Newly launched RVs, and accessories are sure to come on board in these RV forums.

Being a part of an RV forum is sure to be a major benefit. These forums are usually open to all. You can still join most of the RV forums even if you do not own an RV. As long as you stick to posting RV-related content, you can reap the benefits of these forums. The biggest benefit of the IRV2 forum is that there is no membership cost.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is there a membership price for the IRV2 forum? We have talked about the IRV2 forum benefits and features. We have also talked about the list of IRV2 forum discussions. Additionally, we have discussed the benefits of joining an RV forum. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are a part of the IRV2 forum.