Is the ViaMichelin route planner free?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is the Viamichelin route planner free?” We will describe the features of the Viamichelin route planner app. We will also describe the alternatives to the Viamichelin route planner. At the end of this post, you will get to know all the details about the ViaMichelin app.

Is the ViaMichelin route planner free?

Yes, the Viamichelin route planner is free. The ViaMichelin route planner is a free mobile application for android and IOS devices. This route planner is easy to use and there is no subscription required. It is one of those essential route planning apps for RV or motorhome enthusiasts.

Viamichelin shows read-time traffic and provides accurate GPS navigation with voice guidance. Additionally, you will be able to find other interesting spots like parks, museums, monuments, and other areas that come your way. Viamichelin helps you to discover and optimize the route based on traffic conditions. It helps you save time and enjoy your traveling experience.

Viamichelin route planner features

The ViaMichelin route planner has several features that are sure to keep your journey smooth. It has various maps and it helps to establish your position with geolocation. The satellite and aerial maps add to the benefit along with the 3D mapping in navigation mode. Here are some of the Viamichelin route planner features described below.

Numerous route options with travel costs

  • The most basic and the best feature of ViaMichelin is that it produces numerous route options. These route options also show you the travel cost on a particular route.
  • For example, if you are driving a car, you will get to know the quickest and shortest route that is best for a car. The same applies to RVs, motorhomes, and motorcycles.
  • It gives you an estimated cost of tolls that come your way. Additionally, you will get to see the fuel cost based on the type of vehicle you are traveling in.
  • There are multiple routes with the Viamichelin route planner, based on distance, time, and traffic. You can also customize your journey through the route options.
  • You can choose the fastest route or the cheapest route to avoid tolls as much as possible. Viamichelin also offers a discovery route for those who want some adventure.
  • While using this app, you will also get to check the road map feature at all the key stages of your journey.
  • The ViaMichelin route planner app also provides an economic route option. This option allows you to focus on fuel efficiency by avoiding toll roads.
  • You can also add up to six stages on your route and customize it according to your travel preference. It also provides a detailed breakup cost of your journey, including the fuel prices and more.

Real-time traffic update

  • The ViaMichelin route planner offers real-time traffic updates. This will help you to plan your journey well.
  • The real-time traffic update on the Viamichelin route planner uses green, orange, and red color coding. This will help you to identify the most congested roads and other closures that come your way.
  • The biggest advantage of this route planner is that you get to choose the best route that saves you time and you don’t need to wait in a traffic jam.

Free GPS options

  • The free GPS options enable several features with the ViaMichelin app. The GPS option has precise voice guidance and it also gives you warning updates like hazard zones, bottlenecks, traffic incidents in real-time, traffic jams, roadwork, etc.
  • This also gives you a permanent speed limit display and it is based on the 3D Michelin mapping feature.

Fuel prices

  • Another feature of the Viamichelin route planner is the option to find the cheapest station nearby. This is a major advantage of the Viamichelin route planner as you get to check the fuel prices that are available for each state in Italy, Spain, and France.

Michelin recommended restaurants and hotels

  • Along your route, you will get to know some of the best Michelin-recommended hotels and restaurants. This feature will help you save time as you go and you also get to dine and stay at some of the best places.

Service options

  • Many RV lovers and motorhome enthusiasts have highly rated the Viamichelin route planner for this purpose. This application provides information on services along the route. You get to know about various service stations, parking options, and more.

Those were some of the top features that arrive with the Viamichelin route planner app. This application was designed to offer an exceptional and smooth travel experience. It is free of cost and there are no other hidden fees or membership fees while using the ViaMichelin app. It has an easy-to-use interface for a better experience.

Alternatives to ViaMichelin

There are various alternatives to ViaMichelin. These navigation apps are built for travel and they are designed to brighten out the best traveling experience. These applications provide a hassle-free experience and offer you the best routes to reach your destination. Here are some of the alternatives to ViaMichelin.


  • Waze is another free navigation app that helps you plan a trip in the right manner. Waze is available online and offline and it shows multiple routes just like the Viamichelin route planner app.
  • You get to see the distance, time of the journey, estimated time of arrival, and more. Waze is available for both android and apple.
  • The Waze application allows you to see real-time changes and road conditions. Waze is one of the top applications that has a great overall rating.

Tom Tom Go Navigation

  • Tom Tom Go Navigation route planner is one of those popular satellite applications. It provides you with the fastest route options and you get to check out some new places and pit stops on your way.
  • With the Tom Tom Go navigation route planner, you can also look for a scenic and beautiful route or even find something interesting on your journey.
  • The Tom Tom Go navigation application is also available offline. However, you will be required to sign-up for a subscription plan and you will be billed monthly.
  • The price for this application is 7.99 pounds per month or 19.99 pounds per year.

Maps. Me

  • The Maps. Me is one of the other top online and offline route planner applications. Maps. Me also saves your mobile data since it can function throughout the world including the UK.
  • You can download the route in advance and use this application offline. You also get detailed descriptions and photos of places and other services. The Maps. Me is a free application.
  • Maps. Me also gives you an option to conveniently book hotels by using your mobile phone. It is similar to Google maps and it also has various navigation options based on the type of transport that you take.

Google maps

  • Probably the most commonly used application for traveling is google maps. It is also widely recognized and can be used anywhere in the world. Google Maps give you various options with real-time GPS navigation.
  • It also provides other information about supermarkets, pharmacies, and more. However, you will need to download the maps in advance if you are planning to use them offline since Google maps require proper internet to function.  

Using a route planner application is sure to help you out when traveling and camping. This comes in handy, especially if you are trying to find a campsite or an RV park. The ViaMichelin route planner app is free to use and several benefits come along. There are several other applications for route planning, but those were some of the best ones described above.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is the Viamichelin route planner free?” We have described the features of the Viamichelin route planner app. We have also described the alternatives to the Viamichelin route planner. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you have used the Viamichelin route planner.


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